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Feast Gone Wrong - Answers Part 3

Posted on Wed Jan 8th, 2020 @ 11:32am by Captain Frank Kamar Jr. & Lieutenant Commander Arianna Sky Kamar & Major Naomi Sylan Griffiths & Lieutenant Shri'Rao Sh'veqan & Lieutenant JG James Trallos MD

Mission: Delta Operations
Location: Ready Room
Timeline: S01 EP03 Day 3


Frank sent a message out to his Department Heads requesting a meeting at 0900 in the Ready Room. He arrived early with Arianna's help. The Doc let him sleep in his own quarters after spending 24 hours in Medical. Then he hasn't been married three days and already spent half of it in medical. Seated at the head of the table with Arianna on his left and the chair reserved for the Major on the right. The Major had worked extremely hard to get to the bottom of the incident. He wanted to find out exactly where the investigation stood and get to the bottom of this.

At exactly 0850 hours Major Griffiths arrived in the CRR and looks up at the Captain and give him one of her rare genuine smiles "welcome back to the land of the living Captain" Griffiths said letting the CRR doors close behind her.

"Good Morning Major, Thank you for all of your help in the last 24 hours. The Doc released me, as long as I keep physical exertion minimal," Frank replied.

"Good morning Major", Arianna said turning to look at her husband, "And it will stay that way until the doctor says you are fully healed!" she added chuckling.

James walked in closer to 0900, coffee in hand. "Good morning. How are you feeling Captain? Your wife keeping you on light duty I trust?" He gave a big smile and took a chair.

Frank chuckled “I’m feeling better thank you, but honestly I don’t know which one is more overprotective my wife or the Doc,” he said teasing gently.

"To be fair Captain, it's both of our jobs to be overprotective. I also knew your wife would make you follow those instructions so I was glad to send you back to quarters. Would help your recovery anyway in your place."

“Thanks, Doc,” Frank said sarcastically.
Frank began once the last of his officers took their seats. “First I’d like to thank each of you for your hard work for the last 24 hours. I know it’s not been easy but we have gotten through it. A special thanks to the good Doctor and his team for their hard work. I’ve not been given the full report yet on the events of the last day. I’d like our First Officer to bring us up to date.

*Deer Caught in Headlights 5 second moment, clears throat* "Still investigating Captain, Ambassador Frel is not making mine or Lieutenant Sh'veqan's jobs any easier, he says he does not know or is unsure, but I think he is holding some things back when more is known I will speak of it, but I have instructed Lieutenant Sh'veqan to make sure all externally acquired drinks are fully analysed before being given to the crew at meals or functions, for now, the safest drinks are from the replicators, but the sad fact is, we may never find out if anyone was behind this" Griffiths reported.

Frank nodded and turned to his Chief of Security, "Lieutenant Sh'veqan, do you have anything to add?"

"Not just yet captain except that I have my people currently tracing the origin of the bottle itself trying to determine a chain of custody. I am almost certain that the bottle itself was tampered with. I am not so sure that Ambassador Frel is responsible."Shri'Rao stated.

"I have dispatched a security detail to track down various associates that Ambassador Frel stated that might want him or his reputation damaged. This attack may not have been about you at all but some internal Ferengi squabble. That, of course, is merely conjectured until this investigation is complete Sir." Shri'Rao added.

"Is there anything else we should be concerned with at the moment?" Frank asked his team.

What if it was an attempt to destroy the relations between the Ferengi Alliance and the Federation? I know it sounds far fetched but could there be a tie in?", Arianna said.

"If it involves the Ferengi, the only thing needed for that to be a possible theory and motive is to determine if anyone could make a profit off of the broken alliance," James replied taking a drink of his coffee.

"I do not think it was done to sour Ferengi/Federation relations if I were a suspicious type I would say someone wanted our mission out here to either fail or be hindered by poisoning. Perhaps someone knew that it would be shared among the crew, but either way, this might be further attempting to weaken us, the less paranoid version would be that they just intended to poison the Ambassador as we all know rivalry among the Ferengi can be cutthroat and they just wanted to end him, but someone wants to hinder someone certain, who, why and what for are the other questions" Griffiths added.

"With how full Medical was, I'd lean toward the mission," James added.

"I tend to agree with the Captain. Ferengi always tends to have a purpose when they want something and it is usually easy to follow the Latinum. There have been no large transfers of Latinum in this area for some time in anyone's account. We are still following up on a few leads we have and are questioning various crew such as those that had any contact with the bottle itself. We also have some Intel on a member of the crew who protested the catapult and may have wanted to further sour relations between the Federation and the Ferengi." Shri'Rao reported.

“Ambassador Frel is definitely not on the list of favourite people aboard my ship however I also do not believe he would be involved.” Frank turned to his new Chief of Security, “Lieutenant Sh’vegan, I’m not sure if you were made aware of this, but at least two times we have had minor problems with the ship that a few of us thought could be sabotage. Your predecessor Lieutenant Vladinichi was investigating this before his death at the hands of the Hirogen. I’d like you to work with Lieutenant Commander Sky, I mean Kamar now, and check the two incidents and compare them with the poisonings or whatever caused this. I would not be surprised if the same individual was responsible for these acts.”

"It will be done Sir", Shri'Rao replied.

*Looks at the Security Chief* "Lieutenant I want two armed security outside sensitive areas at all times including the turbolift to the bridge, I want to cut down on any chance of intrusion" she paused then looked at the CEO "Commander Sky-Kamar I would like you to have your people set up monitors to alert you should any other unknown devices be placed, concentrate on vital areas and yes communications is classed as one"

"I had a mind to do that anyway. However, I would ask those security post guards outside of engineering to prohibit access to anyone except engineering personnel. It will make my job easier to get done", Arianna said.

"I'll notify both you Captain, and the Major if I get any further related illness or new illness or injury I believe may be suspect." The doctor said making a note in his PADD.

"Thank you. Does anyone else have anything to add?" Frank asked, "If there are no further questions, you are dismissed."

*Shakes head* "No I got nothing further" Griffiths answered.

"Alright, this meeting is dismissed, we will meet again after Security and engineering have a chance to review the data," Kamar said as he finished the meeting.

Commander Kamar
Commanding Officer

Major Naomi Sylana Griffiths
First Officer

Lt. Cmdr. Arianna Sky Kamar
Chief Engineering Officer

Lt. Shri'Rao Sh'Veqan
Chief Security Officer

Lt. Jg. James Trallos M.D.
Chief Medical Officer


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