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Lieutenant JG Simon Hunter

Name Simon Hunter

Position Chief Operations Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 21

Physical Appearance

Height 5ft 7"
Weight 140Lbs
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Green
Physical Description


Father John Hunter (deceased)
Mother Joan Hunter (deceased)
Other Family

Personality & Traits

General Overview
Strengths & Weaknesses Simon's weaknesses
- quick to judge people
- Short tempered
-afraid to show his feelings
- confrontational

Simon's strengths
+Likes to solve puzzles
+ Willing to push himself to be better
+ Is competitive

Ambitions His main ambition is to sit in the big Chair one day when he has learnt what it is to be a leader
Hobbies & Interests +Swimming

Character Bio

Personal History Personal History
Simon was born on 2372 to John & Joan Hunter at the family home London, whose modest living with his father being off world with his freighter, which left his mother to bring him up on her own with help from friends, At the Age of 5 Simon was enrolled at Boleyn primary School. Over the next 5 years, Simon started to hear stories from his Father about the places he had been on Cargo runs when his father had called home and wanted to join his father among the stars, however; His mother explained to him that it was too dangerous for him to go.

During his childhood years, Simon always got a gift from his father when he returned from his travels which were puzzles that needed to be put together and this kept him occupied for hours at a time, even disassembling the ones that he had already fitted together and remembering how to put them back again. This was something his father encouraged and also getting others to help him, He even got another Lad named Russel Mitcham interested, but that didn’t last too long.

At the age of 10, Simon moved up to Lord Nelson high school, where in his first term his grades were average for his age, it was after the next 6 months test that he was paired up with a tutor who helped him gain better grades at the end of his first term, during his second term, Simon had gained confidence enough to continue on his own without help however; his tutor remained to explain things when he needed his third term, Simon noticed that his chronometer had stopped working for some reason and decided to take a look at the insides of the watch.

It was during his third term that Simon found that his school had outside activates which consisted of swimming and archery, he decided that he would try both to get out from underneath his mother’s feet, his first try was Archery and found that it helped him gain quicker with his maths homework which also improved, he also found that during the swimming his fitness improved, it was during this time that he started to make new friends like Andrew Davis. Although both the boys were in different years, the rivalry between them was fierce which pushed them to be better.

During his teenage years Simon concentrated on his exams and during breaks practiced his archery and his swimming to keep fit, whilst doing this his father noticed that he might be good for Engineering after he had Bought Simon for his 16th birthday a run down Shuttle to work on and repair.

Upon his 18th birthday he finally finished the repairs and upgrades and had his work looked over the hanger engineering crew to give it their seal of approval for its certificate of space worthy, after the next 6 months Simon then took his pilots licence so he could fly his shuttle himself. it was during this time that he didn't want to be just bound to one planet, but wanted more of a challenge and with his grades that were good enough he applied to Starfleet academy.

In the summer of 2385 he recived notice that his application had been successful and that his journey to the stars was about to begin which had pleased his father but had made his mother worry that he was getting to much like his father and not staying where she thought it was safe, but she did agree that it was up to him.

in 23887, Simon had been in his Operations class when the Academy Commandant called him to his office to deliver some bad news that his father's cargo vessel had been attacked by pirates and had been killed during the process, In his grief, Simon hadn’t had anyone to talk to and had shunned his classmates, Until Maria McMahon entered his life and helped him come to terms with his loss, but to him he was even on the verge of quitting the Academy when Maria got him to think of how his father would feel if he quit.

In 2389 Simon was assigned to the USS Kunami as a Operations Officer when the Engineering slots were taken and accepted the position, Now on first tour of duty Simon has a lot to live up to , but still not got over his grief and will not talk about it, He is still committed to the promise and make his father proud of him.

Although this was going to be taking him to Starbase 67 to meet the assignment that he had found that he was being assigned to, whilst using this time to get used to life aboard ship and the routine that had been given. and what the journey lay ahead of him aboard the USS Pennsylvania.

Service Record

Service History Star fleet academy:
2385-2386 Cadet Years 1 Basic training
2386-2387 Cadet Years 2 engineering training
2387-2388 Cadet Year 3 OPS protocols
2388-2389 Cadet Year 4 advanced warp theory

Starfleet Service record:
2389-2389 Ensign- Operations Officer USS Kunami
2389 -Pres Ensign- Operations Officer USS Pennsylvania