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Pennsylvania Dinters Return

Posted on Wed Mar 10th, 2021 @ 8:37am by Major Naomi Sylan Griffiths & Captain Dirk Taggart & Lieutenant James Trallos MD & Lieutenant JG Alex Dinter mr

Mission: Season Two - Incidentals
Location: Pennsylvania
Timeline: Prior to Kamar getting arrested


Dinter had no idea where he was. Nor did he know how long he had been gone. Pennsylvania was beyond his current memory. The only thing he knew for sure was he was still in the DQ. At least Judging by the unknown aspect of the Area.

"I'd better find communication. With Starfleet. Get back to Pennsylvania.

The last thing winter remembered about Pennsylvania was going on an away mission. Or something like that. His memory was quickly fading so it could've been anything.

Dinter was miserable. Near the point of death. Had a local man not found him lifeless. He probably would've died. The man brought the giant. To his cave.

"I'm David Milligan. And you are?" The man said. "Alex Dinter I T-think," he said. "Well, Dinter yours along the way from Starfleet. Where's your crew?" The man said followed by a long pause. "I -Don't know again I don't know anything," Dinter replied.

"Do you remember the name of your ship? Or the captain's name?" Mulligan heroically asked. " Yes, I believe it's the USS Pennsylvania." Dinter barked.

"Well, Dinter we need to get you back ASAP. You are seriously injured. I can only do so much here. Fortunately, I have communication towers. I used to be Starfleet I came here after I retired. You're the first officer I've seen in nearly 30 years." Mulligan noted.

Mulligan quickly ran to a nearby tower. Obviously primitive compared to modern technology. On top of the cave sat a rusty crude metal tower. Similar to that of a 21st-century cell phone tower.

Mulligan quickly pushed a few buttons. To open helm. In hopes of reaching Pennsylvania.

"David Mulligan to USS Pennsylvania I have your lieutenant here. I am transmitting the coordinates. " Mulligan said

Griffiths was currently at the Comms station looking over communication logs when she jumped as the communications came to life, she recalled some basic communications classes from training and deftly activated them "This is Pennsylvania, state your rank if you have one Mr Mulligan, this is Major Griffiths ships First Officer and receiving your coordinates, now kindly tell me what in the name of the Prophets is going on and how do you have one of my Lieutenants?" She asked.

"Well, I used to be a captain. Before leaving Starfleet that is." Mulligan went on. "To answer the question about your lieutenant. I have no idea how he got here. I'm not sure he does either. I found him near dead. I brought him back here. He's not doing great sir. He needs medical attention that I can't give." Mulligan said as Dinter muttered something in the background

Griffiths Sighed inwardly "Okay I am dispatching a shuttle, do not keep the shuttle hanging about, get him on it and instruct the pilot to make haste back to the ship we cannot wait long" she responded, "hold on one moment Mr Mulligan" she added and muted the Comms and opened one to Medical.

"Of course I was Starfleet. I know what to do" mulligan boasted.

"Griffiths to Medical, prepare an emergency team, out very own Mr Dinter will be coming in on a shuttle I have despatched, apparently he is hurt in some way, I am currently on comms with someone, so be ready," she said

James heard the message in his office as he was working on his mission report and looked up hearing the com. "Understood Major. Do we know what's wrong with him by chance?" He asked standing up and heading for his lab coat.

"negative only that he was found by a retired Ships Captain and I have dispatched a shuttle to him, expect the basics, but prepare for the worst-case scenario" she responded.

"Acknowledged Major, we'll be ready." The doctor said and made his way into the main sickbay.

Closing the link to the Doctor she reopened the one with Mulligan "Okay Mr Mulligan the shuttle is on its way to you, be prepared to get our man onto it if you can please?" Griffiths said.

"Of course I will take complete responsibility for him till the shuttle arrives. Thank you for responding to the signal. " mulligan said.

"Understood the shuttle should not be long until it gets to your location, thank you for looking after him, Pennsylvania out," She said and closed the line and looked to Kamar "Captain Mr Dinter will be returning to us via a shuttle I have dispatched, it seems he wound up with a Mr Mulligan, but I have alerted Doctor Trallos to standby with a medical team" she reported from the Communications station.

Frank nodded, "Thank you, Major. Doc please keep us informed on Mr Dinter's condition. I want him debriefed as soon as he is healthy enough to answer some questions."

She smiled "I have closed the communication line Sir, he did not hear you but I am sure he will do just that," Griffiths said leaving the communications station and returning to her seat to the Captain's left.

[Shuttle Bay]

The shuttle finally returned to the ship, Griffiths noted it on the small console to her left, now it was up to the Doctor to contact the bridge.

Sure enough, Mulligan was right. Dinter was hurt. As to how was anyone's guess. Dinter didn't care heck he barely knew where he was.

"I trust he'll be okay?" Mulligan said. as he handed the giant to the crew.

The doctor began running a tricorder over the Lieutenant's body as the team lifted him onto the hover gurney. "Lieutenant Dinter, it's Dr Trallos. You're back home. Are you with me?

Dinter was unresponsive. Until he saw the Dr. " I -I am. I'm here" dinter said

The doctor ran a scan quickly over his body as the technicians moved him onto the hover gurney. "That you are. Here and home. Now just relax for me. I'll take it from here." He said as he continued his scans as they walked. He stopped at the end of the shuttle bay. He pulled a hypo out of his pocket and injected him once. "Put him on biobed 4."

=/\=Trallos to Major Griffiths. Dinter is on his way to sickbay. A quick scan showed head trauma and some minor secondary injuries. Nothing life-threatening. We are on our way to sickbay. I am going to run a full workup. He is a little more out of it than I would associate with the head injury.=/\=

=/\= Thank you, Doctor, keep me updated, I will notify the Captain =/\= she said from the bridge.

=/\=Will do. Should be able to talk with him in a couple of hours. Trallos out.=/\=

When the communications closed she looked at Kamar "I take it you heard that Captain?" she asked "Also, I think we can go back about our business now" she added.

"I heard," Frank replied, "thank you for keeping me up to date."

Smiling "you are most welcome Captain" Griffiths responded and fell silent.


Captain Kamar
Commanding Officer

Major Naomi Griffiths
First Officer

Lieutenant JG Alex Dinter
Chief Science Officer


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