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Posted on Mon Nov 23rd, 2020 @ 12:27am by Ensign Jane Doe & Lieutenant Shri'Rao Sh'veqan & Lieutenant James Trallos MD

Mission: Survival of the fittest
Location: medical
Timeline: following: When Darkness falls / Investigations


=/\=Security to Medical we have a medical emergency in the counsellor's office.=/\= Shri'Rao said.

Then she went over to Ensign Doe. checked her vitals. She was alive at least, her wrist broken a horrible disfiguring and bloody gash down the side of her face, and pieces of her brain in her hair from a blunt force trauma. Shri'Rao did what she could to stop the flow of blood until the med techs got there.

The med techs got there and had her beamed to sickbay for emergency surgery.


Jane appeared on the trauma table. Her body shook slightly and her eyes held a dazed nearly glassy look. one of the med team held her head still and she was trying to look around.

The doctor came out of his office, his labcoat flowing behind him as the movement kept it away from his legs. He saw the body on the biobed, as he rushed over. A nurse and tech were a few steps ahead of him and already activating scans. His tech handed him the tricorder and he began scanning and glancing at the master display.

"Ensign Doe, it's Doctor Trallos. Are you with me Jane?" He asked as her body showed up on his display and biometrics began scrolling through.

Jane heard him.. He sounded like he was underwater.. Or maybe it was her that was underwater??? Maybe thats why it was so hard to move? No.. her mind reasoned. Why would she be underwater? She didnt know... Well then ask?

She flet herself smile or she hoped it was a smile she couldn't really tell. The confusion in her tone seemed to be reflected properly as she spoke. "Doctor... why ..why am I underwater?" She asked even her voice felt thick and heavy like she was trying to swallow air instead of breath it. There was a weird tingling almost like an electrical current that ran through her body making her feel numb. It also fogged up her mind. It was so hard to think and she was so awfully tired. "Did the room flood? we should turn the movie off until Wolfy fixes it." The mention of her friends name caused a feeling of dread to come over her. What was going on?

The scans showed the full extent of her damages. Her wrist was indeed broken, Crushed as if someone had taken a vice and applied its full pressure to the bones making them rupture and scatter through the meat of her hand and arm scattered like billiard balls leaving her hand limp and useless for the time.

Her head... Well her skull was not collapsed. Her last moment of pulling away had saved her skull from meeting the same fate as her poor wrist. He could have easily shattered it like an egg shell instead he had landed only a glancing blow. Like all head wounds it bled more then was pretty.

James looked over at the display. He was not pleased with what he was seeing. "Jane, you are not in water right now and don't worry, ill keep it that way." The looked over to his nurse. "Amber, begin a brain circuitry pattern scan and give 10 micrograms of Metorapan. Also, get a neural link ready." He said and continued a scan. "Other than seeming under water, how are you doing?" He asked putting a small field on her wrist so it remained immobile.

"My head hurts a little.. and I .. Doctor what happened?" Jane asked as her mind started to put things together... "Am I ..Am i in medical?"

"Yes." The doctor said bluntly as he tapped a few things on his tricorder. "That means you're in good hands. Can you tell me what happened?" He said and casually added "two CC's Rexalin" which he knew his staff was listening. He looked at his tech and moved his head in the direction of the surgical suite. The tech understood and casually walked away.

Her brow came together her body had stopped its shivering. She felt warmer and calmer. "A my office... he hit me." She closed her eyes trying to remember more. her mind felt like it was full of a harsh thrumbing. The images where hazy. She could recall eatting pop corn and watching a movie with Wulfgar.. that couldnt be it.. "I woke up because I heard voices... Wolfy was talking to someone.. they where angry.." the thought kept wanting to slip away. She was tired.. her eyes took so much more effort then it should to open them. "Are they okay?" She asked suddenly panic helped wake her up as she recalled the sounds of flesh on flesh and scuffling.. "are they safe too?"

The doctor looked over some of the scans. Her wrist was broke at the ulnar and radial bones. She would need surgery for him to line everything up right before he began the regeneration process on them. While it was not a catastrophic break, it was in just the right spot to make the whole wrist useless.

"Right now you are the first to show up so you get my full attention." The doctor said and looked back at the master display. He wanted to know what was causing the under water feeling and he had an idea.

