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Planning to Trade Part 2

Posted on Wed Aug 25th, 2021 @ 6:54am by Captain Dirk Taggart & Lieutenant Commander Deannen Roinu & Lieutenant Commander Arianna Sky Kamar & Major Naomi Sylan Griffiths & Lieutenant Shri'Rao Sh'veqan & Lieutenant Commander James Trallos MD & Lieutenant Adora (Addie) Hart & Lieutenant JG Simon Hunter & Lieutenant JG Vespa Kale

Mission: Buyer's Beware

"Ok any other questions, before we move on," Captain Taggart asked.

"Aye Sir," replied Simon, as he held his hand Up and asked "What is it you want from Operations Sir?" as he knew that this was going to be a logistical nightmare for hi9s department; after all what he had just heard from the Captain, he wanted some clarification on what was expected from him and his team. he finished "and I'll be willing to do some extra training if need be sir,"

"Operations will assist in coordinating the rotations for shuttle Arrivals and Departures. Each department is responsible for maintaining a minimum crew on board in case of emergencies. I know engineering is specifically looking for engine parts, are there any damaged systems you need circuit boards for?" The Captain asked.

"Yes, that and warp coils and ODN conduit optical cable. We also need a few magnetic constrictors as well. The ones we have are pretty damaged and I can't replicate the linings", Arianna said.

"Copy that Sir," replied Simon as he knew that now he had to start setting up the roster for those to board shuttles; "Sir, I would have to check all flight credentials of those that are qualified to fly before placing them on duty to fly," as he was not taking any chances on someone slipping past him.

"I believe you can pull the qualified officer's list from the computer, I'd also like to make sure those of you in this room that hasn't flown a shuttle get some training in," Captain Taggart explained. "Now then, let's begin our list."

Vespa piped in quick, "Oh absolutely, we need a list. If we go shopping without a list we're gonna get fleeced. Is that the... I'm having such a terrible time with slang today." she paused. "But yeah, Engineering gets their engine parts, each department gets what they need. Look for quality, examine, haggle, but we need a plan."

"There's a few rare isotopes and chemicals that I could use in the lab to replenish my stock. I *could* replicate them, but actual Real grade material provides..."

"... better results. A list will also keep us from buying personal knick-knacks and keep us focused. I have a few hundred Dalacari eBits on personal record and the rest..."

"... we can supplement with 76, but we're effectively on a budget. The eBits will go further, but once they're spent they're gone. No running to the Bank of Replicator..."

"... for a loan."

Addie had remained silent so far, largely because her presence had been overlooked by essentially everyone, not that she blamed them. "Captain, I don't specifically need anything, but if I'm given a list I can help shop," she said quietly. "I do have one question, will the universal translators be effective immediately? It could be awkward if we have to wait for the universal translators to break down the dialect for us to communicate properly."

"There's a common trade tongue, known locally as the Edrat Dialect. Vendors are required to speak it, and I speak a few key phrases but I'm a little..."

"... rusty. Ummm, naras fratoo, neeba doo vrass mita, and frendupa. In order, how much is this, that price is outrageous, and Agreement." she pondered, "I think."

"Best to let the Universal Units learn the basics. We might be able to buy linguistics packs from the market if we're lucky."

"Sir, May I ask if we could have them contact the ship again so our translators can function properly when we get there? replied Simon as he knew that the more his communications team had to work with the better it was for both sides; he continued "Otherwise there might be some misunderstandings," as he took a sip of his drink.

"The initial message was a wide broadcast, not direct contact," Vespa recalled from earlier. "Though, there might be enough there for Ops to get a working rollout..."

"... until the Translator can crack enough of the xenolinguistics on its own." the Dalacari pointed out. She paused for a moment. "Also, and I know this is asking a lot for..."

"... a group of explorers, but we really should be careful about being tourists here." she paused, "When you see a Trilark, you're going to freak out. Trust me, I..."

"... did. When you see a Slate, you're going to want to talk to them for hours because it's literally the most relaxing thing in the sector and they WILL talk to you..."

"... for hours. Those are not authentic Dalacari birth blankets that are on sale, those are not eggs from a long-extinct bird, and if anyone tells you anything about how..."

"... the universe can only be saved by her gentle embrace, walk away and report that sentient."

The doctor listened to Vespa and settled back into his chair looking down at his coffee. "Maybe I should stick in the shuttle. I'll probably end up breaking the bank on two magic beans instead of ship supplies."

"I can fly shuttles and starships, and I have a long list of necessary parts if I can find them," Arianna said calmly.

Griffiths sat there calmly realising that if her skill set was needed she would be asked, but she had found what she heard to be interesting, but she had little skill with trading so she did not begrudge those assigned to the trading teams.

Taggart listened to the team before speaking, "Hunter, we have a couple of days before we arrive, I'd like you to work on the sample data from that message. Also open are scanning frequency ranges, I'm expecting to pick up more chatter as we get closer." He turned to look at the Chief Engineer, "Thank you for volunteering to fly, but at this point, I'd like you to focus on finding parts that will work for our engines."

