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Mystery Away Team

Posted on Tue Jun 30th, 2020 @ 6:55pm by Captain Frank Kamar Jr. & Lieutenant Commander Arianna Sky Kamar & Lieutenant Deannen Roinu & Lieutenant Shri'Rao Sh'veqan & Lieutenant JG Saffiya Hadat & Lieutenant JG Zassia Sh'zyllit & Chief Petty Officer "Chief" Alpha I CSH & 1st Lieutenant Vaebn i-Ra'tleihfi

Mission: Discovery
Location: Shuttle Bay, USS Penn
Timeline: 14:00


Saffiya entered the Shuttle Bay and looking around she saw that it was well kept with everything stored and stowed away in its place. Always a good sign on a ship, she thought to herself. Then, not for the first time, she checked the contents of her small shoulder pack. Tricorder, PaDD and, at her side, a standard-issue phaser that she'd drawn from ships stores. Though, she hoped, the last piece of equipment would not be required on her first Away Mission on the Penn.

"Hi" she called out as she heard someone in the Shuttle though couldn't make out who it was. Saffiya felt subconscious too much like the new girl at class. Early and too eager.

After having received a quick mission brief, Vaebn had wanted to get prepared as soon as possible, while shuttle prep was usually handled by the mission's leader or Deck Crew, Vaebn never fully trusted them to do a thorough job so he preferred to do it himself. Vaebn emerged from within the shuttle, to see who had called out and broken the peace, the Romulan instantly spotted the new Mission Advisor, Lieutenant Hadat approaching the shuttle. Like Hadat, Vaebn had already gathered his own equipment, he was wearing a formidable-looking but lightweight body armour that was standard for most Marines. Attached to his back was a large Phaser Rifle, two phaser pistols were strapped to his upper legs and a fully stocked utility belt was secured around his waist. For most, the sight of a fully armed Romulan would be unnerving, a look that suited Vaebn just fine.

Vaebn walked down the short ramp that allowed access to the rear of the shuttle, he approached the uneasy looking Mission advisor, but still maintained a good distance from the woman. "It seems that I am not the only one who is getting prepared early. Perhaps Starfleet's lack of punctuality is slowly changing" Vaebn remarked in his usual cool and arrogent tone "Stow your gear in a locker in the shuttle, though I don't think you'll be needing a night bag. This isn't a camping trip" The Romulan said, pointing to the shoulder pack "Make sure your weapon is charged and ready, it's much easier for me to keep you alive if it is" he added bluntly

Saffiya raised an eyebrow at the 1st Lt's remark about an 'overnight bag'.

"Where am I supposed to carry my gear, eh marine?.. Up my ass?" she snapped back irritably at the Romulan. "What are you dressed up for, a reboot of the War of the Worlds?" she then remarked sarcastically looking over at what she thought was Vaebn's OTT assemblage of weaponry.

Rouni walked in and went into the shuttle. She stowed her flight bag and went to the flight controls did and internal check of the controls then went and checked all other internal controls. Once done she walked out and did an external check of the shuttle.

Raising an eyebrow, Vaebn was somewhat surprised by the unusual outburst from the Starfleet Officer. It seemed she was either over compensating for something, or was just unlike most others. He was about to offer his own remarks, however the arrival of another Officer interrupted him.

Once done she walked over to LT Veabn. And smiled. 'i got this Marine go take care of your battle Marines." She looked at Saffiya and smiled. "I guess you got on the marine's bad side. I am LT Rouni the CFO and I fly about everything here including the Penn herself when needed. Follow me and we will stow your stuff LT." The Marine went away grumbling as usual.

"He's got some serious attitude issues... even for a Romulan. Lt Saffiya Hadat, Mission Advisor... whatever that means" Saffiya mused wryly as the marine wandered off.

As they entered the shuttle they turned left, "You can store your gear here LT."

"Thanks" Saffiya said and took her PaDD out of her bag before stowing it in a side compartment. Sliding through the screen she checked the overhead terrain maps of the crash site she'd interlinked to the UV and IR scans showing the (then) location of people on the ground. "Where you thinking of landing?" Saffiya asked handing Rouni the PaDD.

Rouni pointed at the coordinates. And said here. This allows access to all areas everyone needs and gives us a way to hide the shuttle. I have been monitoring movements by whoever is there. They stay close to the crash site and don't go far from it for any reason.

Arianna arrived and entered the shuttle without a word as she was deep in thought. Stowing her gear she sat quietly working on her PADD. For her it was not just another away mission but a chance to observe something new.

