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Posted on Tue Aug 25th, 2020 @ 6:27am by Captain Frank Kamar Jr. & Lieutenant Commander Arianna Sky Kamar & Major Naomi Sylan Griffiths & Lieutenant Commander Deannen Roinu & Lieutenant Shri'Rao Sh'veqan & Lieutenant James Trallos MD & Ensign M'Relar K'relar

Mission: Discovery
Location: Bridge

Frank stood in the centre of his bridge, his Lieutenants continued calling out losses of various systems comms, Lear’s, life support on a couple of the decks, and several damaged decks. He sprinted to his Ready Room and grabbed his Padd. Moments later he began taking down the list of damages. Yeah, it was old school to take notes but then again he was old. “Alright bridge personnel please listen for a moment,” Frank began informally, “we’ve lost some comms throughout the ship, Sh’veqan I’d like your security teams not working on the weapons systems to act as messengers. Between the departments. I’m going to Medical and Engineering, to see how we can help. Major will you work with Operations to see what we can do to get internal communications online. It seems we only have a local ship to ship contact and we need to get internal comms. Rouni You will have control of the bridge while the XO and I begin assessing the damage. Any questions?”

"Understood Captain", Shri'Rao said. She tasked the guards at the turbo lift stations to find Ensign M'Relar and inform her of the new status change and that all unassigned security personnel would act as comm runners till the immediate crisis was over or internal communications were restored. Her men seemed to understand their orders and left the bridge. She then attempted to secure what was left of her console, then finally gave up, there was just not enough left of the control function.

Rouni replied, "Understood Captain" as she got up and turn flight control over to the assistant flight control officer. She then moves to a position next to the Chair and strengthened some before the CO and XO left.

"Lt Rouni, try to secure your station if you can. if not let's get the hell off the bridge were losing atmosphere." Shri'Rao stated

Naomi looks at her Captain "yes Captain I will and I will also go and check things down in Security Captain" she said then looked at the CoS "El-tee is there any messages you want to get to Security? I am going that way" the Major said

Frank nodded to Naomi as she began moving into action, he knew she was a Marine, but turning the focus from fighting to saving the ship involved some different tactics. He knew she'd rise to the occasion, as had the rest of the bridge crew.

Rouni replied, "Roger that as she secured her station. And headed to the Command Chair."

"Yes thank you, Major, Please advise Ensign K'relar to set for security code 12 and have her arm security and command personnel with Phaser number 1, also advise her to send what hands she can to help put out the fires on deck 7. I'll meet her in auxiliary control shortly". Shri'Rao requested.

"you got it El-tee" Griffiths simply said and left the bridge.

Shri'Rao turned to Captain Kamar and explained, "Sir SSC's (Starfleet Security Codes) 11-20 are used in conditions of hostilities between the Federation and a foreign power. These priorities are used to transmit orders regarding the disposition of vessels and ground troops, the relocation of civilian personnel, the assigning of Starfleet resources to different commands, operations orders for these commands and specific operations orders. In this case, they will be used as runners until a better solution presents itself." Shri'Rao advised.


Ens K'relar was in the Security area checking on the weapons on the metal shelves that they are all presentable and all of them were there. She wanted to make sure they were neat on the shelves too.

Naomi finally arrived in Security, she was on her way to find the Operations Officer who was not currently on the bridge, but as she entered the Security office she saw a young Ensign.

"Ensign, a message from Sh'veqan for you as communications are down she said set for code 12 and you are to arm all security personnel with phaser setting One and use what marines we have to assist with the fires on deck seven and she will meet you in auxiliary control shortly," Griffiths said.

Ens K'relar nodded to her security chief"Aye Sir." after that, she took off like a bat out of hell to alert Security ,and Marines to see if they have weapons and that marines need to help in the fire.


Captain Kamar left the bridge and went to Medical carrying his PADD. The normally quick jaunt took 20 minutes longer than usually do to some of the decks and passageways being damaged. As he got closer to Medical he saw patients with minor wounds waiting outside resting against the bulkhead. Frank knew that if the medical team was forced to triage then the Doc was going by the book in a mass casualty scenario. His heart thumped in his chest because he knew there would be loss of life. We’re the lives of his crew worth more than the survivors of the planet below? That was a question he’d wrestle with later, right now he needed to be present.

Entering the doors of Medical, he was greeted organized chaos, Doc Trallos and his team were working with multiple patients, he didn’t want to interrupt but he wanted his crew to know he was a here to support them.

The doctor was hovering over a crewman that had pretty severe internal bleeding. He had just got it stopped without having to open the patient up and glanced up hearing the doors his open. The crew he posted for triage were only allowing critical patients in so he took the glance to see where this one went into the order. Seeing the Captain come in and looking in shock, the doctor swore.

"Amber! Give me a hand!" He said and rushed over to the Captain and pulled out his tricorder and began a scan before anything could happen. "You made it in Captain, what hurts?"

"Nothing is hurt, Doc, I just came to check in with you. The engagement is over, the Kazon have withdrawn, but we took some damage and have lost some systems including comms. Security is going to be acting messengers until we can get something worked out. Is there anything you need at the moment?" Frank asked concerned at the carnage in the once clean medical facility.