"What about local communications?" Addie asked thoughtfully. "Could we monitor local communications for the next few days to help bolster the universal translator?"

"Major Griffiths, I have a special request for you, that I believe will be worthy of your talents. Feel free to decline if you feel the need, but as we are new to this area of space, I believe a woman possessing your unique strengths will have an easier time acquiring information. I'd like for you to visit some of the seedier joints and see what you can learn of current events, as well as potential friends or foes."

"I would like to volunteer to go with her," Shri'Rao said.

"I believe that work out perfectly," the Captain said to the Chief of Security.

Looking at the CoS "You sure Commander, it is not going to be that clean sailing, missions rarely are?" Griffiths asked the Security Chief.

[Tag] Shri'Rao

"Interesting is there more details? and may we speak in the CRR Captain?" Griffiths asked her Captain, she had something to speak to him about and she wanted to know more about her mission.

"Yes Major, we will discuss this afterwards," Taggart said.

"Well it is kinda important, knowing the mission parameters and this other thing I need to talk to you about, but mostly it is just about what this mission is," Griffiths said and other conversation stopped as the Counsellor stood up and left giving Naomi some concern as to her mental state, she could only guess that it was either something to do in relation to the events of the Nebula, or it was something else entirely, still she was the First Officer.

Addie stood up quietly, eyes downcast, fixed firmly on the PaDD she had brought in that was resting on the table in front of her. Her gaze shifted slowly, eyes moving to the twin form of Vespa. "If you'll excuse me, Lieutenant," she said quietly. Picking up her PaDD, she stepped away from the chair and pushed it neatly into the table before walking out the door, holding her breath until she reached the safety and solitude of the corridor.

Vespa gave a nod to Addie, momentarily confused as to why she was departing until the proverbial light bulb went off in her head. Once she was gone, but potentially still in earshot through the door, Vespa spoke up, "You know, she had a great idea. The station's scatter chatter might give the universal translator units more time to accommodate. Plus it wouldn't..."

"... be translating any of the visiting species' audio, just their own. Might be able to patch together a quick and simple Edrat patch." a pause as her twin took over, "Though, that'll have to wait until we get closer and pick up any local transmissions. Or ask anyone that's arriving when we get there."

"I definitely think that would be appropriate, I apologize for not responding to the Lieutenant, I'm a bit scatterbrained this morning trying to piece everything together so this goes off without a hitch," the Captain said feeling slightly guilty for ignoring his Counsellor.

Vespa watched, oddly enough, as the second person in the room just got up and left the official meeting. She had the most quizzical look on her face as the ship's XO up and left. The counsellor? Sure... considering. But the XO now? What an odd example to set. "It... I... pardon me sir but it doesn't feel like we're done here. Are we?" she inquired but shook the question off immediately thereafter.

"Okay, so to get back to the matter, we have a plan for the Edrat patch. Two plans actually. I know enough to squeeze by and buy a patch if we need it." she stated, then her twin picked up. "Once we have that, then various teams go out and get what we need. We should be careful about carrying too much 78, so trade and haggle, and then..."

"... we can make payment. I can donate about, oh geez.... a thousand Dalacari eBits to the cause. Anything past that and I'd need to call the bank," she stated. Seems spending limits were a universal concept. Her original speaking form picked up the switch, "I just have no idea what the local economy is going to look like, so I can't say how far those eBits will get us. They'll certainly handle ONE of our..."

"... lists, just not all of them."

Rouni had remained quiet during the meeting, She listened to what was said be did not reply to the information. She just sat there listening.

Taggart watched as the Counselor left, followed by the XO, he'd have several meetings after this. First, the 2XO was late, then the XO left chasing the Counselor who had already received clearance to depart before the meeting. Turning to Kale he replied, "My apologies Lieutenant Kale, I appreciate your offer but we do have some things we can use for currency. If you wish to provide your own for shopping for personal items that is fine. Anything needed for immediate ship use will be paid for."

The captain glanced around the table, "You will each be provided with a budget to work within, it is expected that you haggle, a lack of haggling is considered an insult to the seller. I do want to see receipts for your purchases. Anything purchased with ships funds for personal use will result in the brig. The length of time will be determined by the value of the item. This is a zero-tolerance policy. Does anyone have further questions? If there are no questions that pertain to the group I will remain behind to discuss questions one on one."

"No questions. I'll have that briefing for you in less then an hour." Vespa affirmed.

"I will have my shopping list ready for you captain," Arianna said getting up to leave.

Rouni replied, " I think the helm is in good shape right now. Perhaps that will free up funds for other departments to use Captain."

"Alright, I think that wraps things up for now. If you have any questions I will be in my office. Please send your watch schedules to the XO, for final review, and your shopping list to me. Thank you for your time," Captain Taggart said dismissively as he stood and exited the room.

-A post by the crew of USS Pennsylvania-


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