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Life Support Systems

Posted on Fri Aug 14th, 2020 @ 9:42pm by Lieutenant Shri'Rao Sh'veqan & Lieutenant Commander Deannen Roinu

Mission: Discovery
Location: Deck 2 Environmental Control Room
Timeline: 239408.11


The life support system is a system aboard starships or starbases responsible for maintaining habitable living conditions for the crew. Failure of the life support system is usually grounds for immediate evacuation of the ship or base. The system typically includes the artificial gravity, inertial dampeners and atmospheric controls.

Aboard Starfleet vessels or starbases, enlisted crew members responsible for the maintenance of the life support system held the rating of life support technician.

Well guess who that was. It was me Petty Officer Second Class Pete Tomlinson. This wasn't his first rodeo either and he was a good technician never getting credit for anything. Actually that wasn't exactly true he got attaboys, but the officers usually got the medals and the promotions. Not that he was complaining at east he was out in space where he wanted to be, and he actually liked his shipmates. He was stuck on deck two. None of the doors would open and his console was going bonkers. He couldn't get access to anything, or contact anyone. Chief Paulson was going to be so pissed at him.

Actually unknown to him, Chief Paulson had died in a fire on Deck 7 literally. Poor lady had an ODN junction explode in her face. She was dead before she hit the ground.

He knew the Penn had fought a pitched battle and the ship had taken a lot of damage.

When the lights went out he started pulling panels apart. Something was the matter with the internal sensors. He couldn't get readings on anything. at least any that made sense.

He worked on trying to get his console back online.

Petty officer Johnson was just reassigned to the Yeager, his last assignment was on a Star base doing refits and repairing ship with battle damage. He told the transporter chief to put him at a location he selected and to beam over his gear too. He went prepared for the worst. His specialty was environmental controls and the location selected was the best place to be put so he could access the area quickly.

When he beamed in with his gear he saw someone else was there, " Hello I am Petty officer Johnson from the Yeager. I specialize in environmental controls."

"You can call me Pete . Petty Officer Second Class Pete Tomlinson. Im the resident ECS expert on this ship. Welcome aboard I'm glad your here. I can't seem to get the isoliner processing hub to work. I think its shot and my console is fubared too. Any word from the outside? How bad is the damage? If you're here I take it we won the battle? You wouldn't happen to have an optical dynamic probe would you?" Tomlinson asked.

'I am Johnny, I do have the probe, here you go, and I do have one isoliner processing hub with me as I open a case. and reach it to him Here it is." And hits his communications badge, " beam over 12 portable generators to my location and also 12 isoliner processing hubs to me too. Also here is a spare communications Badge I carry. If we need to seperate we can still talk to each other.

I hear there are some fires on a few decks and a lot of damage. The ship is only making .5 impulse power. Also Bridge wants the environmental controls working asap."

"Well then we have a lot of work to do." Pete wasn't sure what ASAP meant in a situation like this. He had been working on the environmental controls for the last 5 hours.

"Looks like internal sensors and communications are down too, any word on the wounded?"

Pete took the optical dynamic probe and started tracing circuits. it was long slow work without internal sensors.

"Have not heard about causalities yet. I know we have engineering personnel. Medical personnel, and any other personnel we can spare here helping out. To bad the internal sensors could have made this go a lot faster." Johnny replied.

"Oh. crap..looks like the optical linkages will all have to be replaced, what could do that?" Pete said to himself.

He took three apart already..

"Lets get that optical hub processor, I think I can get the bridge environment controls back online and get access to decks 1 through 6. For some reason there is a complete blockage on deck seven."

They worked for at least two more hours and between the two of them got the environmental control console back online. Their were a number of outages and they started fixing one by one..

Johnny cheered as life support came online, "YAHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!, now we can get the other stuff. How about it communications or sensors or both of us tackle a different one."

Pete high fived him. That was only ten hours of work.



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Lt Shri'Rao Sh'veqan
Chief of Security
USS Pennsylvania

Lt Deannen Roinu
Chief Flight Control Officer
USS Pennsylvania



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