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Attempting to Make Peace

Posted on Tue Oct 12th, 2021 @ 11:33pm by Captain Dirk Taggart

Mission: Season Two - Incidentals
Location: Arboretum


Arianna was not sure about this but she needed to clear the air between her and the new captain. Losing Frank and Hannah put her in the worst mental state that she blamed everyone for what happened. She was hurt when he made her leave their quarters and the way it went down was incredible. So now with some time to grieve as Addie suggested, she figured it was time to mend the bridge between her and Taggart.

=/\=Capt. Taggart, sorry to bother you but do you have some time to speak with me?=/\= Arianna said.

=/\=I'm available Commander Kamar, where would you like to meet? =/\= the Captain replied. He knew this meeting would most likely happen sooner or later and he preferred to deal with it sooner. He held no ill will or grudges towards the Chief Engineer, and he hoped this meeting would clear the air.

=/\= In the arboretum please sir=/\= Arianna replied. She was terrified and scared but it was necessary. Hopefully they both could come to an understanding and get to know each other as far as a working relationship could be.

=/\=On my way=/\= The captain said as he left his quarters, he'd just finished eating dinner and was about to read a book when the call came. He wondered what was wrong, and wanted to know why the Chief Engineer wanted to meet him in the arboretum. He gathered his scattered thoughts as he stepped into the Arboretum, and began scanning for the Klingon.

Arianna was standing exactly where Frank and her exchanged vows to be promised. It was a sacred place for her and a calming area. Trees and a running brook made it all the more special to her. Looking into the brook, "I wish you were here my love. I still miss you very much, yet the counselor says that I will find love again. I don't know if I ever will but one thing is sure, I will never forget you my love," she said as the tears fell.

Captain Dirk Taggart walked up to the Klingon Engineer, he could see the tears glistening in her eyes, "Is now a bad time?" he asked slightly concerned.

Quickly wiping her tears, "No.....this is where Frank and I declared our love for each other. It has a lot of sentimental value to us and I come here to relax. I wanted to apologize for my temper when we first met, and to ser if we can't mend the fences that got broke," Arianna said *facing Taggart*

"I've honestly thought nothing more about it, If I worried over every person whom I may have upset, I'd never get any sleep." Taggart said with a smile, "You're a good engineer, and I'd like you to continue that role if you wish. We have a good ship here, and she needs good engineers to keep her in tip top shape."

"I have been her Chief for a long time and I will stay that way. You see Capt. Taggart, I have always had a good working relationship. with my captains. We would talk and basically enjoy each others company at times. We would discuss new ways to improve engineering and feel comfortable around each other. However, you are different, and not as easy to understand at times. I just wish I could understand you better," Arianna said.

"I am a simple man Commander, my job is to lead the ship, your job is to maintain it. I've inherited a ship that cannot even reach full speed. My priority is to get this ship in tip top shape. I'm not afraid to replace people as necessary. My job is to get the most out of people. I will push, prod, or drag as necessary, but I will get my ship fixed. My job isn't to be everyone's best friend, I am a captain, my job is to lead, and represent Starfleet with my actions, " Taggart said clinically, as though giving a lecture.

"I am trying to do just that with what I can find. It won't be an easy job to get my lady back to her top speed but maybe if you gave in just a tad, you might get more done from your crew. I'm not trying to tell you how to command...far from it.....but a little slack would go a long way into the crew working harder," Arianna said. "We know that you are our leader and you got stuck with a broken ship and we also know that you are not going to make points for being friendly towards us but, in understanding who we are goes a long way to show you how we work as a crew and a team," she added.

"I appreciate your opinion, but I feel it was Captain Kamar's lack of discipline that helped put the Penn in the shape she is in. Once things are the way they are then I can back down, but I will not back down one second sooner," Taggart explained.

Arianna hung her head at the captains explanation, while she did not entirely agree, he did have some points. "Captain I know I am gonna lose a hell of a lot of sleep but I will get my lady back to what she was if it kills me!" Arianna expressed her genuine heart.

"I hope you don't lose too much sleep, just let me know what you need to get back to full capabilities. I'm going to pull whatever strings I have to get this ship fixed. Is there anything else? If you called me down here to be friends, then my apologies. I have a job to do and a mission. That's my purpose here," Captain Taggart said before walking away.


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