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Posted on Sat Apr 17th, 2021 @ 8:14am by Captain Dirk Taggart & Lieutenant James Trallos MD

Mission: Season Two - Incidentals

Captain Dirk entered the Medical Bay, carrying his PADD. His mission was two fold, he was going to get his medical clearance handled and conduct an informal inspection on the readiness of the department. "I'm looking for the Doctor, Lieutenant Trallos," he told a corpsman.

Hearing his name called, James stood up and put on his labcoat from his office. He strolled put to see if it was his favorite extreme sport crewman coming in with another holodeck injury. "What did you try this time...oh, apologies. You must be the new Captain. Lieutenant James Trallos. Ships Chief Medical Officer." He said offering his hand.

Taggart shook the man's hand, "I am the Captain, Captain Taggart. I'm here to check in, as well as to evaluate your department's readiness. Where would you like to begin Doctor? You're in charge for the moment, but don't get to used it," he said dryly with an attempt at humor.

The doctor smirked. "Believe me, you can have it. Riding heard on these pack of animals is enough for me." He said gesturing to the the central biobed. A nurse in a storage room yelled out "and you love us for it too." The doctor shrugged. "She's not wrong. Keeps my job interesting." He said turning on monitors. "So Captain, any aches, pains, hurts, problems, hot flashes or any other obvious problem prior to beaming over?"

Dirk chuckled at hot flashes, "No I'm feeling fine thank you, just the normal wear and tear of a Starfleet career. It appears you have quite a camaraderie with your team Doctor."

The doctor nodded and began to run his tricorder around the Captain's head and work his way down. "They keep me humble and on my toes. They get some latitude from because when it does hit the fan, all the remarks are gone and they are the best in the galaxy. We train weekly for trauma" the doctor paused a moment., "and as you know, we've experienced a significant trama event recently. That is why I can say 'in the galaxy' with confidence. "

"I know words cannot heal or cure the things you and your team has dealt with and been through, but it is my hope to prevent our crew from wandering into unnecessary ambushes."

The doctor gave a shrug as continued his scans. "I appreciate you trying to avoid ambushes, believe me, my whole team thanks you. The trick is knowing about them. We also took this job because it puts us out and away. Back to good ol Federation exploration. That is part of the risk we all signed up for to explore the unknown." He looked up from the scan to meet the Captains face. "We know the risks, but this is what bring
s us out here. Discovering Tabula Risa, saving people from warlords and discovering new races of people."

"Doctor, you are a good man. I look forward to the exploration as well. It is why I volunteered for a mission like this. I need to be moving along, but before I go is there anything that as the ship's Doctor, you feel I need to be made aware of?"

The doctor finished his scans and set his tricorder down. "This ship and her crew have been through a lot in a very short time as you know. The Admiral swooping in while deployed in deep space and removing the Captain by force while spouting Starfleet protocol did not sit well." He paused. "The reactions you get, know they are not against you personally, but you happen to be the only available target. People had not even finished mourning those we lost in combat when this all happened. I'm a doctor, not a psychoanalysis, but I've seen a number of the crew that are physically fine, but really just needed to talk through some things. Give them a little grace, and if you need to talk, my office is always open."

"I appreciate your candor Doctor Trallos, I'm sure I will be meeting with you again in the very near future. If you have nothing else, I will move along," the captain replied as he began to ponder the crew's perception and morale.



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