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Ketram - Shopping!!

Posted on Tue Sep 28th, 2021 @ 1:03pm by Lieutenant Adora (Addie) Hart & Lieutenant JG Vespa Kale

Mission: Season Two - Incidentals
Location: Ketram

The only scary part of the trip, so far, was the in depth scan that the shuttle went through when they arrived, but that was in the past now. The three travelers found themselves in the marketspace of Ketram. Known throughout the local sector as the only place where you could get a decent slice of zizpa. All walks of life traveled along these hallways and floors, from the gentle and familiar footsteps of other Dalacari, to the nearly mechanical steps of a Trilark or two, down to the heavy thuds of a Slate as they moved from place to place. The station was alive with activity, and overhead on large viewscreens was everything from local sector news to space lane traffic to local sports and commerce news. The newscaster, some vaguely humanoid robot with a multitude of optics, started to give a report on a sale on something or other at a stall. Life in all forms walked through these halls, even the rodents that seemed ever-ready to follow civilization were in on the act. They looked like rats, except their fur was purple. Probably something they picked up from the water. Which was also purple.

Janitorial drones shuffled by every now and then, warning lights on to tell the patrons to watch their steps. Nothing as elegant as a Dalacari design, but as long as it was programmed to enjoy what it did, no one would be the wiser.

Vespa had a wide smile on her faces as she was surrounded by what she saw... what she felt... was familiar. To all the other Dalacari, they exchanged greetings, to the others that walked by she did some weird hand gesture which was returned in kind. "Okay, so there's the food courts, there's a relaxation and well-being center there, there, and there... Bathrooms are other there, make sure the one you..."

"...go in has a blue mark on the door. Nothing more embarrassing than using a bathroom built for the wrong environment." she cautioned. "So, take a breath and..."

"... soak it all up, then we can start. It's really overwhelming the first time you see it so just remember I'm right here. Lot's of aliens, lots of really confusing..."

"... scents and sights... friend, right here."

It felt strange to hear Vespa referring to herself as a friend, especially given their history, yet in that moment it was incredibly welcome. Looking around, Addie could see why this situation would be referred to as 'overwhelming' There was so much noise, so many things happening, individuals talking, smells mingling in the air. The whole thing was, in short, incredibly overwhelming.

Addie could feel her heart racing and her palms starting to sweat. She brushed them quickly against her skirt and tugged awkwardly at the hem of her tshirt. The scurry of the purple rodents around their feet caught her attention and she gave a little shriek, side stepping, trying to avoid them as she moved closer to Vespa. "Are they rats?" she whispered, unable to hide the distaste in her voice. "Ohhhh... is it too late to go back to the ship? I think I've changed my mind, I don't need to go shopping."

It was around that time that Addie found her hand being gently taken by Vespa. A gentle hold, hardly a grapple, but a grounding motion still. "We can go back if you want. We can go forward if you want." Vespa's words were soft, concerned but caring. Her friend, yes the friend that shot her, but her friend was worried... Dalacari were naturally accommodating. "And don't worry about them, I think they're more..."

"... interested in the food court dumpster then they are interested in making friends." Vespa gave a glance over towards the offending rodents. "I ... think the closest word to what..."

"... they are actually is Rat. They're mostly harmless unless you try to pick one up. Which I assume you won't be doing." Vespa assured, soft tones and soothing vocals. She actually had a nice voice. Voices.

"There's a few things I'd like to pick up for the lab, but if you want something to eat to take your mind off those little scuzzles, just give the word." a pause, as her other form took control of the conversation. "Or, if you want, we turn around and we head back to the shuttle. I'd have to duck out to run around and pick up a few things, but the shuttlebay is very..."

"... safe, and very very clean."

Addie drew in a deep breath. "I can do this," she said, a sense of determination in her voice. "Right," the determination was replaced by absolute resolution. "Where are we going first? What's on our list? Or do we get to just shop for fun?" She looked at the two forms of Vespa. "Do you think they have shoes here that would fit me?" she asked hopefully.

Vespa gave a pair of smiles at Addie's resolution, and a pair of nods at her conviction. "I need a few mild radioactives for control calibrations for the lab, I need a few alkaline reagents and six grams of flexible glass." she read off her shopping list.

"We're not supposed to use ship funds for personal items, but I have a few eBits I can spare on some Trilark spice gels, and we MIGHT be able to find someone..."

"... that's selling shoes for your weird feet." she giggled, "I'm teasing. I'd rather carry the lead shopping bag for as short a time as possible, so we'll head to..."

"... the purple sector last. Reagents and reactives should be in blue, next to the food court for some reason." she mused, "Which leaves the flexible glass in..."

"... material fabrication, and then footwear should be in mild protective gear, so that's.... green, I think." she mused, "Might need to consult the guide."

"Just don't lose that guide, we'll probably need it." Addie said with a laugh. "I am so geographically challenged I wouldn't be able to find my way out of a room with only one door."

"Are you looking for apparels?" The voice that spoke was soft and warm, belonging to an individual who's aging feminine features appeared equally soft and warm. "Sorry, I was not meaning to listen over. It is easy to get lost if you are not careful. If you might be interested, there is a section beyond the green, it features many offworld and unique items, especially apparels. It might suit your needs?" The figure offered a soft smile toward the Dalacari science officer as well. "There is a range of new Dalacari merchandise that just came in. Amaranth and skobeloff are trending by twelve percent in the Vincka Provice, the colours would be remarkable with your light complexion."

Before either of them could respond, the form seemed to drift soundlessly into the crowd moving around them.

There was a moment of confusion on Addie's face. "Uh, thanks, I guess?" she said before turning back to Vepsa. "Did that make any sense to you?"

Vespa's eyes lit up like little supernovas, and she turned to fully face Addie. "Did you hear her?! Vincka Province merchandise at a full twelve percent trend!! Dia's knees!" oh, and offworld stuff too, yeah. "That's a fantastic..."

"... find, and she said they have offworld items too. I think we can find what we need there, or at least, what *we* need. Want." she was all a stammer at the notion. A twelve percent trend! That was fantastic!

"Well, you have the map, lead the way," Addie said with a grin. Vespa's excitement was nothing if not contagious. "I'm sure I'll find something I like."


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