Shri'Rao boarded as well. She brought a small ruck sack with her with sem essential supplies.

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"For quickest securing of information, I will need access to these locations," Sh'zyllit said walking into the shuttle. She was followed by another science officer right on her heels. Sh'zyllit offered the PaDD out to Rouni as well. "The sooner I can be in and out of those areas, the sooner I can complete my tasks."

Vaebn watched as more members of crew arrived at the shuttle, he grew more annoyed with each arrival What started out as a simple Recon mission is turning into a damn field trip. Typical Starfleet, always wanting to get more involved he mused silently to himself, while also checking some of the emergency gear that he had packed into the shuttle Why don't we invite the whole damn crew with us

Saffiya settled back in a side chair in the Shuttle and looked around, her fingers tapping on the side of her PaDD. She caught a scowl off the Romulan marine, Vaebn she thopught his name was, and shook her head. He should put in for a transfer to the Marine RAU (Rapid Assault Unit) would suite Vaebn better Saffiya thought to herself. She shook her head and took a deep breath. It had been awhile since she'd been on a planet-side insert on a shuttle rather than by transporter which was the operational norm.

LT Rouni smiled, "Ignore the Marines. They think they run all of Star Fleet. But if you let them they will play with you mind LT. And as you noticed Marines don't mess with the pilots on a star ship. They know with out us there is no close in air support and they also know we will put it all on the line to pull them out when needed.

They also know pilots will give them all they can and then find some more. And the reason for using a Scout shuttle is because it will be set up as a relay to transmit all information back to the Penn. This allows the Penn to receive all information in real time. Also the scout shuttle will allow for air support if needed as well.

Saffiya looked over at lt Rouni, shaking her head as she's already put the marine episode behind and her. "No worries, LT Rouni" she muttered. It seemed to her that the Shuttle preperation details were complete and the Away Team settled in their seats. "Are we ready to go?" she asked feeling a little impatient.

“I am ready,” Sh’zyllit responded, having sat down in her seat. The other science officer fumbled with some of the equipment for a few extra moments before sitting down as well.

LT Rouni replied, " Yes we are " as she brought the shuttle power online.

= Planetary Approach =

LT Rouni smiled, "Here we go shuttle Discovery requesting permission to take off." After receiving permission to take off. They were on their way. LT Rouni guided the shuttle comfortably thru the atmosphere toward the planet surface.

Saffiya felt the deckplating shudder beneath her feet as the Shuttle banked, dropping through the planet's stratosphere and entering the troposphere. Looking froward she could see what looked like towering heavy, multi-hued cloud formations through the forward observation port. She surmised that the storms reported in that mornings briefing were still prevelant in the atmosphere above the planned Shuttle's landing site.

"Is the weather going to be a problem?" Saffiya asked Lt Rouni at the Shuttle's flight controls.

"It appears the island is in the tropical region of the planet similar to the Amazon rain forest on earth. The may be short periods of rain but should not be very heavy. Weather should be no problem." Rouni replied.

Also I found an landing zone that is 2 kilometers from the crash site. We should be able to hike the distance in a short period of time. Terran is fairly flat and easy to navigate. a box canyon will give a good location to hide the shuttle in."

"Ok, good" Saffiya nodded, feeling somewhat reassured and settled back as the Shuttle Discovery cut through the lower atmosphere, slightly buffeted by the external pressures. The landscape ahead, visible through low clouds and mist, appeared to be low hills verdant and green as Rouni had anticipated.

After a few minutes they landed at the coordinates and Rouni shutdown the shuttle. Rouni smiled, Thanks for flying shuttle Diiscovery. Please enjoy your stay.

Saffiya was first out of the Discovery, having felt a little claustrophobic onboard the shuttle. The Discovery was nestled in a flat, dusty area at the bottom of a shallow sided canyon wth hardy alien plantlife clawing its way up through the rocks and rough scree that made up much of the canyon walls. The air was warm and the humidity heavy and a little oppressive, like walking through a turkish bath or sauna. Overhead dark low clouds drifted across a pale grey sky. She waited for the Away Team members to sort themselves out as she checked her own tricorder readings.

Sh'zyllit was quickly off the shuttle, her tricorder opening quickly. She kept to passive scans at first to get the lay of the land as the other science officer did the same. They split the 360 view in half scanning in different directions. "Whomever is at the crash site may know we are here. I'm detecting what appears to be scanning frequencies, however broad and unfocused."

