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Sinns of the Future

Posted on Wed Oct 27th, 2021 @ 11:14pm by Captain Dirk Taggart & Lieutenant JG Sinn Rintan

Mission: Buyer's Beware
Location: Ketram - Just outside the Capitol

Sinn or on this planet known as Yare made his way out of town. He finally had the location of the human traffickers that had taken the dignitaries and he also was able to get a foot in the door with the organization behind them. Seemed like he had been working this case for years but it had only been a handful of months. His contact said that there would be a cave system to the North of town that would be where they held the captives when not putting on any fights. Yare got his mind right and got in character and started to limp like he had decided his cover would do. There was a couple guards at the gate and he approached. "I am here to speak with Dravick I was sent by Jorge. He said to tell you that the birds have flown south and Summer is upon us." That was the key phrase he had been given as a password.

Dravick's lizard-like tongue flicked the air, He waved his large clawed hand to his bodyguard to approve the man's entry. He had been warned by Jorge that someone had been asking about him. He watched the man enter and motioned for him to sit in a large oversized chair. "Ssssit pleasssee," Dravick said with a slight hiss to his S's.

"Thank you. I take it your the person to see.". He explained more then he asked. "I am Yare and I am looking to help you so you can I turn help me.". He said with a grin after finally sitting down.

"What do you have to offer? You obviously know of me, but I know nothing of you, Yare. Surely you didn't come here empty handed," Dravick finished saying before letting out a slight hiss.

"Well times are tough in the Beta and Gamma quads because of Starfleet's getting in the way. Jorge can vouch for my past deals I made during the war and the time after. I came to the Delta to tap into better places to work. I can get me a crew and get you whoever or whatever you desire.".

He said as he scanned the nearby cells looking for his missing Ambassador. He didn't see who he was here for but then he saw in a far cell was two Starfleet officers. He didn't know their names but he remembered them from the Penn, his last assignment. He made sure he turned so he couldn't be seen by them. "I tell you what let me go to town and get a crew and we will go procure anything you want and this first job will be on my dime. Consider it a tryout."

Dravick rubbed his scaly chin thoughtfully, "Anything I want? I could use some more slaves but that would be too easy. I know, I want the Slate Ambassador. He was getting high on magnets or whatever thossse weird rock folkss do," he said with a hiss. "He's been hanging around an establishment called the 'Three Painted Ladies.' It's quite a rundown place to be honest. I don't know why anyone would visit it."

Sinn was distracted about his fellow shipmates being here. That means the Major probably not far behind looking for them. He was able to pay enough attention. "Sweet an on world job even better.". He grinned. "Well us Cardassions are not picky about our establishments. I will go at once to find this Ambassador. Does he have a name?"

"They have an odd language, but he is known as Rocky. You bring him to me and I will find more work for here." Dravick picked up a small bag and pushed it across his desk. "Here's 20,000 76, it's enough 76 to buy you a meal and drinks. Now go."

Sinn took the 76 and gave one more glance over to the captive Penn crew. He turned back to the Kingpin. "I will be back with your Ambassador shortly." As he turned to leave and head back to town.


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