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Feast Fallout

Posted on Wed Dec 11th, 2019 @ 12:27am by Lieutenant James Trallos MD

Chief Medical Officer's log:

The feast was officially canceled three hours ago. The Captain has been stabilized along with the other crew. Lieutenant Kilbane was brought in by security responding to his quarters for an unresponsive com. He apparently hit his head passing out and resulted in a moderate concussion. I have received a number of other crew into Sickbay. Some not as bad as others, some as bad as the Captain. Current counts are as follows.

Two senior officers are currently incapacitated.
Three junior officers are also incapacitated with two more being kept for observation.
Five crewmen are also incapacitated with an additional 11 also being held for observation.
An additional 23 crew and officers have reported symptoms but we're as such that they could be released to quarters with follow up in the morning.

Based on the number of people impacted, I do not believe it was a direct assassination attempt. Furthermore, the symptoms presented are as I can determine, non life-threatening except in limited circumstances. Preliminary blood work returned from the Captain, and confirmed in other patients is the presence of a toxin generally associated with Staph food poisoning. The food being replicated should prohibit that toxin at all as well as the associated bacteria.

The Chief is currently in the medical lab running tests on all food that was served at the feast. He is double checking all tests to confirm results or presence of the toxin at any level. Since he is a separate computer core, I believe he can act as an additional test in case the computer core has been tampered in some way. Results will be given to me as soon as available to act as a 3rd confirmation on all steps."

There was a quick commotion of someone running when a nurses voice reached the office. "Doctor come quick!" James jumped out of his chair and raced out of the office to the shout. Did they get the diagnosis wrong? We're the testing levels off and the toxins were higher than what was reported?

He rushed out to see a cackling nurse. "I didn't think you'd run." She laughed. "The Captain is awake. I'm getting him some water. You know you're way to easy to get right?" James shook his head. "You know you're on bed pan duty right?" She smiled and walked away. "Worth it to see your face, even though it was an accident." She chuckled and walked off. James shook his head, good test of his reaction time though. He sighed. "This wasn't going to be an easy day like he thought."


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