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Posted on Tue Jun 30th, 2020 @ 11:09pm by Lieutenant Commander Arianna Sky Kamar & Captain Frank Kamar Jr.

Mission: Shore Leave
Location: Tabula Rasa Beach

Frank stood on the beach watching the sun lower behind the horizon, he sat on a beach towel telling Hannah stories of his home and Georgia. He had spent the afternoon with her while Arianna took her turn standing the watch on the bridge. Frank knew she would be down soon, so he had prepared a special surprise for her. Hidden in a small cooler was a small bottle of Klingon Blood wine, he had also cooked some fish that he and Hannah had caught earlier that afternoon. He had hoped that he could begin to mend the bridge that he had inadvertently broken by remaining wrapped up his duties.

Impatient for her watch to end, she kept looking at her chronowatch as the minutes ticked off slowly. oOoh hurry up blasted time, pleaseOo she thought. If it wasn't for the fact that it was her turn at watch, she would have been long gone down to the planet but as it was the minutes just dragged on making her more impatient.

“Captain, the shuttle is returning to the Pennsylvania,” an Ensign said while standing at attention.

“Excellent, bring the Chief Engineer back with you before the sunsets and I’ll give ya cigar and a glass of Tennessee Whiskey,” Frank said with an unlit cigar in his mouth, and watched the Ensign sprint to the shuttle.

Finally end of shift came and she handed the Penny over to the new crew and made a beeline for their quarters. If anyone was to watch Arianna pack they would have passed out laughing. Bathing suit here, sandles there, towels in the bag and suntan lotion in the suitcase, picking it up all together she tossed it into the carry all and ran to the shuttle bay only to find the shuttle had not arrived yet! Arianna was exasperated and frustrated. She waited for this moment and what......more delays!

Frank sat on the beach and began to worry, he had to talk to Arianna, he had been so buried in work that he had begun to ignore her and now that he had intentionally lined things up for a couple days on the planet she hadn’t shown up. He was beginning to second guess whether she was still interested in him, when he heard the shuttle craft re-enter the atmosphere, his pulse began to pound in anticipation and he hoped his beloved had been able to catch the flight.

Finally the shuttle arrived with the pilot trying to apologise for being late. "Never mind the apology, just get me down to the planet, fast!" said a frustrated Arianna. Hauling her gear she, got onboard and practically flew the bewildered pilot's shuttle to the planet. Landing, she hauled ass for their room, dumped the suitcase, travel bag, Hannah's toys, and pulled her bathing suit out. It was a ski py one at that but it did show the best parts of her physical attributes. Tossing a sheer blue shirt on, she took the towel and headed for the beach to find her man.

It was a lovely beach and the sand felt wonderful between her toes. Walking along the beach, she finally saw Frank and Hannah on the sand. She got goose bumps just seeing him out of uniform. He was truly a handsome man who had been there for her when she needed help. "It's about time we were alone, well together as a family. I have sorely missed you darling," she said as she sat down next to him and kissed him passionately.

Frank returned the kiss before speaking, “It’s good to see you too, Hannah and I have been chatting about the future, Arianna I want to apologize for putting work before you and Hannah. It won’t be happening again, in fact I’ve submitted my resignation for the Task Force Commander. It will mean less work and I can focus on you two and the ship. I don’t have many years left in Starfleet and I thought I wanted to make a difference and get into the history books, but being your husband and Hannah’s father is enough for me.”

A look of shock took over her face, "Don't say that Frank! You have plenty of years in Starfleet!!! You did what?.....resigned as taskforce commander? I know how hard that was for you but I am thankful that you did. I missed you terribly" Arianna said with tears in her eyes. Arianna now finally had her husband back but....what he said about time left in Starfleet worried her a bit. Frank still had many good years left in his fighting spirit. To retire would kill him and would be very traumatic in several ways. It was something she did not care to even think about, now or in the future.

“Arianna, I’m not a young man anymore, I’m only a few years from forced retirement due to age. I honestly had planned to retire at the colony but then I met you, got a promotion, and was given a ship, then promoted to lead the areas task force. It’s been a whirlwind, but it’s catching up to me. So as much as I hated to do so I stepped down to give someone younger the chance to advance. I’m near the end of my career and my focus is my family and my ship.”

"Then don't give up your ship. Who was it that said, "Don't let them make you retire? Don't let them take you out of that center seat....?" Arianna said. "James Kirk, that's who. Forced retirement my ass. They will be losing a damn good captain and an equally good chief engineer. I go with my family where ever they send us. That much I do know...." she said, looking deep to see the hurt in his heart. She k we that he would never be happy sitting behind a desk, not flying in the stars, being free to explore new places, new people. "Frank I love you so much it hurts to even think about retirement" she said, putting her arms around his neck. "Let's not think about it or talk about it. Lets just have a good time and enjoy each others companionship Imzadi" she whispered into his ear.

Frank sighed and nodded in agreement, he was ready to retire back at the colony but had a ship dropped in to his lap. Now that he’d been a Captain he could easily retire on the retirement income, and enjoy his family. Knowing though that Arianna wanted to travel he decided it was best to not speak of it further.

He folded her into his arms and watched as the sun slowly set on the horizon.

Captain Kamar
USS Pennsylvania
Commanding Officer

Lt. Cmdr. Arianna Sky Kamar
USS Pennsylvania
Chief Engineering Officer


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