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Rebuilding the Computer core

Posted on Thu Sep 10th, 2020 @ 10:37pm by Lieutenant Shri'Rao Sh'veqan & Petty Officer 1st Class Peter Tomlinson & Captain Frank Kamar Jr. & Major Naomi Sylan Griffiths

Mission: Discovery
Location: Deck 18 Upper Core
Timeline: 239408.15


Petty officer 2nd Class Pete Tomlinson had been assigned to deck 18, Computer Core Reconstruction on the duty roster.

It was day four of Pennsylvania's cruise back to the Discovery Planet. He knew there was actually three computer cores on a nebula class starship. Two of the cores are located near the centre of the Primary Hull between Decks 5 and 14 (one on the port side, one on the starboard) while the third was located in engineering between decks 18 and 25. It was the core of engineering that needed repairs/replacement. The core itself was a Galaxy Isolinear Processing Core. Version:: LCARS 5.2, with a Storage Capacity of 1470 MegaQuads with a Processing Speed of 343.000 ExaFLOPS. e computer cores on Nebula-Class starships are isolinear storage devices utilizing faster than light processing drives with isolinear temporary storage. Cooling of the isolinear core is accomplished by a regenerative liquid nitrogen loop. The cooling system had malfunctioned causing about a third of the chips to burn out. Any of the cores should have been able to handle the day to day operations of the ship. about 98 per cent of what the ship did was automatic and controlled through the computer core.

At least the lights, heat and gravity worked throughout the ship. He even had a decent meal and an actual sonic shower. Pete had been working double shifts for the last three days trying to put this cruiser back together again, well at least doing his part. Pete looked at the core noting that a third of it was dark He decided to pull the entire optical processing hub and replace it. Fortunately, he had made a lot of new friends on the Yeager. Once he had it disconnected he decided to replace the Regenerative Liquid Nitrogen Loop. At least now he could get to it. Half his body was inside the core housing when he heard someone else enter.

"Hello?" Pete said.

“It’s Ensign Taggert from Operations, I was coming to see if you needed a hand,” the young Ensign replied quickly. He’d been Aboard the Penn since it left Starbase 11 but had always tried to remain under the radar. He just wanted to do his job and then enjoy his other hobbies.

"Oh Hi Mr Taggert. Can you give me a hand removing this RLNL component? I've got it decoupled. I'm just having trouble removing it." Thompson said.

“Absolutely,” Taggert replied as he grabbed the component, Thompson requested. “You gonna be able to fix this thing?” He asked curiously.

"Well eventually...I mean its slow work, it took them 2 years to build this ship. I've only had six days so far but I got life support up and running.." Pete replied.

Major Griffiths was the first of the senior staff to arrive at Deck 18 of the ships upper core "I need a SITREP" she said to the voices she could hear and as she approached said voices.

"Hello Major, We finally got the RLNL system decoupled and were just about to replace the component. It ill help keep the core cool. After that, we will attempt to repair the computer core, Its long slow work, but we are getting it done. Mr Taggert was good enough to come in and help me remove the component. Was there anything else you needed, Ma'am?" P02 Tomlinson asked.

"Major, have things settled down throughout the rest of the ship?" Taggert asked.

She looked at Tomlinson "First off, what is RLNL? I am not an engineer, but I am pleased to hear it is going well" she said then looked at Taggert "all is progressing as it should, there are some injuries and whatnot, Medical has not gotten back to me yet with the latest updates, but we are in a bad way, any chance of getting warp back online! Even if it only warp one?" Griffiths asked

Oh, I'm sorry Sir, um..the RLNL is the Regenerative Liquid Nitrogen Loop. It's basically the cooling system for the core. As you can see the old one was burned out Tomlinson said.

She looked at where the engineer was pointing, she did not really notice anything, but she nodded acknowledgement anyway.

Tomlinson got up and approached the Major with the module they removed.

"Here look, see the scorching. The regenerative filaments were somehow burnt out." PO2 Tomlinson said. "I think this is what caused the damage to the lower core. Once the chips overheated they simply burned out" He added further. "Most likely caused a feedback pulse that shorted out the entire ODN network on the ship. Tomlinson continued.

Raises an eyebrow "I see the scorch marks, but I will take your word for it, is there a replacement in storage?" the Major asked the engineer?

"Yes, Ma'am one for each of the three computer cores. I was about to do just that for this one, Major." Tomlinson reported.

"Once we get this back online Major, it will restore most of the core functions of the LCARS functions, critical functions such as Life support, and Medical programming will take precedence over things like the Astro labs. With this system back online it will be a big step towards restoring full functionality. We won't know the full extent though until Petty Officer Tomlinson finishes the repairs. If you like we can get you an update as we know something," Ensign Taggert explained.

"Excellent work guys only understood a fraction of that, but excellent work she said and looked at the pair "just concentrate on essential systems, all other systems are secondary" she added.

"I'll make sure to give Lieutenant Sh'veqan the damaged unit for her investigation into whatever the Kazon Olga hit us with. I'm sure she will be able to work it out with the help of the chief engineer. Mr Taggert if you will help me install the new unit I would be very appreciative, Sir." Tomlinson replied.

Griffiths looked at Tomlinson "assign another engineer to look at the item and then send a report on the findings up to Lieutenant Sh'veqan for her attention she can take it from there, but she has other duties so this is why I said to have another engineer look at it and send her their report, got it?" Griffiths asked with a smile,

"Yes Sir" Tomlinson replied.

Tomlinson and Mr Taggert then went back to work installing the new R1N1 component. It went in easier the other one came out. After that, both of them replaced the burned-out isolinear chips with fresh ones. That took about three hours. After that came the diagnostics and then a reload of the database from the Archives.

=/\= Tomlinson to Bridge, the primary computer core is back online, are you getting anything=/\=

=/\=Bridge here Lt Sh'veqan speaking the computers are lighting up like Christmas tree's. the long range sensors are back too. Congratulations and well done." =/\=

Pete packed up his tools and went to the secondary to repeat the process..



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