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Getting Local information

Posted on Wed Nov 3rd, 2021 @ 4:42pm by Lieutenant Shri'Rao Sh'veqan & Major Naomi Sylan Griffiths

Mission: Season Two - Incidentals
Location: Security Section
Timeline: Current


Griffiths was in the Security office at the areas information gathering console, she was pulling in sensor data on the Ketram specifically politics and such, she was running into a little bit of trouble and looked up and saw the Security Chief enter and smiled.

"Ah, El-tee am I glad you are here! We have both been assigned to gather information on the Ketram, their Politics, lifestyle and generally any information we can get, now I have the data collating, but I have run into a snag, I would like some help if possible!" Griffiths said.

"Yes I know I specifically asked the Captain to pair us up. I've been wanting to work with you on an away mission for quite some time. What do you need help with? Shri'Rao asked.

Stepping back and pointing at the interface, "that thing" she said pointing to it "strange as it seems while I have picked some things up about bridge stations, the computers and myself have never really gotten on and I did what was normal, but somehow the flaming computer is not doing as told" she added sounding a little frustrated.

"Fortunately computers and I generally get along rather well. What are you trying to get it to do?" Shri'Rao asked.

"Getting it to give me the information it has collected, I have watched it done, but I am obviously doing something wrong, also you and I will be the only ones armed on the Away Team our orders are to keep the weapons concealed," Griffiths said.

Shri'Rao took the station and accessed the information. "Is this what you were looking for?" Shri'Rao asked, "Will they let us take tricorders on this mission?" Shri'Rao asked.

Looking at the data "thank you and ah! political very much like Las Vegas in the old days, gambling and corruption, also there is a report of a strange plant spore called Fera. As for the Tricorders, I would say, yes, but we would need to check with the Captain on that one, but the hand Phasers are a go." Griffiths responded.

"Do we have plenty of 76's I find that playing the games of the land can tell you a lot about the culture?" Shri'Rao asked. "I'm ready to go when you are. I even got my sunglasses." Shri'Rao added.

Looking at the Andorian "76's, ah the local currency, almost forgot, let me pull up the replicator pattern for the 76's, how does 1000 sound to you?" Griffiths asked.

"Better make it 5000, we will want a little spreading around money to attract attention, not too much but enough for people to want to talk to us.." Shri'Rao said.

Looking at the Andorian Security Chief "you are right Five-thousand" Naomi said and adjusted the amount on the replicator "we better find out more as the Captain will want to know more than we already do" Griffiths added.

"Ready to take the runabout down. I'll get her powered up and get clearance to leave." Shri'Rao said.

"Do not forget to change into local clothing, I will be wearing Jeans, Blouse and comfy shoes and a leather Jacket, oh one more thing here is 2500 76 currency, I will have the other half and we need hand weapons?" Naomi said as she replicated upgraded versions of the Phase Pistols that the 2150 Starfleet used. She picked them up and then replicated the holsters, for her it was a shoulder holster as it would go under the jacket, then she replicated two authentic ID badges.

"Okay, here is your weapon, it has three settings, stun, heavy stun and frag, keep it hidden, here are the IDs, we are posing as local Law enforcement, as you are exotic looking I think you should take Vice, I will take Narcotics," Griffiths said handing the Id papers to her "you have something nice to wear?" she asked.

"I'm wearing tight leather pants and a white silk blouse, boots and a purse," Shri'Rao said.

"Perhaps we should pose as tourists for our first trip, it will be a little obvious if we pose as security personnel without knowing the lay of the land, Major."

"The Runabout is powered up, ready for departure. We are instructed to land at docking bay 81."

"I will be in some comfy shoes, Jeans, Blouse and leather jacket and my hair will be in a ponytail, our IDs should be enough to make us appear as undercover Police Officers, as long as we do not go to their Police HQ we should be all okay" Griffiths said.

"Good always best to gamble in comfy shoes. buckle yourself in. we depart in 30 seconds." Shri'rao said.

30 Seconds later...

Both had arrived at the shuttle bay and entered their assigned shuttle, flying a shuttle was the one thing Naomi felt comfortable doing, so in the pilot's seat, she went through the flight Prep as the Security Chief got settled into the Co-pilot's seat.

