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Ketram Arrival

Posted on Wed Sep 15th, 2021 @ 8:46pm by Captain Dirk Taggart & Lieutenant Commander Deannen Roinu & Lieutenant Commander Arianna Sky Kamar & Major Naomi Sylan Griffiths & Lieutenant Shri'Rao Sh'veqan & Lieutenant Commander James Trallos MD & Lieutenant Adora (Addie) Hart & Lieutenant JG Simon Hunter & Lieutenant JG Vespa Kale & Lieutenant JG Camille Lévesque PhD

Mission: Buyer's Beware

Captain Taggart sat on the bridge and watched the planet Ketram grow larger. Equal to the size of Jupiter, yet it appeared identical to Earth except it had a purple hue instead of blue. There were a large number of ships in orbit, the smallest was docked at one of the four moons. It was a large Class M planet that matched earth's gravity. He glanced at his arrival time and noted they had arrived at the correct time. "Lieutenant Shri'Rao, Transmit a message on subspace frequency 457.290 the USS Pennsylvania has arrived and is requesting an orbital elevation."

"Aye Captain, transmitting the message now," Shri'Rao said once she had adjusted the frequency as instructed.

Taggert paused as he heard her response before continuing, "Helm take us in slowly."

Rouni replied, " Aye slowing to 1/4 impulse and will assume standard orbit in 2 minutes Captain." As the ship settled into orbit. Rouni reported. "Ship is in standard orbit and all systems respond normally. Everything is set for what needs to be done, Captain. orbital elevation instructions of 212

"Captain receiving orbital elevation of 321.8688 Kilometers, sending coordinates to helm for orbital insertion," Shri'Rao stated.

Aye Captain, Orbit entered as ordered and all systems in navigation responding normally. replied Rouni.

"Understood, set condition yellow, and begin the watchstander's relief. It's time for us to prepare to go to the surface," the Captain said.

Looking at the big planet Griffiths looked over to the Captain "you would think an Earth-like planet of that size would have stronger gravity, yet it has the same level, it is amazing that such a planet is like earth Captain" she said.

"I agree Major, it is quite intriguing," turning back to the viewscreen, Taggert noted what appeared to be asteroids with a warp exhaust, "Lieutenant Kale, are those things warp-capable?"

Vespa actually gave a giggle of sorts at the question, "Welcome to the Delta Quadrant, Captain. Yes, they are. What you're seeing is the Slate. That's their version of a starship. Try to avoid the wake behind it." she pointed out.

"Slate use asteroids and hollowed out stellar debris as starships. Hollow them out, attach reactors and align nacelles, and then off they go." she gave a nod towards the ones on screen. "The crew of that *ahem* ship will..."

"... probably be in decontamination for a week, though. Slate run their engines hot and open since radiation isn't a concern for them." she took a breath, just to admire the moment.

"They're the most interesting beings we've ever met, and believe me when I saw we were shocked that life existed in solitude states."

Arianna was intrigued by what she saw on the viewscreen. It was strange yet beautiful to see. "So no shielding and they decontaminate for weeks? What an interesting thing.....hmmmmm" Arianna said scratching her head in wonder.

"They have the perspective of a rock. What's a week or two to them?" she asked, rhetorically. "They don't have the capacity to think in terms quicker than a..."

"... minute. To their perspective, a second is just too fleeting to even consider." Vespa giggled, "I mean, the thirty-six-hour lunch break is a nice concept, but..."

"... I just don't know how I feel about the five hundred and seventy-five-hour workweek."

"All remaining Departments Check-in, Let me know when we are set. Lieutenant Hunter, feel free to coordinate with Sky-Kamar to prepare for shuttle launches," the Captain ordered.

"Aye sir," replied Simon as he knew that having to get these shuttles departing on time was going to be a tough ask, however, he knew that if done right it would be run smoothly as silk, but he also knew things could go wrong. as he looked over at Sky and would need to get to speak with her after this meeting.

Griffiths stood up and walked over to the sensor station, she managed to understand how the thing worked and she runs a deeper scan and was amazed "it is definitely an earth-like biosphere down there Captain and I am still amazed at a planet so large would have the same gravity as Sol, I wonder if it may have something to do with the core of the planet" Griffith's said.

"I'm not a scientist but I think it has to do with the spinning of the planet on its axis and the degree of gravity pulled by this system's sun. I'm certain Lieutenant Kale would enjoy explaining this further later. At the moment though we are establishing standard orbiting procedures and setting our security posture." The captain turned to speak to his Chief of Operations, "Mr Hunter, I believe you have me placed on the first rotation of shuttle pilots with Doc Trallos?"