A quick tap showed she had a two skull fractures. The one on her maxilla was high enough it would make a nasty bruise, but was very small. The second was on her occipital bone, which would indicate to him that she hit or was hit by something from behind. Either by falling or third party. Neural circuitry pattern was displayed and looked normal.

He started another scan and waited a moment. Her inner cranial pressure was 18. She had a nasty concussion for sure, but he was not thrilled about that number, which was just enough to cause him to think. He ran through his treatment options in his head. After a quiet moment he looked at his nurse. "Amber, would you go scrub in please and send John put to bring Ensign Doe in for surgery." He said as his nurse nodded and left.

"Jane, it looks like you got a broken wrist and got a bump or two on your head that I'm going to monitor, but I need to bring you in for surgery so I can fix your hand. It won't be a long surgery, but I need to make sure everything is perfect before I fix the bones."

"Yes, Doctor if you think thats best." She tried her best to smile at him. She wasn't scared not even a little she trusted him. "Its going to be okay." She said, "Ill be up to no good again in no time."

He smiled. "I'm sure you will be up to no good again before you even leave my sicknay." His medical tech John came out and went to the head of the biobed and got it ready to move. "John is going to move you into surgery and Amber will get you ready. I will be in shortly." He explained and nodded to his tech who began pushing her into the suite.

His words brought her great comfort and she did smile easier then as she watched the ceiling move from her place on the bio bed. She didnt want to complain but as they moved she felt a soft thudding in her head. It was becoming more pronounced as they moved and she began to feel nauseated too. The moment they stopped it stopped. She glanced up at John was it?? John the med tech... what about him? I dont remember, but that is fun to say isn't it? John the med tech.. yeah.. John the med tech.. wow it really was sorta fun. What about the other one? Amber.. Yes Amber! Like her old friend from back home. The girl who had given her her floaties at her birthday party so Jane could go in the water with them... What had she called her Fish something? Oh names were so fun and it took her mind off the idea of the surgery. Not that she was worried. 'Maybe you should be?' Then there was a lady who was smiling down at her. She had such a sweet smile. "Are you Amber?" She asked her face seemed puffy to Jane and maybe a little distorted. She had something important she needed to tell them.. About moving.. Was it something about John? Oh yeah!! "Amber... say John the med tech three times fast... you will thank me later for it." That didnt seem right. But at least it would be fun....

The doctor came in after a moment in his surgical attire. He looked down at Jane after checking the monitors. "Ok Jane, I'm going to give you something to sleep and when you wake up you'll be good as new." He said and tapped a button on the surgical bed. "Now count to five for me."

"okay doctor" Jane smiled up at him. But there was a moment of dread that washed through her it was gone as fast as it had come. He wanted her to count. She wanted him to smile. yes he had a nice smile..". one...two....bunny.. unicorns.." Then before she could say chip monks she was out cold.

"And there we are." The doctor said and looked over a few scans. "Let's start with her head. Osteogenic stimulator please." He asked and stuck his hand out. His nurse already having it ready put it in his hand and he began working over her half smiling face.

Shri'Rao walked in a few minutes later.

"How is our patient Doctor?"shri'Rao asked.

Hearing the com from the adjacent room, the doctor glanced up for a second then returned his attention to the patient. "She is doing well Lieutenant. No immediate danger now. Innercaranial pressure is down to 17 and falling. Hand is next. I assume your here because of this?"

"Indeed Doctor is she conscious?" Shri'Rao asked.

The doctor shook his head as he put the tool down and looked down to her hand. "No, and she will be very thankful for that once I open her hand to set the bones." He looked at a scan of her wrist and back to her hand and then to the clock on the wall. "I need a half hour for her wrist, and due to the head trauma, I am going to keep her sedated for another three hours after so I can monitor her inner cranial pressure and make sure something didn't slip by." He looked up through the door to the Lieutenant. "She will be responsive for questions in about four hours, although if your investigation can wait, I'd prefer six, but we can work with four."

"Very well Doctor I shall return in four hours". Shri'Rao replied.

Shri'Rao left he left and went back to her office. She had reports ot fill out and prisoners to feed,

The doctor continued his work. "John, please stay outside. No more visitors. I need to make this right." He said and began work on aligning Jane's wrist.


Ensign Jane Doe

Lieutenant James Trallos MD
Chief Medical Officer

Lieutenant Shri'Rao Sh'veqan
Chief Security Officer


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