Holiday Cheer

Posted on Wed Dec 20th, 2023 @ 11:53am by Lieutenant JG Camille Lévesque PhD

Mission: Season 3 Incidentals
Location: USS Pennsylvania
Timeline: 24 December of the current fleet year

'Twas the night before Christmas
And all through the ship
Though it should have been quiet
The sensors did blip

A creature arrived
Of a type never met
One needed to determine
If it was a threat

Having lost track of time
Still at the lab bench
Worked the bespectacled scientist
The one who spoke French

She studied the sensors
Analyzing the data
It appeared to be safe
No radiation type Theta

But where did it come from?
What was it doing?
She couldn't learn anything
From where she was viewing

Wearing her lab coat
Tricorder at the ready
Camille went in search
To find it already

It was in the crew quarters
It left quite the trail
It stopped inside the room
Belonging to Kale

Camille's good friend Vespa
Was inside, sleeping sound
But this creature was new
And it had to be found

So inside the quarters
Camille tried to sneak
She tiptoed so quietly
Not daring to squeak

There it floated, so serene
A fairy or sprite
In a coat and hat of red
And a long beard of white

It left a wrapped present
And a stocking full of toys
Then it saw Camille and fled
Without making a noise

Camille gave it chase
And she ran down the halls
The creature could apparently
Phase through the walls!

It snuck into the room
Of the chief engineer
Camille had to get closer
She had to get near!

Inside it saw her again
And it flew out of sight
This chase was going
To be a long night

Castle's room then Kinaav's
Addie's quarters were next
The pursuit of information
Was making Camille vexed

When it got to the Captain
Camille would be ready
She would act calmly
She would be steady

She opened his door
This time with a plan
She stuck out just her scanner
And started to scan

The jolly small creature
Left presents for Dirk
Then it met Camille face to face
And gave her a smirk

It stayed still for a moment
It was quite a sight!
Then it vanished quite suddenly
In a flash of pure light

It was so very late
So Camille went to bed
Where visions of the creature
Danced in her head

On that Christmas morning
She woke with a yawn
And she looked at her tricorder
But her data -- it was gone!

There would be no big study
Or scientfiic publication
She got up to prepare
To go to her station

But on her way to the shower
She stopped with her walking
And saw on her table
A box and a stocking!

The sock contained chocolates
And snacks and some candy
And a very nice bottle
Of Canadian Brandy

And inside the gift box
A pretty new blouse
And a brand new framed photo
Of her and her spouse

There was also a note
Taped to her bookcase
"Merry Christmas, Camille
You gave me quite a chase!

But the true joy of Christmas
Is magic, not science
So in this matter
I'll ask your compliance

Tell not a soul
Don't publish your finding
Let your friends' happiness
Be truly spellbinding

Camille's heart was full
With seasonal spirit
The letter from the being...
Its idea had merit

And so at the staff meeting
She said nothing about seeing
Or chasing or scanning
That mysterious being

"To my crewmates and friends
I have one thing to tell
Merry Christmas to all
Et Joyeux Noël"

**Happy Holidays, Pennsylvania Crew!**