"Yes sir, that I do," replied Simon as he looked back at his commanding officer, he continued," Do you want me to change that for you?" as he knew the task at hand might be harder what with scheduling those who wanted to visit the planet which included himself as he wanted to spend some time off the ship.

"Nope, that will be fine Mr Hunter." Captain Taggart nodded his thanks then pressed the comms button for medical, "Hey Doc, Mr Hunter has scheduled us to pilot the Alpha Shuttle, once Medical is secured, meet me in the shuttle bay, we're on the first shuttle to depart."

=/\= On my way Captain. =/\= came to the doctors reply.

The Captain stood, "We have confirmed our orbital status, I believe the first watchstanders will be taking over. Are there any questions Before we leave the bridge?"

"Engineering is ready for this and I am to fly the second shuttle to the surface", Arianna said.

No one seemed to speak up and Naomi did not really have any questions so she remained silent.

- Shuttle Bay -

Captain Taggart sat in the shuttle pilots seat, he had flown many times in his security role previously and felt at home behind the controls, he finished the pre-flight check before opening the back hatch to allow the first passengers aboard.

The doctor inched his way through the line and made his way to the front and nodded to the Captain. "Looks like it is just me for the flight crew Captain. I asked my staff if anyone wanted to come along as a flight attendant and I learned in no uncertain terms what they thought of that idea. As a bonus they also let me know what they thought of being in a shuttle I was helping fly." He stated as he made his way forward and stowed his bag and took his seat as a co-pilot.

"We can handle this Doc, if you can operate half of that equipment in sickbay, this should be easy," the Captain said as he began to point out controls and describe their functions.

A ship attendant, one not assigned to the away team, found the Captain in the Shuttlecraft. “Pardon me, Captain,” he said before handing him a PADD. “Message from Iota Station that came through after you had left the bridge.”

The message was simple. ATTN: Taggart, D.; Griffiths, N. Chief Science Officer Lévesque + 2 on Ketram. To rendezvous upon landing. Security protocols have been relayed. Iota Station Ops.

Taggart thanked the Yeomen as he read the message, "Hey Doc, it looks like this is gonna be a pick up drop off and a pickup. The new orders came through for the new Chief Science Officer."

The doctor was reviewing his checklist when he heard the Captain. "Wait, I don't recall seeing any other Starfleet vessels out the viewport. Did they just dump her off at the planet?"

Returning to her seat she looked at the Captain "does that sound as strange to you Captain as it does to me?" Griffiths asked.

"Based on the Flash message I received this morning, it appears that she was originally attached to Iota Station and was conducting archaeological research. Now that the catapult is closed some of the crew from the station are attempting to find our positions. This is fortuitous in our case as we are acquiring a Chief Science Officer, and a few other crew members. Is Lieutenant Sh'veqan joining us too Major? I believe she was your away team partner."

"I'm back here Captain, Just making sure we have all the equipment we need for a small hike, water and snacks. Nothing technological, I assure you." Shri'Rao stated. "I am curious though what do they use for money/barter?"

Captain Taggart was stunned, the question about bartering and money was discussed thoroughly in the briefing and passed out in the meeting notes, the planet was the equivalent of Las Vegas but planetary wide with underground facilities for casinos, and black markets. "Major Griffiths, please re-brief your teammate on our way to the surface.

Looking at the Security Chief "will do it on route Captain, we have to get ready" Griffiths said then looked at the Captain "by your leave Captain we will go get ready" Griffiths said looking right at the Captain. During those pauses, she looked back up at the Security Chief, you ready Chief for a wee jaunt down to the planet? We will need some currency called 76" she finished.

As their conversation continued Dirk did one last check of the shuttle controls, just as he was about to close the hatch he saw Kale's dual forms followed by the Counselor, "We're about to take off you are the last two for this shuttle."

Kale made her way towards the shuttle, a heavy-looking duffel in one of her body's possession. "Shopping money," she said with a giggle. "I'll handle it, it'd be considered heavy to humans. No offence, I mean, but out of the three of us..."

"... one of us is from a higher gravity world." she cited with a giggle as she boarded the shuttle and found her seats after securing the heavy bag on the floor. "Snug and secure, ready to deploy."

"I don't think there's anyone else," Addie replied as she took a seat next to Vespa and immediately started fumbling for a safety belt.

Arianna sat in the second shuttle checking the pre-flight manifests waiting for the second group of people to arrive.

After confirmation from the bridge, Captain Dirk Taggart eased the shuttle out of the bay and towards the planet's surface.

Captain Dirk Taggart
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Lieutenant James Trallos MD
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