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Lieutenant JG Saffiya Hadat

Name Saffiya Aksil Hadat

Position Mission Advisor

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 30

Physical Appearance

Height 6'0"
Weight 120
Hair Color Black
Eye Color grey
Physical Description Saffiya Hadat is a tall, imposing woman with a lythe athletic, though broad shouldered build. Her skin is an olive brown while her face is striking more than attratctive. She has high chekbones and piercing pale grey gren eyes beneath dakrk arched brows and a narrow, pensive mouth. Her distant ancestors were desert folk, the Taureg of Noth Afrtica [see Bio History] her long dark hair is often braided and tied back.


Spouse n/a
Children none
Father Amastan Hadat [deceased]
Mother Izil Meddur Hadat
Brother(s) Igider Jon Hadat MIA
Sister(s) Kahina Alil Hadat
Other Family Various on her homeworld of Usaden and further afield.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Saffiya is a forthright and outspoken, and loves a good argument whatever the subject though she also has a private/sensitive side that she usually keeps well under wraps. She is a fit, active woman who dislikes sitting around and can become irritable when bored.
Her deep, resonant voice can carry and she is not one klnow to whisper or keep her opinion to herself.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
Physically fit keeping to a dailly heavy-g weights and fitness regime and also runs long and often.
Inteliigent, quick and witty.
Diligent and proud. Usually follows orders to the letter.

Outspoken and not a greta respecter for rank.
Sharp temper and can be easily irritated (especially by those she considers idiots)
Impulsive gambler who may take unecceasary risks.
Ambitions To find the location/what happened of her Igider who was lost on the ill-fated USS Belasarion as a Marine and pronounced MIA (assumed deceased) along with ships compliment of 120 souls on a misssion to the Delta Quadrant.
Hobbies & Interests Safiya is a fitness fanatic who likes long distance running, contact sports and high-g weights sessions.
In her calmer moments she likes to read on her ethnic (desert/Taureg) history and of other desert races of earth and beyond.
She is a lunatic if she is let loose on R&R.

Character Bio

Personal History Several centuries ago various tribal/ethnic desert groups left Earth in an attempt to keep at least some of their native traditions and protect some of their tribal ethnicity. Such a group were the Taureg (native to North Africa Sahara regions).

These semi-nomadic desert-loving peoples settled on the dry and arid planet Usaden which has little standing water and whose equatorial region is a continuous desert, of dunes and mountain ranges.
Safiyya was brought up within such a nomadic multi-family group though they had accepted various modern habits and adapted modern devices to ease their lifestyles (so wasn’t all camels and sandstorms). Though, from an early age, she was disruptive and against what she saw as the stifling rules, regulations and burdensome traditions of her people (OOC: though she now sees this as an adolescent mistake and is proud of her Taureg heritage).
Following various furious arguments with her father regarding a wedding to a near relative Safiyya ran away from home and off-planet and, after some years travelling, joined Starfleet. Little did she know at the time that her younger brother, Igider, followed her off-planet and also joined Starfleet as a Marine.
Safiyya first trained in astro-navigation though decided, impulsively, it wasn’t for her and instead changed to Security/Tactical as she found she could also fit in her new loves of physical fitness and running.

It was while serving as an Officer on the USS Duneden, a Long Range Sciene/Survey vessel mapping the Gamma Quadrant that she was informed of the loss of her brother, Igider, who was serving on the Long Range Scientific Survey vessel USS Belisarius somewhere in the Delta Quadrant.
With this loss she felt a great weight of blame (matched by her father who also holds her to blame) as, he is sure, Igider would have stayed safe at home if she had just buckled down and not run away from her responsibilities.
This burden of loss stays with her still.

Service Record

Service History [OOC: Will sort exacty dates asap & edit to fit new role on the USS Pennsylvania]