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Fighting fires

Posted on Tue Aug 25th, 2020 @ 6:34am by Captain Frank Kamar Jr. & Lieutenant Commander Arianna Sky Kamar & Lieutenant Commander Deannen Roinu & Lieutenant Shri'Rao Sh'veqan & Lieutenant James Trallos MD & Ensign M'Relar K'relar

Mission: Discovery
Location: Deck 7
Timeline: 239408.11

Lt Sh'veqan took note of the damage as she tried to make her way to auxiliary control, unfortunately, that was on deck 24 and she had been on the bridge, the turbo lifts were out so she had to use the deck hatched and ladders. when she got to deck seven she smelled a lot of smoke coming from there. She got out and grabbed an emergency foam extinguisher and just followed the smoke. There were several security personnel already there putting out the fire, She, Adams and Strickland pulled out bodies from quarters that had been burned, the arboretum took some damage as well. Several trees were burned ferns, and a few alien varieties. several others came out and started helping, the place looked apocalyptic.

It was pretty easy to find the cause of the fire as every computer and ODN access point on deck seven had over loaded and exploded, carpets walls even a few cabins were on fire. Emergency lighting and the fire was the only source of illumination and the life support systems were out on this deck a well. Shri'Rao had no idea if this condition was common on the rest of the ship but she and her team did what they could, where they could. Fortunately several of her own people were already fighting the fire and saving lives or tending to the wounded.

Shri'Rao tried to direct traffic as well as possible and had the crew take the injured to sickbay at least those that could be moved. Some had burns other broken bones. most had cuts and bruises.

They fought the fire in shifts to conserve air it was getting downright smoky in there.

Shri'Rao sent another runner to get ventilation masks. Finally they had the fire out and moved to another section where the air was cleaner.

Ensign Davis came running up. "Lt Rouni sent me to help and said the cargo bay has 4 large foam units to fight fires with they roll easy and can flood a late area with suppression foam in a few minutes to put out any fires we have.

She is working on idea for ship to ship communications also."

Shri'Rao coughed up black soot from smoke inhilation.

"Please thank Lt Rouni for her timely assistance, and advise her that the fires on deck 7 are out. Also advise her that right now its more important to repair the life support systems. Tell her that environmental controls are on deck 2 and to do what she can with them and to expect damage control teams from the USS Yeager inbound." Shri'Rao said coughing and hacking up more black soot.

She knew she was going to be hurting for the next few days.

Finally Mr. Paulson the runner she sent to get ventilators/breathers arrived and Shri'rao was able to take her first breath of fresh filtered air.

She was relatively sure that Dr. Trallos could fix whatever damage to her lungs she had sustained. As soon as she recovered some of her strength and breath, Shri'Rao made sure that deck 7 was evacuated for now, then she helped take the wounded and burned to sickbay. doing what she could to seal off the deck. She slowly made her way to sickbay on deck 12.

M'Relar was down with some wounded and did an emergency beam out to Sickbay."Emergency beam out to sick bay ."
Nothing happened transporters must be down. M'Relar and others took the wounded to sickbay the old fashioned way one in litters other over there shoulders. once they got there she growled, "Hey I got some wounded." She looked in Sickbay. Very upset.

It took a lot of time maybe 40 minutes but Shri'Rao and her team made it down to deck 12. The medical teams and nurses were running ragged trying to help people.

"Is there anything we can do to help?" Shri'Rao asked.

James looked around. He had no idea what time it was. He made his way over to the litters and started making scans. One of the techs was already getting some small equipment out for the burns. Some were not good, others just in pain.

"Welcome to the party Lieutenant. Ensign." He said with a quick nod to each of them. "OK, you can help by moving these three into the nursery behind those four people laying near biobed 8. These two here, take them over to surgery suite 2, the one on the right." He said and stood up, feeling his back straighten.

He looked at Shri'Rao. "How bad is it out there? Any ETA on my lights?" He asked between moans of people.

Shri'Rao hacked up more black soot.

"I just spent two hours fighting a fire and putting out a fire on deck seven. The entire ODN network blew out up there creating a fire. I think we saved most of the arboretum. I'm afraid emergency lighting is all we have for the moment. I know its been hours but I understand that damage control teams from the Yeager are already starting to beam aboard. I'm sure they are on the bridge and in environmental control by now. There is only minimal life support on deck seven and for the moment the bridge at least when I left it was not habitable. The ship is on emergency impulse power only. I've got my own people as runners trying to relay information back and forth. I don't know the full extent of the damage but its extensive. Do you have any sickbay systems operational?", Shri'Rao asked.

