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By the Seychelles

Posted on Sun Jan 31st, 2021 @ 11:11pm by Captain Dirk Taggart & Captain Abigail Laurens

Mission: Season Two - Incidentals

Dirk sat in the corner of a small dark bar. He was spending his last 48 hours on Earth on Victoria Island in the Seychelles, a small island chain in the Indian ocean. The islands were a tourist hot spot, but as a regular visitor, Dirk had made friends with locals and stuck more to the smaller side of Victoria Island. He enjoyed Body Surfing, scuba diving, and especially fishing.

He was coming to the end of his leave and had come to enjoy the islands once last time. Dirk had been the XO of the Security Office of Diplomatic Affairs. It was a prestigious position, given the opportunity to meet and protect many foreign dignitaries and diplomats, but he missed the adventure of M76exploration and chasing the stars.

Taking a drink of his Root Beer, he wondered what his future held in store, he was about to take command of a Starship that had suffered casualties from ambushes. The Federation wanted to relieve the CO after hearing that he skirted the Prime Directive as well. Pushing these thoughts from his mind, Dirk decided to enjoy these last few hours on land and sea, before catching a ride on a ship destined for the Delta Quadrant of all places.

Despite the clothing she was wearing, Abigail felt mostly naked. No commbadge adorned her chest. Since assuming command of the Astraea, Abigail had always worn her commbadge. She needed to be contacted at all times. Now though... Well, technically she was still a Commanding Officer, but of what? There was nothing left of the ship.

That was why she was here, on this ridiculously small island, well away from the main tourism hub of the Seychelles. A friend had offered her use of his reef chalet and she'd taken it. No one knew where she was, and no one here knew who she was. It really had been the perfect arrangement, giving her the anonymity she needed to just be herself, even if it was for a short time.

Which is why she found herself in the small bar her dive operator had recommended after a long day on the reef. Sunkissed, windblown and very much not the stoic Commanding Officer she had been, Abigail walked up top the bar and ordered a cocktail before looking around for somewhere to sit. Free seats, it seemed, were in short supply.

Dirk sat and peeled the label off of his old fashioned root beer while people-watching, there was the usual couple in the opposite corner, most likely married but not to each other, then the young love birds in the center of the room without a care in the world. He was watching a grizzled older man at the bar trying to imagine what his story was, when he saw a gorgeous brunette, with the biggest brown eyes scan the bar looking for a seat, after a quick glance to make sure she was indeed unaccompanied, he stood and waved his worn ballcap. “There’s a seat over here,” he said in his thick Southern drawl, trying not to appear over anxious, lest he scare her off.

With a slight nod, Abigail picked up her drink and walked across, sliding into the table. "Est-ce toujours aussi occupé?" she asked, assuming he was native, holding her hand toward him. "Je suis Abigail."

Dirk was stunned for a moment and didn’t know how to respond, he slowly spoke one of the only phrases he knew “ Je suis Dirk, Umm, je ne parle pas bien français, English?” I don’t speak French well, that was his luck, meet a pretty lady, and stopped by a language barrier, well he came here mostly for the people watching and the root beer.

With a smile, Abigail slid into the offered seat "Federation Standard is my preferred language," she said with a laugh. "I was scraping the bottom of the barrel there, and I'm pretty sure all my context was wrong."

“Mine as well,” Dirk replied quickly with a sigh of relief, “I haven’t quite picked up the nuances of the local language here, I know how to order food and ask for a bathroom. It’s easier over on the touristy side of the island, but I like the seclusion over here.”

Abigail nodded as she sipped her drink. "I keep forgetting how peaceful this side of the island is. I haven't been here for years. I always wondered how they managed to keep this part of the island from becoming as busy and populated as the rest, but I'm glad they did." She smiled as she leaned back in her seat, turning her gaze toward the sun that was starting to set over the water beyond. "Moments like this especially make me glad they did."

"The sunsets here are amazing, almost makes me want to go back to the old days and sail the seas. There's a boat rental nearby, if you wanna watch the sunset from the water," Dirk said as he finished his drink.

A soft laugh was followed by a shake of her head and a sip of her drink. "I wouldn't know the first thing about taking a boat out, I don't think I've even been in a boat in maybe twenty years?" She looked toward the water, still glistening in the late afternoon sunlight. "You know what? Life's short, take chances. I'm game if you are," she said with a sudden grin.

Dirk stood, and led Abigail down to a nearby dock, where a small single engine boat was moored. The boat was just big enough to have a small bedroom below deck. "When I stay here I rent a boat instead of a hotel, falling asleep on the water is amazing, the waves rock you to sleep, and the sunrise and sunsets are just magnificent." He spoke excitedly, being more comfortable talking about his love of the sea more than about himself.

