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Missing you

Posted on Sat Mar 6th, 2021 @ 10:54am by Captain Dirk Taggart & Captain Abigail Laurens

Mission: Season Two - Incidentals
Location: Ready Room

Dirk entered the Ready Room, his first night on his ship and he couldn't sleep in his own quarters. He took off his uniform jacket and ordered a cold root beer from the replicator.

Sitting at his desk he typed in the codes for a secure channel to the captain of the Astraea, "Please answer Abby," he breathed softly as he waited anxiously staring at the screen.

Abigail had tossed and turned in bed for what had felt like an eternity before getting up, pulling a light robe around her shoulders replicating herself a chai latte, blowing across the top as she walked across the room toward the windows. As the notification for the incoming communication came in, she sighed softly and walked across to the desk, sinking down into the seat and opening the channel, her mouth turning up into a smile as recognition dawned on her. "Dirk," she said softly. "I didn't expect to hear from you so soon."

"I couldn't sleep, it's been a hell of a first day over here. Well technically second day but first full day of, nevermind that. How are you Abby? I'm missing you like crazy!"

"I miss you too," She sighed softly and set her mug down on the desk, leaning toward the screen. "I couldn't sleep, my bed feels empty."

"At least you have a bed, I slept on the cot in my Ready Room. The previous Captain's wife, hadn't moved out yet. I guess she was hoping he would return. According to Admiral Rochelli he filed annulment paperwork immediately after his arrest."

The smile became a steady frown. "That's sad," she said softly. "She must have been devastated." Her robe slid down, exposing one nearly bare shoulder. Instinctively she reached and pulled the silky material up again. "Though maybe you should look at using some temporary quarters, I mean, a cot in your ready room hardly sounds comfortable."

"She will be moved out by tomorrow, so hopefully tonight w will be the last one in awhile that I'll spend here. I've completed my initial inspections with the departments and everything is in good shape except engineering. The engine damage was worse than the initial report indicated. In fact I don't think they can warp past 6 or 7."

"Are you able to get repairs done while you're still at Tabula Rasa?" Abigail asked, concern in her voice. "Do you need us to turn back to assist? I can delay our first meeting with the Dalacari if you need us."

"No, don't come back here, I'm going to figure this out. I met a Dalacari named Kale, she is the assistant chief of science. The way they interact is unreal."

Abigail nodded. "They're a very unique species, I've heard interesting things about their homeworld, I guess I'll find out myself soon enough." She sighed softly. "So what about the repairs? Can you get what you need at Tabula Rasa?"

"No they don't have the parts there or at Iota station. From what I understand, it's a couple of parts unique to the Nebula class, but we think we find something we can modify off a smaller ship. I'm going to try to trade or salvage for parts. There's no telling when parts would get here from Alpha Quadrant."

"The supply convoy has left Starbase 11, Even if they use the slipstream to the maximum they're still a solid six months away," Abigail replied quietly. "Can we replicate parts here for you? The Astraea has industrial replicators onboard, I can get blink fighters to do a delivery run?"

"From what I understand based on the reports from the CEO, the parts we need aren't replicatable. We need an injector and possibly a warp coil. I'm looking for some parts, we may be able to trade for. Can I say I miss you or is it too soon?" Dirk said changing the subject from work to pleasure.

Abigail smiled, leaning forward onto the edge of her desk so she was closer to the screen. "I miss you too," she said quietly. "My quarters feels horribly empty without you here."

Dirk brushed the edge of the screen wishing he could feel her hair, "I feel alone on this big old ship, I'm so thankful I met you. A few days with you is better than a hundred years without you."

There was a rush of warmth at his words. "So what are your next orders?" she asked, a small smile dancing on her lips as she watched the movement of his hand against the screen. "We're headed for Dalacar, any chance you're going to be in our direction any time soon?"

"We're supposed to be heading for an abandoned ship junk yard. Hopefully we can get some parts. We have Dalacari on board but we're not headed to their homeworld yet. With this scanning array we're supposed to be mapping the quadrant."

Abigail sighed softly. "I know, I'm just being selfish," she said with a small smile. "I don't know how long we'll be at Dalacar for, I guess it depends on how long the negotiations take. If it fails miserably I guess we'll be given different orders."

"You won't fail you're too stubborn Abby. Anyhow I need to go, I have to conduct the final inspections tomorrow and then begin preflight checks for launching the day after. I've inherited a good ship and crew, they just need some strong leadership."

Abigail smiled sadly and gave a small nod. "I know," she said softly. "Be safe, okay? We can talk soon?"

"I will, you stay safe too," he replied before closing the connection.


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