Charlie Mc Guire came trotting into sickbay, "Um my boss wanted to tell you that you should have some power in a few minutes. She is working with the impulse drive now", he said looking around, "Damn doc you sure got your hands full," he added as suddenly some lights flickered to life. "Well, looks like you got some power Doc" he said.

"Good, Hey doc I'm afraid I breathed in too much smoke is there anything you can do for me?" Shri'Rao asked coughing up more soot..

The doctor looked at the new arrival as the lights came on. "Not a moment to soon. Tell your boss thanks and I'll pay my utilities on time from now on." He looked back at Shri'Rao. "And you my dear are in luck." He said and pulled a hypo and pressed it to her neck with a hiss. "It won't help the black lungs, but you can breath better." He said and calibrated the hypo. "This is set for 3CC's of Dexalin. It will help with the lack of oxygen. Press to the neck and press the button once. All you need to do. Will only last a couple of hours, but if you find someone near a fire or coming out of a low atmosphere environment, give them a hit. Good for about 10 doses, so be careful." The doctor said handing it to her with a smile. "Good to see your up and about."

"Thank you Doc. Shri'Rao said already feeling a little better..

Leaving sickbay, Charlie headed back down to engineering and was met by Arianna carrying a spool of ODN fiber optics. "Holy shit! Boss you know better! Come on give me that," he said pulling it out of her hands. That's when he noticed a brown stain on the side of her tunic. "'re hurt. Why don't you go to see the Doc?" he said timidly. He knew how she felt about sickbay, being Klingon and all.

Looking like a wounded targ, she nearly bit his head off. "Sickbay is for the infirm and as you can see, I am not infirmed! Charlie give me the dermal regenerator..." Arianna growled. Backing up, knowing he was gonna loose this fight, he gave her the regenerator. Passing it over the ragged wound, she grimaced again, which made Charlie realised she might have internal bleeding as well. "Charlie take that spool and begin laying it in conduit J9. I'll be up in a few minutes to begin replacing the bad lines ," she said.

"Sure boss," he said and disappeared from engineering. Charlie wasn't sure if he should say something to the doctor or the captain about Arianna being injured. Then again, he would hear it from Arianna if he said anything about her condition to anyone.

=/\= Arianna to Captain, Sickbay has minimal power to their systems. I'm trying to rewire ODN conduit J9 to get more power for the lights and life support. The fires are out thank Kahless, and the comm systems, if I am correct should be working thanks to Lt. Rouni. It is slow progress but I'll be DAMNED if we get towed to Starbase Iota! Arianna out =/\= Walking from engineering, she headed for conduit J9 to effect repairs.

=/\=Understood Lieutenant Commander, keep up the good work=/\= Frank replied tiredly.

M'Relar left sickbay she stayed on Deck 12 to help the crew with other Issues.

After a short time the lights came back on, most of the computers were still down but three of four bio-beds were now operating.

Several people beamed directly to sickbay, it was medical teams from the Yeager to help offload the critically injured.

"Excuse me Ensign where can i find Dr Trallos?" Dr. Jacobs asked. "He is over there, The one helping the Andorian woman."

Thank you.

"Excuse me, Dr. Trallos I am Dr. Jacobs from the USS Yeager. I have medical teams here to assist you with whatever you need and we are ready to beam your most critically injured to the Yeager for treatment". Jacobs said.

James reached a hand out. "Good to meet you Dr. Jacob's. Help is always appreciated. As you can see, we're at standing room only and that is filling up." He gestured down the hall. "Biobeds are full but functional. I've got 8 patients down there in the nursery that I converted into a improv ICU. They could use a real bed and more care. I've got a hall full of various non threatening injuries that have been on hold until the serious have been treated." He turned and looked at the doctor. "Lastly, I've got i believe the current count is 8bdead in Cargo bay 2. Morgue is down and needed to secure the bodies. If you wouldn't mind taking those we lost I'd greatly appreciate that."

"Very well, I have also brought several triage nurses who are already treating some of the minor injuries. If you need anything else my orders are to assist you in any way I can" Dr Jacobs said. He then turned to his team.

"Alright people don't just stand there gopping for now your on morgue duty get them to the Yeager for storage. Move it people"!! Jacobs ordered.

M'Relar heard they needed help with Morgue duty, she then ran to help the others with Morgue duty its the best she can do.

Ens M'Relar K'relar

Captain Kamar
Commanding Officer
USS Pennsylvania


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