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Merry Christmas from the DQ

Posted on Sat Dec 28th, 2019 @ 1:11am by Lieutenant James Trallos MD

James got himself settled and made sure the recording angle was correct. This would be his last message home for some time once they moved away from Iota station. Even at the station, the message would take days to travel home to Mars from the DQ. What a good time to send some final love back home.

"Computer, begin recording. Hi Mom and Dad. Greetings from the Delta Quadrant. By the time you get this we will be gone from the starbase, but will be in the stars, seeing unseen things. I hope Christmas was good for everyone. The attached file has a few of the ship oddities that were around for Christmas. Hope your enjoying retirement dad!"

James moved on his couch a little. "It has been an interesting month on the Pennsylvania. We've lost a couple people. Ambushed by a new species. I did what I could, but they were all pretty much DOA. Some other medical issues came up that I can't discuss, but I've been busy. Yes Mom, I'm fine. A doctor's work is never done though." He said as he smiled.

"On better news, there was a wedding on the ship the other day. The Captain got hitched and asked me to be his best man. Was a great honor. Married a half Klingon. I know dad, braver man then us. Yes Mom, I know if the Captain can get married I can too. It was a nice little ceremony and was a joy to be involved in." He continued with a smile. He rambled about this and that for another few minutes until there was a chime and a voice off screen.

"Dr. Trallos to Sickbay." He shook his head with a smile. =/\= "On my way." =/\= "Like I said earlier Mom and Dad. Work is never done. I love you both. I can't wait to hear from you whenever we get back into the ability to have a data dumb. Merry Christmas from the stars, and to all, q good night."



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