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Posted on Fri Sep 3rd, 2021 @ 4:11am by Major Naomi Sylan Griffiths & Lieutenant Adora (Addie) Hart

Mission: Season Two - Incidentals
Location: Various
Timeline: Before Speaking with the Captain in the CRR



Looking around as she stood, "if you will excuse me, I will see to the Counsellor" Griffiths said looking at the Captain apologetically as she put her chair under the table and headed out after the Counsellor, as the briefing room doors closed behind her, she almost caught up with the Counsellor "Lieutenant Hart, wait up!" She said loud enough, but no response "Addie" she added picking up speed finally catching up to her. "So you want to run whatever it is by me, Lieutenant?" Naomi asked in a friendly manner.

Without breaking her stride, Addie held her head high as she moved through the corridor. "No thank you," she replied, her tone of voice politely resolute. Clearly, she was not interested in talking.

"Lieutenant Hart, kindly stop, do not make me make it an order Lieutenant," Griffiths said putting authority in her voice as she kept pace with the Counsellor as the officer continued to walk on.

Addie didn't bother to respond, she simply kept walking, turning a corner sharply to head for the turbo lifts that would take her down to the medical section of the ship where her office was.

Thinking to herself 'this is too much' "LIEUTENANT HART, STOP" Griffiths shouted an order as she caught up to Hart who was almost at the nearest turbolift.

The raised voice grated her, making her even angrier than she already was. Turning on her heel, she cast a withering glance at Griffiths. "I have absolutely nothing to say to you," she responded tartly before stepping into the turbolift. "Deck 12, medical section," she ordered.

Naomi rushed to the lift door and stopped it from closing properly, she stepped in and the doors closed "lift pause and seal the doors until I command otherwise" she said and the lift did as instructed. "Now if only my officers would listen that well" Naomi said, there was no hostility in her tone it was a simple statement as she looked at Addie.

"You will talk to me Lieutenant, I may be a Marine and you may think that I should not be here, I agree if I had the chance I would return to the Academy and do a course that would allow me to change branches over to Fleet, but as we are in the Delta Quadrant I am stuck as a Marine and First Officer on a Science and exploration ship, you feel slighted because few talked to you and the Captain did not ask you a question on whatever you were expecting," Naomi said and softened her voice and tone "I know you have some animosity towards me for what happened in the Nebula, I am sorry for that I acted upon instinct to save those I served with."

She paused.

"You were in mental anguish and went to assault the Captain, I have a feeling you would have felt ashamed or guilty for your actions, while I was out of line and I know the Captain will want to speak to me about it and my actions, I envied the moments when you were unconscious Addie, you were not being assaulted by everyone's emotions and thus had some peace until you woke up again. I felt the anger to we all did, due to my training and experience I managed to just barely control my anger, I wanted nothing but to tear into everyone on that bridge including the Captain who mysteriously took over from Kamar, did not realise I had those feelings, but I feel the odd duck out all the time after all I am the only Marine on a ship of Fleet Officers, so while you whatever, judging from your current state you are extremely ticked off" Naomi paused again and looked at Addie.

"So Addie, apart from past events, what is it you wanted to talk to the Captain about? As I am bound to be called before him for my actions in the Nebula I can mention it to him" Griffiths said, Addie was still clearly upset and it did not help that she was locked in a turbo lift with the officer who knocked her out with a hypospray.

Addie could feel her palms start to sweat as the Major gave the order to halt the turbolift. She could feel her heart start beating faster as she took a step backwards, hands grabbing the support rail of the turbolift behind her, gripping it tightly.

"Right, do what YOU say, or what... you'll kill us?"

"That is where you are wrong about that Lieutenant, you have a bad view of Marines, perhaps it is earned but I am not your normal Marine, I also have feelings and I am trying to build bridges," Griffiths said but the woman was too upset to listen to reason but she would continue to try.

The memory of the words floated to the surface of Addie's mind, the anger in Lieutenant Kale's voice, the belief that the Major had tried to kill her. One hand started to shake and she gripped the bar tighter.

Looking at Addie flummoxed this woman had some serious anger issues, something that she could not counter "for the record I have no intention of trying to kill anyone" Griffiths said but Addie was really angry and unwilling to talk, it probably did not help that she knocked the Counsellor out, but there was something more to her anger.

"You yell at people to make them listen because otherwise, no one listens," Addie said, struggling to keep her voice calm. "You blame it on being a Marine, you use excuses to make yourself feel better about being alone and being angry because you know the only way people will talk to you is if you corner them..." At the mention of being cornered Addie's voice trembled ever so slightly. "You make assumptions to fit your own narratives, to suit your own agenda, and you..." a pause, shaky stridor as she inhaled. "You..."

"That is a blatant lie Lieutenant Hart you have no idea about Marines that is clear, but you are currently unwilling to speak to few regardless of who they are, I can understand being angry at me but unwilling to talk to me that is unusual for you to do so I have to wonder if there is something more to your anger than just being upset at me," Griffiths said, "I have always wondered Lieutenant you are responsible for the mental health of everyone on this ship, but who counsels the Counsellor?" Griffiths asked, but she was unsure if Addie really heard what she was saying going by the woman's emotions 'okay she is more emotional than she should be' Griffiths thought to herself but during the conversation in the lift she had kept an even and soft tone to her voice.

The tears started to well in the corners of her eyes. She felt like something was pushing on her chest, constricting her breath. She fought to inhale again, hands shaking violently as she released the support bar with one hand, her hand hovering over her commbadge momentarily before she tapped it. "Computer medical emergency, one to transport to sickbay."

Before another word could be said, the blue energy beam of the transporter engulfed the panicked counsellor and removed her from the turbolift.

Moments later Addie rematerialised in sickbay, stumbling forward, hands grasping for the nearest biobed, gasping for breath as she sank to the floor, sobbing as her whole body trembled violently as she fought to clear the noise, the words, the emotions from within her mind.

Looking at the spot where Addie was Griffith's sighed heavily "damn Medical emergency protocol" she said wistfully said with a sigh "computer unlock lift and resume normal operations bridge" she said and the lift began to move.


Major NS Griffiths
First Officer

Lt Adora 'Addie' Hart
Chief Counsellor


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