"Shuttle Hades, you have clearance to depart, landing coordinate has been sent to your ships navigation, good luck" came to the controller's voice as Naomi activated the repulsors and the shuttle lifted up, she applied forward thrusters 1/3 and the shuttle orientated to the shuttle bay doors and Naomi took the shuttle out, she brought it up and around the ship and headed to the planet.

Checking the controls as they neared the planet she looked to the Security Chief "Lieutenant activate the anti-detection, it is not a cloak per se, it jams any ground telemetry, I just hope no one down there is going to be looking in the direction we will be landing, electronic jamming is one thing, it does not stop the organic visuals that may happen" Griffiths said.

Shri'Rao flipped a series of switches on her console. "Antidetection is on, Major."

"We have been instructed to land at docking bay 81 they are expecting us, why all the ECCM?" Shri'Rao asked.

As the shuttle closed in the planet "Thank you Lieutenant" she thanked the Lieutenant for activating anti detection, "as to your question as to why all the jamming we only want those who are expecting us to know we are coming, the fewer people know that Starfleet is on the planet the safer it is for the both of us" Griffiths said as she angled the shuttle so as they caused as little friction as possible.

"Do you think we are under surveillance? Shri'Rao asked.

"I am too experienced an officer to dismiss that possibility Lieutenant, by nature and training I am suspicious of such things, so it is a good possibility that we might be under surveillance" Griffiths responded.

Shri'Rao brought the shuttle in and landed at docking port 81 as instructed. their shuttle was engulfed in flames, by a group of dock working sterilizing their hip of some sort of toxic pollen called frey.

After that they went to customs turned in their weapons and started walking through the town taking care to observe the locals.

"What do you say we head into a casino?" Shri'Rao suggested.

"You head to the Casino Shri'Rao, I will look for those undesirables that exist in the dark places as we are according to their records law enforcement officers and undercover ones, we have access so be careful Shri, we have no real friends here and remember this place has the stab you in the back attitude, I do not want you or I to have to explain to the Captain why one of us was caught while on a mission," Griffiths said with a smile.

"The Captain did say to gather information, and this is a gambling chancery, all we have to do is be friendly," Shi'Rao said.

Shri'Rao went into the Lucky Lady casino.

She carefully looked around to mark her surroundings then she looked at the games. Some she understood others not so much.

She Played Craps and Sabaac and easily tripled her money quickly. Soon she had a following. So she started asking questions while she played. She learned a great deal about the political and ruling structure on this planet.

There were no Dom Jot tables so she guessed they didn't know about it. She played some 3d slot machines and one three jackpot quickly. Someone mentioned something about a drunken Slate Ambassador at the high rollers table.
Shri'Rao wondered what a slate was as she had never seen on. It turned out to be a creature seemingly made of rock so the Andorian wondered how it could get drunk.

Turned out winning and being attractive garnered some amount of attention. after about two hours she was invited to play with the high rollers. She met or was introduced to several dignitaries, wealthy gamblers on vacation and the Slat ambassador. She had never met a rock creature before in any of her travels, but he seemed animated enough. There was no way to know if he was drunk or not it seemed to have the ability to absorb other matter through its carapace. Shri'Rao never actually saw it eat or drink with its apparent mouth. Either way, the slate was pretty lucky itself.

By the time Naomi came back, Shri'Rao had won over 750,000 76's.

- Dark alley somewhere -

Naomi was patrolling the seedier areas of the area they had been tasked to find information on what they needed, when she came across a well-dressed person and a scruffy person, they both looked up and they saw her "Law keeper, stay where you are!" Naomi shouted, the smartly dressed person fled quicker than Naomi had expected, but the scruffier type was too slow and she caught him easily. Naomi grabbed him by the scruff and shoved him hard against the wall and then was in his face.

"Tell me, who was that and what was he doing speaking to a street rat, his suit said credits, so what gives?" she asked.

The street rat looked up defiantly until his eyes met hers, there was something in them that told him this chick was dangerous, this was made apparent as she tightened her grip on his shirt collar "TELL ME!" she demanded.

