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Feast Gone Wrong -Investigations- PT 2

Posted on Fri Jan 3rd, 2020 @ 10:24am by Lieutenant JG James Trallos MD & Captain Frank Kamar Jr. & Lieutenant Commander Arianna Sky Kamar & Major Naomi Sylan Griffiths & Lieutenant Shri'Rao Sh'veqan & Lieutenant Commander Yarinna "Fanthom" Hawkins

Mission: Delta Operations
Location: Medical
Timeline: S1 EP03


- Medical Bay -

Frank opened his eyes slowly, the ceiling swam, and the room spun slowly. His temples felt like a Klingon was pounding out a drum cadence, Boom, Boom, Boom. As his eyes began to focus the room went from a dull grey to sharp clean Starfleet grey. He had awoken in Medical, odd he thought, I was at the party. "Hello," he called dryly, realizing his throat felt like sandpaper, "Water," was the next word out of his mouth. He tried as hard as he could, but he just couldn't remember why he was in Medical. Then a new fear struck, if I'm in Medical, and incapacitated, I could be relieved of duty. I'm not ready to retire yet. He closed his eyes against the sharp pain in his temples.

James made his way to the biobed. "Welcome back Captain. Ship time is 2300, the same day as the feast. You've been out for about six hours. And before you ask, you'll be fine and I'll have you back in your ready room before you know it. The Major is on the bridge." He stated as a nurse brought water over to the Captain.

Frank lifted his head slightly and drank the cool, refreshing water. "Thank you. Six Hours?" it hadn't seemed like 6 hours. "Crew Status?" he asked more worried about the crew and the ship than himself.

"I have 12 crew including yourself that was fully incapacitated. Another 11 I am keeping here for overnight observation. Another 23 showed symptoms but not to the level I needed to keep them close so I sent them to quarters for rest." James sighed. "We are still getting solid answers to what happened. Right now I just have speculation and a couple of leads."

"Frank, honey, how's your headache," Arianna said massaging his temples gently. She could sense his pain and disorientation, but thankfully he was alive. "I'm gonna get that Ensign if it is the last thing I do!!" she growled.

"It hurts do not assume, Dear," Frank said softly unsure yet why she was blaming an Ensign.

Naomi being unable to wait on news of her Captain arrived in Medical and saw the Captain moving about and the Doctor attending to him, the CEO was there, understandable she was his wife after all "Hello all, how is the Captain Doctor?" She asked.

"All things considered if say pretty good. He's going to need to stay for observation for a day or two. How quick he woke up, I figure I'll be using a restraining field on him before I'm ready to clear him to duty." James made a small motion to the Major over to the biobed.

*nods" and follows the Doctor to the Captain's bed. "okay!"

*nods at both Kamar and Sky while talking to Trallos* "is the Captain able to converse without issue doctor?" Griffiths asked.

Frank nodded yes, "I can speak," he said weakly.

"Are you sure you should right now Frank? I can read you and speak for you, ya know," she said smiling warmly at him. Picking up his hand, she kissed it and gripped it strongly. "I don't want to lose you ever. You frightened me", she added.

Frank nodded, "I'm ok, I just need to know what's happening."

"When I get more information Captain, I'll feed it your way. Right now, your off duty and under my orders, which is relaxed and rest. Major Griffiths is overseeing everything, the Chief is processing things through faster then anyone else could and I'm making sure the rest of the crew gets healthy. You trusted me at your wedding, you can trust me that I will wake you up when I get any kind of real proof of what is going on. Fair?" James asked with a comforting smile.

Frank nodded and replied, "Understood, Doc," he attempted to say more but was cut off by Arianna.

"Shhh...Frank, the Major can run everything while you take it easy. The Penny isn't going anywhere without you!," Arianna said quietly kissing him gently. "Doctor, may I stay with him," she said.

"Of course Arianna. I'll have one of my aids get you a chair. You're free to stay for a while, but I think when the Captain is ready for sleep, you should probably return to your quarters and sleep there. Both of you will need the rest. I'll be here all night and if anything changes, even the slightest, you can trust I'll call you. Fair?" James offered and nodded to a technician.

"Thankyou Doctor," she said as the technician brought her the chair to sit on. Talking with her husband she made it clear that he was going to allow the major take over while he was on the mend. Noticing he was falling asleep, Arianna kissed him and tiptoes out of sickbay.

