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Ooops, My Bad.

Posted on Fri Aug 6th, 2021 @ 6:29am by Captain Dirk Taggart & Lieutenant Adora (Addie) Hart

Mission: Season Two - Incidentals
Location: Personal Quarters

Having been released from Sickbay, Addie spent just enough time in her quarters to shower and change into clean, civilian clothes before she made her way to the Captain's quarters.

Standing at his door, she spent a few long moments, just focusing on breathing before reaching out and hitting the door chime. She had some apologising to do and she knew she may as well start at the top. Her attack on the Captain, although she had been under the influence of the nebula was unprovoked. Now, all she could do was quietly offer up a silent prayer to any listening deities that he would forgive her, or at least, not entirely hold it against her.

The notification chime interrupted his reading, Captain Taggart was reading 20,000 Leagues under the Sea, while drinking a cup of tea. Setting both down on his small coffee table. He then stood to greet the visitor. "Enter Please."

When he saw the Counsellor, part of him wanted to reach for his hidden phaser, but the rational side overruled, reminding him that her actions were abnormal and not entirely her own. He took a deep calming breath, his eyes sharp, ice blue, stared almost cold. "Yes Counsellor?"

Addie's hands were shaking, she could feel it as she clasped them behind her back. "I'm sorry to interrupt you Captain," she said softly. "I... I..." She drew a deep breath. "Sir, I'm sorry, I owe you an apology, I am sorry... I don't have the words to sufficiently tell you how sorry I am." She bit her bottom lip for a moment. "I don't know why I reacted the way I did, but... it... it wasn't me, I mean, it was me, but it wasn't who I really am."

"Logic dictates that you were incapacitated or influenced by an external source, while there were a lot of fights and many, questionable actions, I am left to wonder why my Counselor was affected more than most," he said precisely and devoid of emotion.

"Lieutenant Hart, the mental health of this vessel is your responsibility, if you are unable to perform these duties and meet the minimum requirements set forth by Starfleet Regulations, it is my duty to relieve you. I am not relieving you but I am recommending that you seek counseling yourself. This ship needs you at your best Lieutenant Hart."

"Sir, can I explain to you?" she asked softly, looking across at him, eyes wide and questioning.

"Explain it to me, please Lieutenant," he hadn't meant to come across as cold as he did, but he remained stern; after all the crew's lives and safety were his responsibility.

"I've been empathic my whole life. My mother is Betazoid, but, much to her disappointment I got more of my father's DNA. I can sense emotion, but only strong emotion and only in close proximity..." She could feel her hands starting to shake as she clasped them firmly behind her back. "On the bridge, something changed. It wasn't just empathy... Sir, I could feel and hear every thought from every person across the whole ship. I was angry, I could feel my own anger, and I could control that, or, I thought I could, but then a thousand other angry voices in my head appeared and I couldn't make them go away."

She paused for a moment, biting down on her bottom lip. "I was never trained to be a telepath, especially a telepath in a volatile situation. After Major Griffiths did what she did, even asleep I could hear everyone. Every, little, angry word." Tears started to well in her eyes and she could already feel another headache coming on. No doubt Doctor Trallos would have something to say about this, after all, he'd specifically told her she should be taking it easy and not stressing herself out. "When I woke up again and I could hear Lieutenant Kale and others, their thoughts, the anger at Major Griffiths trying to kill me... then the rest of the ship, everyone's angry thoughts. I didn't realise what I had done until after I did it... when I shot Lieutenant Kale, the anger became pain."

Dirk saw the raw pain and emotions the counselor was displaying, and though he empathized with her, they still had a job to do. "Please sit Lieutenant, I'm not here to upset you or add undue pressure. I just want to make sure you have control of these abilities. Dr Trallos's notes are confidential and I do not know or want to know what his diagnosis or treatment is for you. I just want you to look me in the eye and truthfully tell me if you can do your job to the fullest of your abilities," he said as he watched her closely.

"I've spoken extensively with Doctor Trallos," Addie replied as she took a seat. "He believes that the nebula in some way interfered with my mind, it somehow unlocked latent telepathy that I shouldn't have had. As soon as we left the nebula it went away. I can't hear anything now except my own thoughts. Sir, what happened, that wasn't me. It wasn't who I was before we entered the nebula. It isn't who I am outside of the nebula. It isn't me. I can do my job. My abilities have not been impacted." She paused, biting on her bottom lip. "I am still meeting with Doctor Trallos regularly, just to make sure it stays that way."

"If the Doctor has released you to full duties, I see no need to stand in his way Lieutenant. Things may be a bit awkward with Lieutenant Kale though. It's not been made public yet, but apparently some sort of negotiation has failed with the Dalacari. I will assume that Kale has maintained contact with their people, I do hope that this incident does not affect the possibilities of future negotiations." Captain Taggart paused for a moment mulling over a thought before continuing, "I may have said more than authorized, the communique I received was of a personal nature, I will ask that you maintain it's sensitive nature. Is there anything else you would like to discuss?"

"Of course Captain," Addie said quietly. "Confidentiality is my thing." She paused for a moment. "If I may Captain, I would suggest speaking to Lieutenant Kale directly yourself. Even if she has not been made aware of circumstances, she may prefer to hear it from her Commanding Officer. At the very least, you should make sure she knows that what happens outside this ship will not affect anything that happens inside this ship and she is a valuable part of our crew as long as she wishes to be."

"Noted, thank you. I will contact her when we adjourn. Thank you for coming to me to discuss this, I appreciate your honesty. If there is nothing else Lieutenant, I need to get back to work."

"Of course Captain," Addie stood up and watched him for a moment before starting toward the door. As the doors opened, she glanced back. "Again, thank you Captain," she said quietly before stepping through, letting the doors close between them.


Captain Dirk Taggart
Commanding Officer
USS Pennsylvania

Lieutenant Addie Hart
USS Pennsylvania


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