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Meeting the new CSO

Posted on Sat Nov 21st, 2020 @ 9:45am by Civilian Frank Kamar Jr. & Lieutenant JG Alex Dinter mr

Mission: Season Two - Incidentals
Location: CSO
Timeline: current

Frank had been busy since they left Iota Station, after the repairs, they had taken on quite a few new crew members and he was doing his best to meet them all. They were going to be testing the ship's systems today and he wanted to meet the new Chief of Science. The Nebula class ship had advanced scanning and a more advanced lab than the average starship. Frank hoped that one day an important scientific discovery would come from the lab on his ship. He stepped into the lab and took in the sterile white equipment, the computers, and testing equipment that only scientists know how to use; he scanned the room looking for the new Chief.

Soon the door flung open. It was no secret that this, of course, the long-awaited science officer. "Lieutenant Dinter, Reporting for duty sir," Dinter said. Dinter then glanced at the computers.

"Welcome aboard Lieutenant, your arrival has brought some anticipation and excitement for the Science team. You have a good team here, there is even a Talaxian here on an exchange program, and a Dalacari will be arriving soon to work in Science as well," the Captain explained.

"qatlho' qaH, That's Klingon for thank you sir" Dinter replied. He quickly departed his station to grab a cup of Fruchtsaft.
Fruchtsaft was essentially german fruit juice. Dinter always liked something to remind him of the taste of home. Austria, Germany. He quickly grabbed his strawberry juice and ran back to his station.

There he noticed his chair. Getting in was a little difficult. His 7-foot frame did not allow such things

"Do you need a bigger chair, Lieutenant? I can get the engineers to replicate one a bit more fitting of your stature. " Frank asked the tall man.

"I suppose I could use one. it doesn't appear I'm going to fit in this one." Dinter replied

"Speak with Lieutenant Commander Kamar or Ensign Deurgar, either one will be able to assist you. Is there anything else I can do for you?" The Captain asked.

"Actually i do have a question. How new is this equipment? I know how to use all federation Science equipment but I'm better with some better then others" Dinter replied

"It's fairly new, we had a refit about a year ago now in preparation for our mission here. Unfortunately, it hasn't had as much usage as I had hoped but I am hoping that will change with you here," Frank explained.

"Oh, believe me, it'll get used. I ain't Starfleet for nothing" Dinter laughed. "Of course I do want to thank you for allowing me to serve your ship though."

"You're welcome, and I look forward to hearing of good things from your department. I need to go complete a department inspection for Operations, is there anything I can do for you before I go?" Asked the Captain.

"Nope that'll be it" Dinter replied

Captain Kamar extended his hand, "Welcome Aboard Lieutenant, it was nice meeting, but I need to move along." After shaking the Lieutenant's hand, Frank left the science department and headed to the next department.

Captain Frank Kamar
Commanding Officer

Liuntenat Alex Dinter
Cheif Science officer


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