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Lieutenant JG Camille Lévesque

Name Camille Amélie Lévesque PhD

Position Chief Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 34

Physical Appearance

Height 5’ 3”
Weight 116 lbs
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Camille is short and thin, and looks like she couldn’t hold her own in a fight. She is, however, scrappy and knows how to defend herself. Her hair is regularly dyed blonde, and her eyes are a striking emerald green. She wears glasses, as she is terrified of vision-correcting surgery and allergic to most vision-correcting medications.


Spouse Currently in a relationship with Dr. Nicole Anderson, MD (Chief of Medicine, Ancient Grace Hospital, Rigel IV)
Children None
Father Roger Lévesque
Mother Marie Huard
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) Renée Lévesque (sister, 37)
Mathilde Lévesque (sister, 28)
Other Family Amélie Huard (mother’s sister)
Maxime Lévesque (father’s brother)
Sylvain Rochefort (brother-in-law, married to Renée)
Julie Rochefort (niece)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Camille has a bubbly personality and is generally friendly and outgoing. She wants to make friends with everyone she meets. She has a deep love for her family, whom she misses terribly. She has a natural curiosity and drive to learn more. She has been taught to be proud of her language, culture, and heritage.
Strengths & Weaknesses Camille’s love of science can be both her greatest strength and weakness. She is driven to learn everything she can about a subject, and despite her love of friends and family, she will sometimes block people out when she’s in research mode. She has poor vision and wears corrective lenses. She refuses surgery or medication to fix vision. She is also shy and wants to avoid confrontation, though on her last Starfleet assignment she received combat training.
Ambitions Camille’s original ambition was to earn a PhD and study xenobiology and occasional delve into space sciences in a prestigious university. Having achieved the title, she promptly learned that studying on Earth was not for her. That ambition changed, and now she wants to study aboard exploration starships far from home.
Hobbies & Interests Though Camille is happy that her profession and primary hobby align perfectly, her life cannot revolve around her job. Camille loves games of all types, and enjoys holodeck programs of most types.

She loves exploring museums. She brought with her a holoprogram containing almost 200 of the Federation’s most popular museums, easily explorable in a holodeck.

She also loves music, especially the most popular music of the day. She cannot play an instrument, but loves dancing at nightclubs.

She practices archery for physical and mental discipline.

Character Bio

Personal History Camille was born in Montréal, Québec, Earth in 2360. Her parents detested Starfleet and the Federation in general, seeing it as a way toward assimilation of their culture, and insisted she and her two sisters stayed in the Québec area and maintain their language and culture. At age 5, her father moved the family to a more rural area, and the family spoke only French. By age 10, Camille and her sisters lost their ability to speak Federation Standard.

At a very young age, Camille became fascinated with the sciences, especially astronomy and xenobiology. Her mother encouraged this interest, and brought her to science museums in Montréal and elsewhere all her life. At age 14, Camille took the decision to pursue an education in the sciences. However, she also understood that the only way to do that was in the larger world. She begged and pleaded with her parents and eventually got permission to live with her Aunt Amélie in Ottawa. She learned Federation Standard and by the time she turned 18 was fluent enough to apply for university in London, UK.

Camille obtained an undergraduate degree at the University of Nottingham with a double-major in astronomy and xenobiology. She then entered an accelerated program to obtain a Master’s degree and PhD in xenobiology at Université Pierre et Marie Curie in Paris, France. She learned quickly, however, that while she loved laboratory work, she could not do so in a university setting as a career. Furthermore, she never lost her love of space. She felt the only way forward was to apply for Starfleet. She was able to have her Academy education accelerated to the focus on starship operations, having already learned most of what a science cadet should learn in the civilian sector. She graduated in early 2388 and served for a year on Jupiter Station before getting the position of Chief Science Officer aboard USS Victory.

Aboard USS Victory, she became for the first time truly far from her family and her homeland, as the ship explored the Delta Quadrant and defended the Federation’s early holdings there. She also met two people who would become her best friend, Penny Naroot, and the love of her life, Nicole Anderson. On her first mission in the Delta Quadrant, Camille helped cure a plague that had been created by a nascent terrorist group trying to oust Starfleet from that area of space. She continued to serve for almost three years, returning to Federation space in late 2391 to assume a research position (with access to a small starship for occasional field expeditions) at the Daystrom Institute of Alpha Centauri II. She suspended her commission during that time.

In 2394, she felt the need to get back into space and was driven to reactivate her commission. Given her Delta Quadrant experience, she was assigned the position of Chief Science Officer of USS Pennsylvania.

Service Record

Service History 2377-2381: Bachelor of Science in Astronomy and Xenobiology, University of Nottingham

2381-2386: Master of Science and Doctorate in Xenobiology, Université Pierre et Marie Curie (accelerated program)

2386-2388: Starfleet Academy

2388-2389: Science Officer, Jupiter Station (Ensign)

2389-2391: Chief Science Officer, USS Victory (Lieutenant jg)

2391-2394: Researcher and Biosciences Team Lead, Daystrom Institute of Alpha Centauri II (no rank)

2394-present: Chief Science Officer, USS Pennsylvania (Lieutenant jg)


Awards Publication: Discovery, characterization, and treatment of novel, toxin-producing, designed and manufactured variant of Parvovirus B19 with nonstandard quantum signature in Delta Quadrant.

This publication earned Camille and her co-authors an Edison Award in 2390.