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Posted on Wed Apr 28th, 2021 @ 11:54pm by Captain Dirk Taggart & Lieutenant JG Simon Hunter & Ensign Paul Sleeford

Mission: Season Two - Incidentals
Location: Ops

Captain Taggart walked to the Chief Operations office space. All of the walkings would definitely count as his workout today. He double-checked his PADD before entering, "I'm looking for Lieutenant Hunter, Chief Ops and Ensign Sleeford the assistant chief," he stated.

Emily responded," Sir, I am Petty Officer 1st class Emily Anderson, Quartermaster," she said looking back at her Captain as she continued, "I hope your quarters were up to your standards Sir?" as she knew that Chief Hunter and the Assistant chief were in the chief's office. she finished," They're in the office this way Sir," as she looked back at the new Commanding officer and hoped that she had done the right thing by giving his quarters the once over.

Taggart nodded, "The Captain's Quarters were occupied by the Chief Engineer Petty Officer, but the cot in the Ready Room is quite comfortable. Thank you for your inquiry," he said as he followed her to the office. Taking a deep breath he entered the office where the Chief and his assistant were.

Hearing his name, Sleeford looked up from the PADD he's been using to cross-reference the weapons inventory with the list on the core, looking for any discrepancies', seeing the captain walking into the office, Sleeford slide off his seat and stood to attention.


"At ease, I just came to walk through the department, Lieutenant Sleeford I presume?" Taggart said as he reached to shake the man's hand.

Taking the offered hand, Sleeford smiled, "Unfortunately I'm not yet a Lieutenant, I'm still an Ensign. Ensign Sleeford at your service sir. The chief is in the inner office. Probably buried under a stack of PADDS"

"My apologies Ensign Sleeford, I was looking for Lieutenant Hunter, I'm still working on getting everyone's names straight. Before we bother the Chief may I ask how you think things are going on the Penn?"

"Well to be honest sir, I've only been here a few weeks, she's a grand ship, the crew I've met are friendly, I can't speak for the other departments, but Ops works well. We all have our assigned areas of responsibility, I deal with the weapons inventory. "

Seeing Hunter out of the corner of his eye Sleeford relaxed a little knowing that the new captain would soon be talking to the chief.

=Inside Lieutenant Hunters Office=

Simon sat in his office going over the status of the stores hoping to have the report ready for the new captain as he knew that his Quartermaster and her staff were working flat out to get it done, but he knew that it had to be done so that the Captain knew that he was capable of running his department, he leaned back in his chair when his terminal pinged with what he was waiting for and opened the file and began to read it.

This didn’t look good as half the stores were down and why the hell had this not been brought to his attention earlier, he knew the Captain was not going to be happy and knew that he had to find out where the supplies had gone that should have come to Pennsylvania and not to other ship, As he was about to contact Starbase 51, Simon heard voices out in the outer office, he decided to see who was outside his office, as he rose from his chair, he knew that he had to explain the shortfall in the ship’s stores before he met with Captain Taggert.

Taggart turned upon hearing the approaching footsteps, he took note of the pips on the man's collar before speaking, "Lieutenant Hunter, I believe?"

"Yes Sir," replied Simon looking at his new Co, he continued "I have that report for you, sir, However; you are not going to be happy," as he hated to give the Commanding officer bad news, but he had no choice in the matter, he turned to Ensign Sleeford, "Ensign, can you get me the station quartermaster please, I'd like to have a word with him," as he was not happy with the results of the inventory check that his own Quartermaster had sent him.

"Aye sir" Turning to his panel Sleeford tapped the panel and contacted the station, "Starbase 51 control, this is Pennsylvania, patch me through to the QM department"

"If you would like to join me in my office, Sir," as Simon stepped aside to let the Captain pass, he knew that this was going to be difficult somewhat and how in the hell the shipments had gone missing were beyond him as he knew sleeford was not going to be going for lunch anytime soon until this mess had been cleared up and he thought to himself oO Shit is soon to hit the fan in 10 minutes, Oo

While he waited Sleeford completed his inventory and signed it off, as the QM came on screen passed on the message from the chief, closing the call he turned to face the open door.

"Sorry to intrude, sir, QM is coming to see you in ten minutes in your office"

“Thank you, Ensign,” replied Simon looking up from his desk as now he could ask the Station’s Quartermaster where the hell the rest of Pennsylvania’s supplies were and how on earth had they gone missing in the first place, he knew the Captain was not going to be happy with the news that he was about to give him. as he watched the young man leave his office.

Taggert turned to Lieutenant Hunter, " It appears that you are quite busy Sir, may I ask what the problem is?"

“Sir, it seems that two-thirds of our supplies have gone missing and I intend to find out how it happened,” replied Simon as he picked up the PADD containing the list and handed it to Captain Taggart, he continued “ I’m sure you would like to know exactly where it has gone?” glancing back at his new commanding officer, he finished “ I do hope the stations QM has the answers we need?”

This was not what the captain expected, and he was taken by surprise. "I definitely want to know what is going here, and I expect a full briefing by 1800 this evening. I will get security involved if I have to Lieutenant. Is that understood?"

"Yes sir, I to want to know what the hell happened," explained Simon looking back at his commanding officer He continued "and where did they go and who exactly signed for them?" as that was the question that he was going to put before the station's Quartermaster when he arrived, he could see that the Captain was not happy with this news one bit as he finished "I will get Ensign Sleeford to ask those in the cargo deck if they saw anyone they didn't know,"

Taggart stood not at all pleased, " Lieutenant you will find the supplies or you will find a new position as an Ensign in Engineering cleaning waste containment facilities, is that understood?" The captain said sternly staring at the Operations Chief.

"Understood, Sir," replied Simon as he knew how angry his new Commanding officer was, hell even he was angry after finding out that half of his supplies had been taken and by whom? that was the question, as the door opened and in came a slender man with brown hair, Simon noticed that he had the Chevrons of a Chief petty Officer who had barged into his office and yelled. "Who gives you the right to beckon me from my office with all these ships needing their supplies?"

The Captain stood and glared at the enlisted man, "Lieutenant Hunter, feel free to send this Chief back to a second class Petty Officer if you find it is necessary due to his insubordination." He turned back to the Lieutenant, "In the meantime, I need to go to Engineering. I will meet with you later this afternoon for an update." He began walking toward the exit without waiting for a response. He was afraid if he had stayed he would have lost his temper with the Chief.

"Aye Sir," replied Simon as he kept his gaze upon the Chief Petty officer as he watched the Captain leave the room, he continued "And that My friend was Pennsylvania's new Commanding officer" he concluded "whom by the way you have just pissed off," as the Chief Petty officer turned white with shock, Simon sat back down in his chair not taking his eyes off the Starbases Quartermaster, " He said," So, About Our supplies? Chief Pettey Officer?" as he looked back at the screen he finished "Tobias Fox"



Lieutenant Jg Simon Hunter
Chief Ops


Ensign Paul Sleeford
Assist COO

PO 1st class Emily Anderson [NPC: Simon hunter]

CPO Tobias Fox
Station 51


Captain Dirk Taggart
Commanding Officer


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