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Continuing Investigation Engineering

Posted on Sat Mar 13th, 2021 @ 4:24pm by Lieutenant Shri'Rao Sh'veqan & Ensign Wulfgar Duergar

Mission: Season Two - Incidentals
Location: Engineering deck
Timeline: 23941216

The security chief was making her rounds trying to find out what they needed to get the engines fully operational, so far they were able to make about warp 6, not much better than that. She had heard that Ensign Duergar was on duty. Shri'Rao didnt know him very well yet as he was new.

"Excuse me crewman,where is Ensign Duergar, please?" Shri'Rao asked politely.

"He is over there near the warp core down one level, Ma'am." The crewman said.

Shri'Rao made her way down to level one.

"Excuse me Ensign Duergar"? Shri'Rao asked.

Wulfgar looked up from the console where he had been adjusting the eps conduits to the warp core. "Yes Lieutenant? Can I help you?" He said as he stretched his back. He had been hunched over who knows how long adjusting various systems.

"Yes as a matter of fact you can, I'm here to asses what we need to get the engines fully operational, in the way of supplies I mean. Basic elements things that cant be replicated for example. Can you help me with that?" Shri'Rao asked.

"Well... Dilithium as well as durinium are always needed though there are a few others that are needed as well. I can get you a full list soon." Wulfgar said before a beeping light got his attention. He tapped a few commands and made an adjustment that caused the light to stop blinking. He turned to look at Shri'Rao. "Is there anything else I can help you with?"

"Well to be honest I also wanted to get to know you. Most of the crew are very close and have been working with each other for years. I know that when i was new I had several of the officers take me under there wings and it really made life around here go more smoothly. I thought I might be able to do the same for you. Never hurts to have friends." Shri'Rao said.

"That's true Ma'am. I'm lucky that my Chief has taken to being my mentor and has put her trust in me." Wulfgar said with a smile. For a klingon, Arianna is so mellow. "So what would you like to know Ma'am? I'm an open book most of the time." He chuckled as he winked at the last part.

"Where did you grow up?" Shri'Rao asked.

"I grew up in Washington State around the Tacoma area. What about you?" Wulfgar asked as he glanced at the console then tapped a few buttons to adjust the antimatter flow slightly. The hum of the warp core changed slightly but only to those who know warp engines intimately could discern the slight change.

"I was born and raised on the west coast city of Durnia on Andoria prime. Its no longer there. The city and my entire clan were destroyed during a dominion attack." Shri'Rao said.

"I'm sorry to hear that, Ma'am. How long have you been in starfleet if I may ask?" Wulfgar asked smiling. He would occasionally glance at the console or at various Engineers to see if there were any issues but everything was coming up as good for once.

"I have been in Starfleet for just over eight years. I've been on the Pennsylvania for just over three years and I've been the security chief for just over a year. How long have you been in Star fleet?" Shri'Rao asked.

Just then the Red Alertlert Klaxon went off.

"Get to your battle station" Shrirao said before turning and running to hers.



A Post by:

Lieutenant Shri'Rao Sh'veqan
Chief Security Officer
USS Pennsylvania

Ensign Wulfgar Duergar
Asst chief Engineer
USS Pennsylvania


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