"I can't say I've ever fallen asleep on the water," Abigail replied as she took the hand he offered her to help her onto the boat. "My brother used to love boating, I went out with him a few times, he taught me how to ski, but now I would probably fall flat on my face if I tried," she laughed as she stood on the boat, taking a moment to get used to the gentle motion.

"The trick to walking in a boat and getting your sea legs is to walk side to side with the motion of the water," Dirk said as he stepped up to the pilot box and started the engine, a dock worker tossed the rope onto the deck. As the ship pulled free, Dirk threw his head back enjoying the smell of the salt air and the breeze. Turning to Abigail, who probably thought he was a mad man asked,"Would you like to steer?"

She stayed a few feet behind him, laughing as the breeze whipped her hair around her face. "I'd probably break something!" she laughed, trying pointlessly to keep her hair back from her face as she turned, watching the shore as it became further and further away.

Dirk eased off the throttle before shutting down the engines, the boat rocked gently just outside the mouth of the bay, "If we go out much further, we'll pick up more wind, anchoring here will block some of the larger waves," he explained as he tossed the anchor overboard. "We are also just far enough out to have an unobstructed view of the sunset, and if you wish to stay the sunrise. I don't mind sleeping topside" he said as he watched the wind tease Abigail's hair.

She sank down onto a bench seat, watching silently as he worked. "The view is gorgeous," she said quietly now that she didn't need to raise her voice to be heard over the engine. The breeze had slowed, though her windswept hair still brushed her face as she watched the water sparkle under the light, the sun inching toward the horizon. "So, I probably should have asked this before... but you're not an axe murderer or anything are you?" She asked with a smile.

Dirk laughed showing the crows feet and laughing lines of a man beginning to age, "No in fact I'm exactly the opposite of an axe murderer, I work for a firm that handles security for foreign dignitaries, specializing in off world's. You're not a pirate are you? I've let you board my ship. Beware all ye who enter the presence of Abby the Fearless!" Dirk finished with a poor pirate imitation.

"Abby the Fearless?" she laughed openly. "I should have a name plate made up for my desk with that." She watched him for a moment, tilting her head slightly to one side as she reached up and tucked her hair back behind her ear. "I guess you could say I'm responsible for the health, wellbeing and development of the charges in my care, but, you know, sometimes I really do just feel like a Kindegarten teacher."

“Ahhh Teacher Abby the Fearless,” Dirk said striking a pose, “Put your crayons away or walk the plank,” he said laughing before sitting down on the edge of the deck with his feet in the water.

"Walk the plank?" She stood up and walked across to the edge of the boat, leaning over just enough to see the water. "It does look tempting, but something tells me it's going to get chilly soon," she said as she turned back toward him. "So, I assume this boat is yours?"

“I wish it was mine, I’m not here often enough to own a boat. I actually helped purchase part of the boat. Whenever I’m not using it it’s rented out to other people. I just book my time in advance.” Dirk paused for a minute before asking, “What brought you out here Abby?”

There was a long moment of silence as Abigail stared toward the horizon, watching the sun sink ever lower. "I just needed some time out. A friend of mine has a villa here, out on the water. I needed a break from work and life, so here I am. I forgot how much of a paradise this place truly is. It's been quite a few years. You?"

“Taking a break from reality, I’m headed offworld for a while and wanted to spend my time on earth in the prettiest place I know. I have to leave tomorrow evening for my job. I’m lucky I get to spend some time with someone as pretty as you are.” Dirk said with a wink, before turning to watch the sunset begin to kiss the top of the water. “I think it’s the sunsets I’ll miss most.”

Abigail blushed slightly at the remark before laughing softly, almost nervously. "You're right, no matter how many simulations you see, the sunsets are phenomenal. You don't realise how much you miss this when you spend all your time working indoors. The fresh air, the outdoors, the beauty of the real world... it's phenomenal."

Dirk stood and went below deck to the small cabin, and returned with a blanket, “You must be getting cold, here,” he said as he gently draped the blanket around her shoulders before sitting beside her with a pair of wine glasses and a bottle of wine. “I don’t drink wine, but they keep it stocked.”

"Riantre Branco," she smiled as she accepted the glass offered to her. "It's a good label." She took a sip before setting the glass down on the bench seat next to her, pulling the blanket up around her, well aware of his proximity. "Do you want some?" she asked, offering one side of the blanket toward him.

“Sure” he said as he slid under the corner of the blanket, “I don’t drink very often, but I‘ll make an exception.” Dirk raised his glass in a toast, “I don’t really make toasts, but how about to Sunsets, Stars and chasing dreams.”


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