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Posted on Wed Apr 14th, 2021 @ 5:54pm by Captain Dirk Taggart & Major Naomi Sylan Griffiths

Mission: Season Two - Incidentals
Location: Ready Room

Dirk sat in the Ready Room reviewing Mission and Departmental Reports, he was surprised by the lack of Captain's Logs and the scarcity of reports. He decided before proceeding further it was time for a one on one conversation with his First Officer.

=/\=Major, report to the Ready Room=/\=

Naomi was in her Office/quarters catching up on some paperwork when a call came in tapping her Commbadge =/\= On my way Captain, Griffiths out =/\= she responded and secured her terminal and stood tugging down her tunic as she exited her office and headed to the nearest lift. Upon entering she waited till the doors had closed "Ready Room" she said and it was but a short trip and soon enough she came out on Deck One, but this lift did not exit onto the bridge, it exited at the rear of the Ready Room where there was a more private door to use and so stepping up to the room the doors opened and she entered. "You sent for me Captain?" She asked.

"Yes Major, come on in and have a seat please," Taggart said as he set his PADD down and turned to watch the Major find a seat. "I have only been aboard Pennsylvania for 24 hours, and haven't had time to have a conversation with you one on one. I have to admit, I was impressed to find a Marine as the First Officer, How did you manage that Major?"

She looked up a little taken back by that question, it was not one she was expecting right away, but you worked with what came your way "Captain Kamar upon finding out he would be going to the DQ knew that while his crew were experienced in their fields no one is truly ready for the Delta Quadrant" she paused as she crossed her legs and sat back. "It was a foregone conclusion that a seasoned combat vet would be required and I wanted to get some non-Marine command experience so I volunteered for the post and I was surprised I got it. I have had to learn some bridge stations on the job and the finer points of Fleet Command" she paused.

"The closest I have gotten to the Marine style of doing things was the Admiral whose lips were tighter than a Ferengi's Latuinum pouch, that was a refreshing look into Marine life. But my being First Officer was as I see it required, I also think I was to be a sounding board for combat matters with Captain Kamar, sadly he was not here long enough nor had we done any missions where my talents were needed and the crew never came to me with anything, except for the Doctor, he had me help him with some type of body research, I helped enough to know that Medical is not my forte" she said and laughed a little.

Dirk laughed easily with the Major. "My Forte is Security and weapons. In fact, my last duty station was as the XO of Security for Foreign Dignitaries in 'Frisco. That was interesting. I believe that with our backgrounds we may have some similar skillsets. What do you say we practice some sparring. It would be good to practice against someone other than a holodeck program."

She raised an eyebrow "how are you with quarterstaffs Captain?" She asked "I have helped out in security, but never on a starship last I helped Security I was on SB332 I was MCO there, but due to so much paperwork I had I wanted out and after some time on Bajor on leave here I am" she added.

"I didn't practice quarterstaff much but did practice some traditional karate. The art of centring oneself and using it in defence only. Though if you are knowledgeable with a staff I would enjoy learning. Major what do you feel is the biggest problem aboard the ship?"

Nodding "I can teach you the basic moves, but after that, you would learn more going up against a holographic opponent, as for the biggest problem on the ship, I see some click groups the crew do not mesh-like normal crews you will have Science speaking to science on a one to one basis, but other departments do not often mix. Take me, for example, I know a large part was my doing, but none of the crew came to me as First Officer or in any other capacity, the only member of the crew I had extensive interactions with was Lieutenant Trallos our CMO, who got acquainted on a beach with myself as in sharing a drink and he had me helping him with some dead body research, that was enlightening, but I do not know if it is because I am a marine or if I seem stand-offish I have had little interaction with the crew, including Captain Kamar also at the end of the Body research I think the Doctor hit on me, not sure on that as it rarely happens" Griffiths responded.

Dirk chuckled gently, "The good doctor must have enjoyed your research together. As far as cliques go I think organizing some response teams from various departments will increase interactions. I will also make it a point to be open with you and let the crew see my faith in you."

"Prior to your taking command Captain, SAR, QRT and Hazard Teams organisations have been implemented, but currently we have not had much need of them. As for the crew not coming to me, I think it is due to my being a Marine as like them I was finding my place on the bridge, for most of them I was the first Marine they had seen as the First officer on a Fleet run ship, but since then I have gotten the basics of the Tactical station use down and I have been practising helm on the holodeck, not eager to try the real thing just yet" she said.

"There will be time for helm training Major, I plan on taking us out rather quickly. Our mission is to visit and map the unknown. As long as we are in known territory, we are not accomplishing our objective. "

"Understood Captain, but I had no intention of taking helm so early," she said with a smile, still I am thankful we have yet to encounter any larger trouble that we could not handle," Griffiths said.

"You don't have to man the helm to give the orders, Major. Let's get this ship underway so we can get the crew back into a routine. I think it will be best for everyone if we move on, " Taggart replied.

"I am all for that Sir, still wish we knew why your predecessor was removed from command *she sighs heavily* but that is never going to happen, I just hope I have learned enough about bridge duty and duty stations that I can be of more use this time around" Griffiths responded as she stood and stretched "I have never been still for so long," she said them blushed "sorry for such a scene Captain" she added looking at the Captain as she tugged her tunic down in a practised move.

"You're doing fine Major, no apologies necessary." Captain Taggart stood also, "we will meet again once we are underway, until then," he said with a nod of dismissal.



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