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Odraiclite Arrival

Posted on Mon May 2nd, 2022 @ 5:33pm by Captain Dirk Taggart & Lieutenant Commander James Trallos MD & Lieutenant Henry Castle & Lieutenant JG Emony Kyl & Lieutenant JG Camille Lévesque PhD

Mission: The Koldaran Encounter
Location: Orbit
Timeline: Episode 1 Day 2 0800

< Bridge >
It had been 24 hours since Captain Lauren's Distress call was received, the Penn was at yellow alert for 19 hours before going to red alert at 0700. The planet Odraiclite looms large on the view screen, the Astraea wasn't currently on the viewscreen, but Captain Taggart checked again to verify that the comms channels were open. He was expecting to hear from Captain Laurens any moment. They had been inside easy comms range for a while and still no word from the Astraea or her Captain.

Captain Taggart looked around the Bridge where all of his senior Staff was assembled, he had debated with himself for hours on who to take and who would remain, as well as whether or not he himself would go. He made his choice based on his experience as a Security Officer not as a Captain. "We're taking most of the Senior Staff planet side with us. Castle, we're gonna beam in once we have solid coordinates. I want you to bring any equipment you think you may need. Kyl, obviously you're bring weapons. Trallos, you're bringing medical gear, we're going to need your skills. Levesque, we're going to need your brain as well as your tricorder. In the meantime Levesque I need you to find out where the crew of the Astraea is on the surface so we can beam in."

Castle tapped his commbadge when the Captain had finished his instructions. "Castle to Engineering. Emergency Response Team Alpha, you're on deck for the Away Team. D'Shaan, pack a portable power generator. We don't know many details, so I want diagnostic and repair kits for each of you."

The doctor nodded. Reaching next to his command chair he pulled his trauma bag out. He always kept his personal medical bag close. He had all the standard trauma equipment plus a few extra tools, meds and pieces of equipment for large casually events and combat zones. He felt closer to normal holding the bag. He looked over at the Captain. "Weapons?"

"I believe Kyl will be issuing weapons, we will meet at the armory to get our gear before proceeding to the transporter." Captain Taggart turned to his Chief of Security, "I would prefer a rifle to a standard phaser, Lieutenant Kyl, if you have no objections."

"Yes, sir. Type 2s and 3s all around. I'm also pulling tactical vests for everyone. If this is as bad as it sounds, you're going to want to probably carry everything and have easy access to it." Emony said, "And I'd like to reiterate that the vests are not armored - the plate you'd need to stop even a phaser blast would be pretty bulky. Common misconception with those things."

The Captain walked over to where the Science Officer sat, "Lévesque, have you found any signs of the Astraea crew?"

"Oui, Capitaine," Camille answered, having been working away at finding their people since being given the order. "I'm reading lifesigns in the vicinity of a large structure on the Southern continent. Most of these lifesigns I've never seen before, but I'm recognizing Humans and at least one Trill and one Ts'Usugi."

"We will plan on beaming down there, now that we have coordinates," Taggart said.

The doctor stood up to head to the armory, before under his shoulder. "Wouldn't be able to tell in what kind of shape those life signs are in by any chance Lieutenant?"

"I'm sorry, Commander," she replied, shaking her head.

"Let's meet in the transporter room in 15 minutes, if there are no further questions," Captain Taggart said as he looked around the bridge.

< Transporter Room >

Captain Taggart stood on the transporter pad, he had filed his log before getting his gear. His pack contained field rations, a small med pack, and he clutched his rifle tightly. "Here we go" he said aloud. With a nod he felt the ship shift slightly as it skimmed into the upper atmosphere, "Begin transport when ready, Weapons are hot, no stun" he said as he flipped off the safety lever. He heard the Ensign call the command seconds before the Ship dissolved around him.

Emony adjusted her rifle, pulling the stock out to better fit the weapon to her. With the Captain's order, she tapped the control pad on the top, the display light turned red and the rifle hummed to life. She then took a breath and hunched down on the pad in a crouch.

"Sir, I recommend everyone get down now, when we materialize on the surface, we're going to need every second to find cover and we won't do that standing and looking around like normal." The Security Chief said. The information she was drawing on had been hard lessons learned during the Dominion War. She'd hoped to never need to call on it, but that was a hope long gone.

Taggart nodded, as he began to raise his rifle the the transporter room demateralized around him.



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