[Doctors Office]

James ushered the Major and Lieutenant Shri'Rao into his office.

"The Captains had quite the feast. I expect the home to be here for about two or three days. I'll give him till morning before he tries to leave Sickbay and get back to work. I'm sure he'll fight like a Klingon to get out and be as cunning as a Ferengi." James replied.

"Understandable, remember at the moment you are more powerful than him, so do not let the Captain try to overrule you, let him know the ship is in hand, but also let him know the sooner he listens to you the sooner I will hand command back over to him," Griffiths said.

Shri'Rao walked into sickbay to consult with the Doctor.

"Thanks for the encouragement Major. I'll remember that." James gestured to a chair. "I have a very preliminary report for you Major. The Chief is running tests to confirm our suspicions. We believe this was not a targeted assassination, but was for a mass scale and to be indiscriminate. Have got multiple people down with the same toxin in their blood. It's generally produced by Staph bacteria, the same that cause food poisoning. There are a couple of foods those that were awake said they had eaten, so it may not be isolated to the wine only."

James paused a moment in thought. "There were also no bacteria of that type in any of the victims, the replicator would not allow that to be produced. I'm not sure how the toxin was introduced, but it was toxin only, no bacteria."

Shri'Rao nodded.

*Thinks a moment* "It was a gift for Ambassador Frel, I am trying to get to the bottom of how and when, but this is disturbing news indeed, would you add Lieutenant Sh'veqan of your findings? It will help her with her investigation" Griffiths said.

"Yes, I would appreciate that". Shri'Rao added.

"Certainly Major I'll keep you and the Lieutenant informed of what the analysis returns and the exact foods that had the toxins in them. I'll also keep you updated if I see anyone come in showing symptoms. So far, everyone that has reported illness has been at the feast. If I get anyone who was not at the feast showing symptoms I'll notify you immediately."

*Smiling* "Thank you, Doctor, also while I am here, could you do my Annual Medical? I have some time and at the moment the ships are not moving while the investigation is going on, so I figure I could get my physical out of the way, or do we book another day?" Griffiths asked.

"Definitely, now is as good of a time as any to give you a physical. I'll have to step away if we get sicker, but no new crew has shown up in an hour, so I think the worst is behind us. Any problems?"

*smiling* "excellent, which Biobed do you want me to sit on?" Griffiths asked.

"How about over here on lucky number seven. Having any problems or anything you want me to look at?" He asked leading the way and turning on some scanners.

Walking over to and sitting on the biobed "now you mention it, I do have slight pain on my shoulder blade, feels like muscle pain, but not being a doctor, I cannot be exact" Griffiths said.

"Any recent injury or lift anything awkwardly?" He asked and slowly started feeling the shoulder looking for anything out of sorts.

As the Doctor touched a spot on her shoulder blade She cursed loudly in Bajoran "okay that spot was tender" she said in English as the Bajoran swear word was unknown to the universal translator. "Is it pinched muscle, or trapped nerve?" Griffiths asked.

"Sorry Major, the translator did not pick that word up, but I have an idea what it meant. I think you have a pinched nerve." James said and scanned the area. "I can give you something if it is too bothersome but I'm going to prescribe you an hour in the holodeck with the Risa spa program. Deep tissue massage and that will loosen up around the nerve and free it." James said and continued his scans, confirming his suspicions. "Will also do your cortisol levels good a little decompression."

*smiling* "sorry I do not usually curse in such a fashion, well not have done so like that since my last ground Command, those Marines make handling our Ambassador Frel seem like child's play hehe" *lightly laughs then winces* "ow"

"Ha, yes I could see that. Most Ferengi is a handful. One with an authority complex is probably two hands full. Do you want me to give you something to relax that muscle until you make it to the holodeck?" He asked finishing his final scans.

"Give me something to ease the pain please, I have the feeling all initial events will keep me busy, so busy that holodeck time will be hard to get in," Griffiths said.

James gave a quick hypo. "There you go. Should give you a little time with some relief, just make sure you get that massage in. Should fix the problem."

After the medication was administered the pain quickly vanished, she looked at the Doctor, "thanks Doctor that feels great, so apart from this have I cleared my medical?" she asked.

"Your welcome. Everything else looks fine. I'll just take a quick blood draw and you'll be on your way. Just remember one important thing. Don't spill anything in the Captain's chair."


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