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A Quartermaster's mess

Posted on Sat May 9th, 2020 @ 12:02pm by Ensign Simon Hunter & Petty Officer 1st Class Emily Anderson & Major Naomi Sylan Griffiths
Edited on on Sat May 16th, 2020 @ 9:51am

Mission: Discovery
Location: Cargobay 1
Timeline: MD1: 10:00Hrs


After leaving the Captain, Simon had continued on his journey to find the ship's Quartermaster, as he looked down at the roster on his PADD, and read the name PO 1 Emily Anderson, a Red-haired young woman who had been on the ship for the last 2 missions, as he continued to follow the directions upon the wall. As he did so, Simon began to wonder where the computer was taking him as he kept checking the Arrow as he walked along the corridor, as He turned the corner he found himself outside of Cargo Bay 1.

As the doors opened and Simon entered the Bay, he could see a young red-haired woman yelling at some handlers that were standing next to some crates, he wondered what the hell was going on and walked over to her, He said, " Hello, I'm Ensign Simon Hunter the new Assistant Chief of Operations," as he put his duffle bag down next to him. as he watched as the young woman turn to face him, he noticed the chevron's that told him that she was one of the Enlisted Officers.

Having heard someone call from behind her, Emily spun around on her heel to see who it was, when she caught sight of the handsome young Ensign stop near her and introduce himself to her, as she blushed and responded to the introduction, "Hi and Welcome to Pennsylvania, I'm Petty Officer Emily Anderson, Sir," as she watched him put the duffle bag down. she thought to herself, oO Boy now he is cute, Oo but she knew that getting romantically involved with senior officers was frowned upon and pushed the idea out of her head.

"Nice to meet you Petty Officer, So tell me what is going on?" as he looked at her clear in the eyes as he could tell that she was not happy, as he noticed the delivery officer was trying to slip away, Simon said," Excuse me, Mister, I didn't say you could leave, did I?" as the Gentleman stopped dead in his tracks and turned to face the new Operations Officer.

Emily replied, "Sir, this is the list I sent over before we docked and this is what we got," as she handed him two separate PADDS, she continued, "As you can see sir, we are missing quite a lot from this delivery," as she looked back at her senior officer. as she thought to herself, This does not bode well for either of us, Oo she said, "Sir,"

" Mister.." Simon responded looking at the Starbase Porter, he continued "Hawthorne, Can you please tell me where the rest of our stuff is?" as he lifted his gaze from the PADDs, he finished, " I'm waiting and I can wait all day if necessary?"

Naomi was doing her inspection rounds when she approached Cargobay One and heard raised voices, curious she walked into the bay and saw the new ACoO taking a chunk out of a rating "Ensign Hunter, kindly tell me what the hell is going on?" Griffiths asked approaching the pair.

"Ma'am, I entered the Cargo bay to find the Quartermaster to get my new Quarters as I have just arrived," he replied looking at her, He continued, " when I got here, Petty Officer Anderson here was giving Mister Hawthorne here a Grilling about these," as he handed her both the PADDS. he finished," It seams Ma'am that we are missing some of the inventory that was asked for,"

As Emily looked back at the senior officer, "That is correct Ma'am, and I am still waiting for an answer," she responded as Hawthorne started to sweat now not only was the Quartermaster was angry at him, the Assistant Chief of Operations was mad at him and now the ships XO was going to yell at him about the missing supplies.

She took the Padds and looked them over and grunted and handed them back to the Quartermaster "PO Anderson, why don't you contact your opposing number in Supply and find out where those supplies are, yes?" Griffiths said calmly and politely.

"Aye Sir," replied Emily looking back at the XO, she continued, " I shall have the report by this afternoon," as she picked up the ensign's Duffle bag and finished, "And Ensign, I will see to it that these get sent to your quarters," as he gave a nod to both officers and then left them to it.

When the Petty Officer had gone "Ensign Hunter, a word in your shell-like if you will!" Griffiths said moving over to the quietest part of the cargo bay she waited till Hunter got there. In a quiet but miffed tone "Ensign Hunter, I know you are new on this ship, but you are also a graduate of the Academy and as such you should know that no matter the rank of the person you are talking to you show then some courtesy, if they have done something wrong take them to one side like I am doing and quietly talk to them, do not go shouting at them in the middle of the dammned room, you are an Officer and as such you should behave like one. Last time I heard someone talk like that, it was me in my basic training and the person was a Master Chief Warrant Officer with fifteen years combat experience, you have not earned the right to talk to a subordinate in such a manner, next time do it discreetly and take them to one side, if you do not, I will hand you over to our Romulan MCO for Punishment training and I have met him, he does not take failure lightly, do I make myself absolutely, perfectly, crystal clear?" She asked.

"Crystal sir," replied Simon as he looked back at the Major, He continued, What are we going to do with what we have now Sir?" as he hoped that they hadn't been dispatched to other ships who had already left the base. But he knew that it could be a possibility as he didn't want to voice that concern just yet as he needed to check in with the CMO shortly to have his Physical that was required completed.

"Well until we can sort out this issue, we make do, but I want you helping the Petty Officer out with locating our missing cargo, but get yourself off to medical first then try again with the PO and strike up a working relationship, got it?" Griffiths asked.

"Aye Sir, I will have a report for you and the Captain as soon as I have it myself," replied Simon as he looked back at the XO, as he knew that this was not going to look good on his department for a start and having walked in on this, it was now down to him to sort out this mess. he asked, "Sir, If I may who will be informing the Base Security department? you or I?" as he had only been on the ship for twenty-five minutes or even more than that.

"You will Ensign, it is your department, your responsibility, do not screw it up or I will happily hand you over to our MCO for some physical training," Griffiths said.

"Aye Sir after I have gone round all the department heads and spoken to them," replied Simon, as he knew that covering all his bases, as he knew the more information he had at hand the more the Station Security could use to find out whom had taken the rest of the inventory, as he gave a nod to the ships XO and headed off towards Sickbay for his Physical.

With that the Ensign moved off from where he was and got on with the task at hand, he seemed to have new energy in his stride, smiling evilly to herself Griffiths left the Cargo Bay and returned to her rounds, she was already missing fresh air.


Major NS Griffiths
First Officer

Ensign Simon Hunter
Assistant chief Ops
USS Pennsylvania

PO1 Emily Anderson [NPC]
USS Pennsylvania


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