He did not know who this woman was but she scared him "w-w-who are y-y-you?" He asked shakily.

*Inwardly sighing* "Did you not hear me I am a Law Keeper, narcotics Division now tell me who that was and what he was speaking to you about?" she forcefully asked as she eased the pressure on his neck.

"W-well, I do not know his name, but he works in Council offices and he sells drugs," the guy said producing the little packet of green crystal-like powder he explained the effects of the powder, Naomi filed this information away as it sounded a lot like an old earth drug known as crystal Meth, she shuddered at the poison.

"Look, I am not after you I want the big boss, so tell me all you know and I will overlook what you have there," Naomi said then she had a proper look at how the guy was dressed "how can someone like you afford such a drug, it must be expensive?" She asked.

Calming down a little now he knew that she was not going to take his stash off him "I-I also steal or some other activity to get the 76s to pay for my hit, as for that pos guy's name as I said I do not know, but he works for the local Council department and one of the Councillors are dealing such things, I do not know who I never ask I know not to. But whoever it is are more influential than the whole law division" he said.

Naomi nodded "get out of here," she said and the street rat did not need to be told twice, as she left the alleyway she heard over her modified radio that someone matching the guy in a smart suits description had been captured, she knew he would not be seen alive again, as she walked towards the casino she heard a familiar scream, her snitch had just run afoul of some other undesirables, she shook her head sadly.

- Casino -

Naomi finally arrived back at the casino and entered, she looked around for an Andorian and she paused and looked closer and saw two antennae, smiling to herself she headed in that direction, but headed to the refreshments kiosk and purchased a non-alcoholic drink, she was on duty, after all, she paid for it and walked up to the Andorian "hello Shri'Rao" she said then saw the amount of money she had won "wow, you missed your calling, can we talk?" She asked quietly as she looked up and saw the Pit boss looking concerned as the Andorian's winnings, then quietly in the Andorian's ear "cash in your chips Lieutenant you have the attention of the Pit boss" she quietly said.

"Excuse me, Ladies and Gentlemen. My friend here needs attention." Shri'Rao got up and led Naomi away from prying ears."So what did you find out?" Shri'rao asked.

"Besides you being a dab hand at gambling! To quote a line from an old earth movie Never will you meet a more wretched hive of scum and villainy" Naomi quoted then turned serious "I found out that the local politicians, the Councillors are dealing very lethal narcotics and are making a killing, but essentially they are corrupt and the legal system does not work, either way, the street rat seemed just as much surprised as fearful of the law, so the police must be crooked too. What did you find out, besides how to upset the Pit Boss?" She asked amused.

"I found out how this place operates and you're right it is a wretched hive of scum and villainy. It is also a resort of sorts. People come from all over the delta quadrant come here and they don't all arrive in spacecraft. See that couple over there. Shri'rao pointed. They came via something called a projector. Their planet they claim is over 25,000 light-years away from here."

"I also met the Slate ambassador. That guy is solid rock. Someone said he was drunk but I can't tell if he is or not". Seems if you are a winner here you are celebrated. If you are a loser here they take everything including your personal property and if it's warranted your freedom. A group of 50 families is said to run the place or at least found it but I also found out that there is a syndicate that enforces the law around here. Kind of a sophisticated brute squad." Shri'Rao added.

"Also this place doesn't actually make anything in the way of parts for a starship, but you can meet contacts here and if you are a winner can get some pretty good deals. I have a voucher for a week stay in one of their presidential suites for a week courtesy of the slate ambassador" Shri'Rao added.

*Smiling* "excellent, I knew you could play the Femme Fatale better than I ever could, okay now we have what we came for, let's get out of here before the residents ask too many unwanted questions, but you may want to let the Captain know about that Projector thing you mentioned, you better go and cash in your winnings," Griffiths said as she waited for her Andorian companion to cash in her winnings.

"Well friends I must go but I may return to play with you all again." Shri'Rao said.

She then went to the cashier to ash in her winnings. 75,000G 76's it was a huge sum even in this currency.

Shri'Rao and Naomi made there way back to the runabout and returned to the Penn.



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