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Marriage on the Penn

Posted on Wed Jan 15th, 2020 @ 9:13pm by Captain Frank Kamar Jr. & Lieutenant Commander Arianna Sky Kamar & Major Naomi Sylan Griffiths & Lieutenant JG James Trallos MD & Lieutenant Commander Yarinna "Fanthom" Hawkins

Mission: Delta Operations
Location: Ready Room
Timeline: S1 EP 03 Before the Feast


Frank stood in his dress uniform, the Major was expected to arrive first, to take the transference of command. The Doctor was expected shortly thereafter followed by Arianna and Yarianna. Frank had to file notification paperwork with Starfleet so they knew about the temporary transfer of command. Once the ceremony was completed the Major would then transfer command back to Frank. Taking a deep breath he stood before the mirror and checked his medals and his uniform one more time.

Naomi was in her dress uniform standing in the CRR waiting for the happy couple, she was very nervous as she had never done anything like this before, she made sure her uniform was straight, her dress uniform was slightly different from the standard fleet uniform, it was basically the same style, except for the colour scheme. The breast panel was dark Green as was the tunic which was white on fleet Officers the collar had a red trim around it indicating she was Command branch, her tunic had lapels on which displayed her Majors rank, slotted through the left lapel was a yellow rope in a braid, the piping around the uniform was white indicating she had obtained the Chosen Man award from a previous posting. She wore a bandolier faux leather with a whistle on and brown it was what 95th Regimental Officers used to wear back, way back when and the item was now only worn on special occasions like today; on her upper right arm was the 95th Rifle badge she had yet to update her dress uniform. Now she stood straight as the groom entered along with his best man and a few other guests.

James smiled as the turbolift opened to the bridge. He was meeting the Captain in his ready room just before the start. He smoothed formal uniform out. He was always excited to witness a wedding and it had been a long while since the last one. Even longer since he was in one. He was honoured the Captain chose him. He rang the door chime and walked in when invited. "Looking Sharp Captain. Beard looks good."

Arianna was somewhat more calm than normal. Fixing her hair, she saw herself for the first time in years how young she did look. Ageing gracefully was a Betazoid trait not to be outdone by her Klingon beauty. No wonder she captured Frank's heart. Yet it wasn't all the beauty that made it happen, her wisdom and guidance and caring nature were really what it was. Putting on her Klingon wedding attire, straightening her baldric, a smile crossed her face. She was ready to marry the man of her dreams. The man that captured her heart from the first mission they had together. Making sure her parents were on subspace, she walked to the Ready Room for the last time a single woman.

Frank stood on the Major's left with Doc standing on his left. He watched Arianna walk in, he was excited, nervous, and mesmerized by the woman walking towards him. Squaring his shoulders back he stood at attention as she walked towards him.

James had his hands clasped in front of him. He stood half a step behind the Captain. Even though there was essentially no people watching, it was to keep him the centre of all attention. He leaned an elbow forward casually to bump Frank's. A friendly gesture of encouragement and acknowledgement that his choice of bride was superb.

Yarinna was two steps behind Arianna as they walked towards her intended and the Major. Arianna could sense Frank's emotions and mingle with her own emotional state currently made her head swim nearly making her faint. Yarinna came up behind her and gently held her giving her support as she arrived next to Frank. Yarinna moved to the Majors right once Arianna was with Frank. Sighing, Yarinna was happy for the captain and her friend.

Frank watched Arianna walk towards him and take her place at his side, this is how it should be he thought, no longer facing the storms of life alone but staring them down head-on with his partner by his side. He heard the Major begin to speak, but couldn’t take his eyes off of Arianna long enough to pay attention.

"Okay now we are all gathered, please recite your vows" Griffiths announced.

Either her mind was captivated with Frank's thoughts, or with her own heart beating with the desires of typical Klingon traditions, Arianna did not hear the Major finish what she had said. She stood there looking at Frank, "As two hearts beat together as one, I will never leave my parmaq (love), for another heart. I take you Frank Kamar as my mate till I breathe my last breath, in good and bad times. I declare my heart only beats for yours!" Arianna stated.

Frank had never heard Arianna speak so eloquently, he was mesmerized a few moments before speaking his vows. “Arianna, I thought love had passed me by before I met you, I have learned to love again, I’ve fallen in love with you and with life. I swear every beat of my heart from now until death will be for you. My life, my heart, will belong to you my love.”

"Then it is by Klingon law that now both hearts beat as one, united in declared love for each other, let no one or nothing tear them apart", Arianna finished. Now turning to the Major so she could finish the ceremony.

*Smiling* "By the authority invested in me by the rules of Military Service I now pronounce you man and wife, you may kiss the bride," Griffith said smiling.

"Huzzah to you both!" James exclaimed after the service was officially completed.

"Thanks, Doc, and a special thank you to the Major," Frank said as he turned and kissed his new bride excitedly.

Yarinna clapped loudly and whistled loudly. "Way to go you two, it's about time", she said still clapping.

Arianna, equally excited gave her new husband a passionate kiss sealing the marriage rite. Breaking the kiss momentarily, "Where do we go for the honeymoon?", kissing him again.

“Actually we have a feast to attend then we can visit the holodeck or my quarters,” Frank said with a devilish grin

"Begging the Captain and his Misses pardon," James said deliberately overly formal, "but I've never been married but I do believe the correct order of operations is quarters and/or holodeck first and then the feast." He put his hands up in mock innocence. "After all, I am just a doctor, not a sociologist."

Arianna laughed...."Yes, James, you are correct. Holodeck first then the feast", noting the computer screen with both her parents smiling and nodding in recognition then going blank. "Mother and father approved so you are now part of my house",Arianna said kissing her new husband again.

“Are those the Doctors’ orders?” Frank asked teasing, without waiting for a reply he led Arianna out of the room so they could spend time together before the feast. After the feast, Frank planned on meeting with the Major to return command back over to him.

*still smiling* "Awww you guys are so cute, now get you out of here," Griffiths said.

Captain Kamar
Commanding Officer
USS Pennsylvania

Major NS Griffiths
First Officer
USS Pennsylvania

Lieutenant JG James Trallos M.D.
Chief Medical Officer
USS Pennsylvania


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