Saffiya nodded as she hesitantly clambered up the loose scree slope of the canyon, watching her footing as she topped the rise. Beyond low undulating hills rolled away towards the horizon, mostly covered by more undergrowth. Not proper jungle per se though a mix of various low trees and bushes, many covered by leana-style tendrils of vine-like growth. Looking around from her vantage point she could as yet see no tell-tale signs of civilisation or even any sign of rising smoke from fires. She checked her tricorder though there was no sign of any dangerous flora or fauna it could detect.

"All clear" Saffiya reported though she decided to wait until the Security team secured the area and set up a perimter or whatever they planned. She checked the information on her PaDD, that was continually being updated and downloaded from the Penn. Wonder how the hell they managed to get this far out in the Quadrant? she thought to herself as she waited patiently as she stowed her PaDD and drew her phaser.

Shri'Rao utilizing her tricorder was picking up the remnants of a ship at 121 mk 2 approximately 2.5 KM away.

"I've got something, an energy source and life signs, humanoid that way about 2.5 clicks." Shri'Rao said.

Rouni came out with a small belt of things, leaving other stuff on the shuttle. She looked around and smiled, "Perfect place to hide the shuttle. the terrain will prevent any scans from finding it except from above. Also this is a good position to defend from if we are attacked."

She made some scans and was looking at some other things. "Perhaps we leave one security person with the Shuttle to cover it. And the rest of us go on research of the site and other things. They can also beam anyone back to the shuttle in and emergency.

Arianna walked out onto the surface and pulled her own recorder and started her scans. Indeed there was an energy reading as reported so she hefted her backpack, and followed.

~ Some time later ~

A light mizzen rain drizzled from the low clouds overhead, droplets of water fell from off the long serated leaves and drooping pampass-like grass as the Away Team made their way forward in the direction of the crash site. Saffiya had seen some narrow tracks and trodden paths through the lower undergrowth though they seemed more like those made by small animals than by people. She wondered that, since the ship was from 2050 or so, the survivors had made little visible impact on their enviroment.

Saffiya halted as, ahead, the Security Ensign held up her hand and had suddnely stopped where it seemed the undergrowth thinned out ahead towards a clearing and what appeared to be a low hill or mound beyond. She moved forward slowly to see what else she could make out.

Rouni took up position in the rear of the group and followed along. She felt more comfortable there than with someone behind her. She was moving along and making sure to keep up. The Ensign in the lead stopped and signal for everyone to stop. Rouni turned and watch the trail to be sure no one came up behind them. She was sensing something but was unable to disdinguish what it was. Perhaps it was the survivors trying to figure out what they were doing.

Saffiya stopped in her tracks, the tricorder forgotten in her hand, as the 'hill' she'd seen from a distance was in fact the looming saucer-like partial hull of a Constellation Class vessel out of antiquity. She knew little about early ships apart from what she'd gleaned from the specifications on her PaDD - A large single self-contained saucer shaped hull section with four nacells according to the old design schematics she'd seen.

The crescent of the hull jutted from the ground, cliff-like, half burried in a grass covered bank of earth. The hull plating was partially overgrown, streaked and stained by the elemements. From this angle Saffiya couldn't see any markings, the ships name or designation. The nacells were missing which, she surmised, must have been seperated and lost in the crash - perhaps now reseting in the ocean depths that surrounded the island. That so much of the hull itself was intact after the crash was a minor miracle in itself. Saffiya crouched down and waited for the others to come forward.

Sh’zyllit looked up from her recordings to see everyone close enough that she did not have to speak loudly. “Multiple life signs, however their power system is making it hard to determine locations or quantity. Base system is Federation, however it has been altered, and not shielded as well.”

The readings on Saffiya’s tricorder seemed out of sync, as if something was interfering with the sensor input. She put the tricorder away and pulled out her phaser, checking the stun setting. The rest of the Away Team were busy checking the impressive remains of the Constellation vessel.

As Saffiya moved through the undergrowth she heard footsteps ahead. There, ahead, a young girl peered through the foliage. Bright green eyes stared wide and wild beneath a shock of dirty blonde curls. A small nose, tanned skin dusted by freckles. The young girls shocked mouth was open to a perfect ‘O’ shape.

“Hi darling, don’t panic now” Saffiya said quietly with a smile as she brushed a loose braid away from her eyes. “Now, what’s your name my dear?”

Like a startled faun the girl darted away trailing leaves, her small bare feet making a trail through the damp grass.
“Clarissa?” a male voice called from one side and, there, stood a tall human male with slightly pointed ears and arched dark brows that showed either Vulcan or Romulan descent. From the time period of the crashed vessel Saffiya guessed at Vulcan as there was little contact with the Romulans at that time.

