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Lieutenant Commander James Trallos

Name James Franklin Trallos MD

Position Executive Officer

Second Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 40

Physical Appearance

Height 6'00
Weight 200
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Short brown hair and parted on the side. Full beard trimmed to maximum regulation length. Average proportions for a human his size with average looks.


Father Anthony Trallos
Mother Jennifer Trallos
Other Family

Personality & Traits

General Overview Someone considered to have a good bedside manner. Known for going the extra mile for those under his care and charge.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths include ability to multitask and triage well. Able to be flexible as the situations develop and is not locked into a specific pattern.
Weaknesses: Can come off as uncaring or demanding when in a high stress or fast pace situation. Can become socially awkward after initial small talk wears off and topics are not involving job, science or medicine.
Ambitions When retirement nears, the last few years of his career would like to be spent at the academy teaching medicine. Until that point, the itch for discovery calls to him.
Hobbies & Interests Bluegrass music
The old sci-fi books from earlier centuries about exploration or fantasy.

Character Bio

Personal History James' parents migrated from the southern parts of the United States to Utopia Colony on Mars. Both of his parents took jobs working at Utopia planet yards. His father was a gamma welder and had spent a number of years doing welding on Earth before moving off planet. After a few years working at Utopia, James was born. All visits back to his relatives back on Earth came with the obvious welcome of "Welcome to Earth Space Creature." His parents lovingly called him "Their little Martian."

Reading on his family history on Earth, he discovered the region's music and traditional Bluegrass music. He learned the banjo slowly and eventually became fluent in it and the unique picking style that came with it. After he came of age, he thought about following his parents roles and go into gamma welding like his father. He was offered to go university for a year, to try out different options. While he wanted to get into work, he accepted his parents offer and started school. That was when he discovered science and chemistry. It felt almost second nature. He continued on, eventually finding a love for medicine and helping other people. Learning the anatomy of other species drew his curiosity to the unknown and eventually led him into Starfleet.

Service Record

Service History After getting his doctorate, James joined Starfleet in an effort to satisfy his want to explore and learn new things. While not first in his class, he did graduate with honors and was approved to continue as a resident doctor on the USS Bajor, a Galaxy class ship. During his residence he was faced with a mass casualty incident during a patrol at the Cardassian border. There was a terrorist attack that cause a number of people to be critically injured. The Chief of Medicine, Dr. Nathanial Jones beamed down to the planet surface with James feeling they could treat and triage the wounded much faster then having to beam every single person onboard.

While on the surface, the terrorists made a second attack and wounded Dr. Jones in the process. After he was stabilized and the situation was back under control by security and marines, Dr. Jones was beamed back onboard for treatment and James continued the triage. After support came and an Olympus class medical ship responded, the Bajor continued her patrol. After Dr. Jones had recovered he certified James as ready to go off on his own and was a capable officer. After his service on the Bajor was complete, he was shipped off to his latest assignment.

2388-2381: Medical School
2381-2385: San Francisco Hospital - Intern/Resident Trauma
2385-2387: Starfleet Academy - Medical Program
2387-2393: USS Bajor - Doctor/Surgeon
2393-Current: USS Pennsylvania- Chief Medical Officer