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Battle Bridge

Posted on Sat Aug 29th, 2020 @ 9:36am by Captain Frank Kamar Jr. & Lieutenant Commander Arianna Sky Kamar & Major Naomi Sylan Griffiths & Lieutenant Commander Deannen Roinu & Lieutenant Shri'Rao Sh'veqan & Lieutenant James Trallos MD & Ensign M'Relar K'relar

Mission: Discovery
Location: Battle Bridge


The previous day’s events had worn the entire crew ragged, the fires were out, life systems were stable, but all of the power had not been restored and the engines were still damaged. He had personally carried emergency rations to several departments to feed his crew as they rotated on the fire fighting and security teams. Earlier that morning he snuck away and read a book to Hannah. She was his motivation to keep on. As he stood in the low light conditions of the battle Bridge he looked at the whiteboard that showed the ship.

Deck 7 had several compartments coloured black, due to the inability to access them because of the missing bulkheads. Many of the decks between 7-12 were red where fires were put out but still being monitored for hot spots and flare-ups. His exhausted crew had performed admirably and he knew he’d have to push them further to get the ship operational.

Holding a cup of Vulcan tea and removing the cigar he had been chewing on for the last hour he asked the question he was afraid to hear, “Status report with casualties please, Doc please go first.” He braced himself for the sobering news, as he listened to Doctor Trallos begin.

The doctor looked over half asleep. Things had finally slowed down and the backlog of injured had been brought current. He had cleared out the wounded in his office and turned it into a place his staff could take turns sleeping but be nearby.

"Current total is 37 dead, 45 seriously wounded and 97 injured but nothing life-threatening. I'm expecting a few more non-serious injuries as smoke inhalation develops in some of the crew. The nursery is now an ICU area as best I can convert it. Non-serious injuries that do still not workable I sent to quarters. Those with damaged or non-habitable quarters are going to the lounge. The dead are being beamed out of the cargo bay by the Yeager and will be taken care of by her crew."

“Thank you, Doctor. Major do you have anything to report?” Frank asked his second in command.

Looking at the Captain "Repair underway and minor injuries, but currently, no fatalities reported Captain" Griffith's said.

“Thank you, Major, Lieutenant Sh’veqan, Status?” Frank asked wanting an update on the ships security and their systems.

Shri'Rao strode onto the battle bridge with a portable replicator.

"The navigational deflector is back online. and we also have restored four out of six shield generators and got them online as well. The other two are still under repair. I need to talk to ensign hunter the computer core is damaged and it needs to be repaired. It's outside of my expertise though." Shri'Rao reported. "Does anyone want some coffee?" She added.

The doctor raised his hand. "Doing rounds after this, a cup would be great. Thanks. "

“Thank you, Lieutenant, coffee would be excellent, I’d also like to commend your security teams, they’ve done an excellent job acting as messengers when we were without comms.”Frank turned to Arianna, any change on the warp drive status?.”

Shri'Rao made coffee for the overworked officers. and passed them out...

"Nope, I have 36 warp coils damaged and no replacements. 28 power converters in both nacelles inoperative as well. We did get impulse engines up to 3/4 power, enough to limp to the Starbase. Power to life support is nominal, the weakened bulkheads are holding with duct tape and baling wire, and the ODN conduits are jury-rigged, so no bumps please or it will unwind itself," Arianna said. Clenching her jaw as another shot of pain hit her.

Charlie came flying into the battle bridge, "I'm sorry Arianna but I can't live with myself if I don't do this," he said almost in tears. "Captain please forgive me but Arianna was injured in the attack and has refused to go see the Doc. I tried and she almost chewed me up. Now that most of the emergency repairs are done, please make her go to sickbay... PLEASE!"

"Charlie! You....." she never finished the sentence........

The doctor sprang up, knocking his coffee over and raced over. "Blast, I knew I should have scanned everyone." He said as he pulled his tricorder from his lab coat pocket. It was almost glued to him since the battle. He began scanning. Not good. "46" he mumbled. "Charlie, Shri'Rao, and M'Relar get her on a stretcher and being her to sickbay, straight into surgery suite 1."

Shri'Rao got a portable stretcher, it was a good thing the turbo lifts were back, they were down for 5 days...

"Arriana lay down.." Shri'Rao said.

=/\=Trallos to sickbay, one wounded incoming. I need surgery suite 1 at full readiness in 5. Trallos out.=/\= He said as he moved out of the way.

Good thing M'Relar was on the battle bridge with her. The Caitian had the strength of three humans. They moved her to the turbo-lift and got it to deck 12.

"Which way Doc"? Shri'Rao asked.

"In the back, left-hand door. The big double door with frosted glass. Put her right onto the table. I'll take her from there. Thank you for moving her." He said and grabbed a red gown from the storage room before following them in.

Rouni came in as all the stuff hit the fan. She went to Flight Controls and then took over as pilot from the Ensign on duty. She checked and found the flight controls to be sluggish but manoeuvrable. With some force. She took the ship and got it back on normal cruising plane so the ship was level and tight.

"Captain, controls are sluggish but I have complete helm control of the ship," Deannen said.

M'Relar headed on the turbo lift 12 to help the others out what was needed for her assistance. I hope she got there on time.

Shri'Rao returned about 15 minutes later.

"Arianna is in the best possible hands, Captain," Shri'rao said.

Frank was silent as he watched his wife get carried off of the Battle Bridge and to surgery, he wanted to follow but his duty was to his ship, he angrily chewed his cigar and returned his focus back to the ship repairs. “Let’s continue,” he responded as he continued to listen to the damage and repair reports.

“Major, we have navigation and impulse power, let’s lay in a course for Iota Station, we can give Yeager our list of parts needed so far, that way they will be ready for our arrival in 2 or 3 weeks depending on how well our engines run. The USS Yeager will remain here to patrol Tabula Rasa, they were part of the initial Vanguard for the new colonists and engineers.”

"Agreed Captain, Helm set heading" Griffiths instructed as the ship sluggishly moved and left the area at the ships best impulse speed.

..... Meanwhile on Deck 12

Sickbay was around the corner, they got Arianna to sickbay and onto a diagnostic bio-bed. Shri'Rao had never seen a Klingon so pale. She must have endured internal bleeding or injuries of some severe type and she kept on going for five days..

The doctor walked in and slid a red surgical gown on. He turned on the surgical scanner and began looking over readouts. Numbers and images flashed quickly in front of him as he took it all in. Klingons were hardy and had redundant systems, but she was not full Klingon and she had been going for a very long time. He pulled a tray over too him as a nurse walked in. He looked up from the tray and scanners.

"You sticking around Shri'Rao? This will get worse." He said in as gentle a tone as he could without stopping his prep.

Shri'Rao's antennae popped up.

"Uh...I am concerned, though I know she is in the best possible hands and I am in the way here. I will return to the battle bridge. Good luck doctor." Shri'Rao said sheepishly.

She then exited sickbay and went back to the battle bridge.

"You're fine if you want to stay Shri'Rao." He said taking a quick glance up. "Just wanted to give you fair warning and if you stay, I'll have you put on a red down."

"No She is in the best possible hands just keep us updated". Shri'Rao requested.

M'Relar kept going helping people with other officers with fighting and with other security officers, she was all over the place by the Battle bridge.

The doctor made a final look at the surgical frame and tapped a button. There was a soft hiss and a light hum began. He looked up and nodded to his nurse. "Exoscalple." He stated and put his hand out. "Hang in there Arianna."



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