“Greetings, friend” Saffiya introduced herself slowly putting away the phaser. “We are from the USS Pennsylvania, a starship in orbit. We're here to help" she explained.

Arianna stopped short when she saw the hull. Softly, "I'll be damned", she said as she scanned it. She was an old gal with a distinguished history. Sensing that the team had found some survivors, she walked to join the team. Remaining just out of sight because she surmised that these people may not have known about the Klingons being friends of the Federation and didn't want to scare them.

Rouni stoodby in an area of available cover. She knew they would not know about Betazoid people and did not want to cause any fear or other problems. She was able to recognize fear in the little girl when she ran away. But the adult seemed more like he was wanting to find out more about those around them and whether they were friend or foe.

Arianna stepped from the shadows into full view and waited for the one adult to have a chance to fully see her and understand she meant no harm. What she sensed was his curiosity of the awayteam and their reason for being there. "We are here to render aid to you and the others. My name is Lt. Cmdr Arianna Kamar and I am the ships Chief Engineer. I see that your ship is a Constellation class ship. I bet she has a wonderful history. How is it you crashed here?" Arianna said softly and reassuringly to the adult.

Shri'Rao looked around but didn't see many adult just a lot of kids.

"Where are all the adults?" The Security chief asked.

Lt Rouni waited a few minutes and observed, At first the seemed surprised with some fear. Then they relaxed. She decided to step out. Knowing this was going to be their first contact with a Betazoid she put her phaser into the holster first.

She stepped out, "Hello my name is Deannan Rouni, I am the Chief Flight Officer and want to be friendly to you.I bet the Flight Controls on the ship are extremely nice. I hope to try and download all your flight data recordings. I come from a planet called Betezoid. And we are now part of Star Fleet."

She sensed a sign of fear but also relief. She still noticed it strange that there were so few adults compared to the number of children.

Shri'Rao walked over to one of the little girls that was staring at her. She had probably never seen and Andorian before..

"Hello, my name is Shri'Rao whats yours?" she asked the little girl.

"My name is Starla, you don't look like a Kazon? What are you?" the little girl asked.

"I'm an Andorian, not a Kazon. Say where are all the adults?" Shri'Rao asked.

"They ...They took them. Almost all of them there are a few hiding in the old caves over there." She said pointing to the rock face.

The Kazon took all the adults? The little girl Nodded. Are you hungry sweetheart? Shri'rao asked. I have some rations that you are welcome too. The child nodded.

Shri'Rao dug some food out of her ruck sack and gave it to Starla.

She then reported what she had heard..

Sh’zyllit continued to scan, finding the people here non threatening for now, and seeing no reason to engage in conversation with them. Her and the other science officer made some general scans and specific sweeps of particular areas. “I have isolated the majority of the interference issues. I should be able to do further detailed scans from the ship now.”

Saffiya completed her check of the area, and checked the scans on her tricorder and saved the specification of the wrecked ship to the records on her PaDD. Of the Constellation vessels on record it fitted ther best description of the USS Magellen, an early long-range survey vessel. Though she doubted the era's 'long range' of the time included this far out of what was, then, known space. She turned to Lt. Rouni.

"I'll return to the Penn. Ok to beam up or are we all returning to the Shuttle Discovery?" Saffiya asked, as she wanted to check her finding against the Penn's AI and historical records. Something's not right here... she thought to herself even though there was no obvious hostile intent on the survivors.

Rouni replied, " If we are some place where the survivors cannot see it. Beaming out is a possibility. But I would not beam out in front of them. The transporter technology was being developed at the time of the crash and not common place as it is now.

I can go with you and once we are clear of the area then the Penn can beam you up Saffiya.

Arianna headed back to the shuttle quickly, =/\= Arianna to Kamar, I'm going to get the ships logs and Saffiya will return to the Pennsylvania in a moment. Further orders?=/\= ashe said and waited.

Saffiya nodded to Rouni and, making sure she wasn't observed, moved away from the crash site. In a small clearing surrounded by trees she tapped her comms.

=^= "Lt Hadat, planet side.. One to beam up" =^= she requested and, moments later, shimmered from view.

Lt.JG Saffiya Hadat
Mission Advisor
USS Pennsylvania

Lt.Cmdr. Arianna Sky Kamar
Chief Engineering Officer
USS Pennsylvania

Lt. Shri'Rao Sh'veqan
Chief of Security
USS Pennsylvania


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