The doctor patted the Captain on the shoulder. "Glad you're fine Captain." James paused and looked around the room. This was really the first time he stopped to look around. Since the fighting started it was one thing to the next. His staff just kept people coming through. Beds were full, he saw people at the door, even people in his office. He shook his head and brought his focus back.

"We're in rough shape. I'm out of the room. Cargo bay 2 has been converted to a morgue." He checked his chrono. "I've got 10 there so far. We lost power about an hour ago. The power cells in the biobeds have another 11 hours left. I'm running the surgical suite hard but we have two. If power is going to take more than 11 hours to get on, I'll need 2 dozen 32A power cells at a minimum. And any medic trained hands would nice too."

The doctor looked back at the Captain. "Hope you took a few of them for us."

“We took down two ships Doc, the third limped away. We honestly wouldn’t have made it without help. Security personnel will be acting as messengers, if you need anything let me know, get word to the bridge, Lieutenant Rouni is coordinating assistance with the ships that showed up. The Xo and I are checking Departments and will return to the bridge shortly.

"Understood." The doctor said and turned to head to back to the person he left. "Oh, Captain, be careful moving around out there.


Frank left Medical heavy-hearted as he made his way to engineering, his wife, the Chief Engineer hadn’t checked in after reporting another round of outages and damage. He prayed the reinforcements done to the hull for the Graviton Catapult helped protect the Penn. Captain Kamar held his breath as he stepped into engineering.

"Charlie, are the emergency forcefield still holding?" Arianna hollered.

"Yeah boss they're holding thank the gods" Charlie McGuire yelled back.

Ignoring the shooting pain in her side, she moved to the main display. It was about the only thing not damaged in the attack. With red lights blinking and alarms popping off she shook her head. "This is NOT good! It's gonna be a month or more in drydock! The warp drive is shot, and impulse is only at one-third power, internal comms are down, 3 minor Hull breaches, ODN primaries are shot, and to top it off.....Air filtration is half working and we are bleeding atmosphere! FEK'LAR!!!!" she bellowed. "How he'll...." sensing the captain standing behind her, "Frank, it's a mess," she said wincing.

Frank held his wife by the shoulders and squeezed her gently. He kissed her forehead and said softly, "You've got this, take a deep breath and let's prioritize. How do we secure atmosphere first? We can't fix anything else if we can't breathe, let’s evacuate non critical areas, we will start with the bridge. I can move Rouni and security to the battle bridge. What else can I do?”

"Well....." she started as another pain stabbed at her side making her wince again. "With the CFO on the bridge and the appearance of the Yeager, and the CIO putting out the fires, Half of the environmental systems have been fixed thankfully. T'Pris is going to work on the other one with some of the Yeagers engineers and Charlie Mc Guire is working on keeping the emergency forcefield in place. Thank god for the enhancements. They saved us almost perfectly. But the ship has several bulkheads that were weakened by the battle and did leave a hole on deck seven allowing oxygen to bleed. And to boot, unless I boost the impulse up to 3/4, it will take us a few weeks to get to the starbase. I DON'T dare use or even suggest a tow. The sheer will pull us apart" Arianna said sadly. "Oh Frank how do we get out of this one?" she asked looking at him.

”We’re gonna figure this out, we are engineers,” Frank pulled up a diagram of the ship on his PADD that was stored locally for emergencies. He pointed out several areas,”We have damage here and here, but these bulkheads are reinforced here for the Catapult, if we can seal off these compartments on the damaged decks we will no longer bleed oxygen. Have damage control focus on isolating those areas, your team needs to keep the lights on for us. Once we are stabilized we can focus on the engines. I may be a Captain, Darling but I’m still an engineer by god, and we will fly to Iota under our own power or I will eat my pips.”

Trying not to laugh, as it would cause pain, Arianna responded "You would say that honey, you always knew how to crack a positive speech and it makes good sense" she said. I'm working on the power problem now. I have to rewire an ODN conduit with new fiber optical cable so we can get power for lighting. The impulse are working but only at about 1/4 so I'm going to try and get it up to 3/4 I hope," she added.


Lt Rouni with a portable breather was on the Bridge getting reports of damage from the runners. She kept everything organized. Then she remembered something and turned around.

Ensign come here, take this message to It Sh'zyllit. There are 4 large foam units in cargo bay 6. They can flood the area with fire suppression foam and aid in putting the fire out.

The ensign smiled and responded, "I am on it LT."

Also as she turned to communications. Get an engineer to assist you. Remove a communications unit from one of the shuttles and bring it to the Bridge. We can use it for the ship to ship communications.

LTjg Davis smiled on it It. As she grabbed an engineer working on the Bridge to help her.

Tactical responded, It there is a ship approaching. It is the Yeager. They are off our port side. With no communications, they could not talk to the Yeager.

In a couple of minutes, the sound of someone beaming over was heard on the Bridge. I am. It Donaldson of the Yeager. Do you require assistance from us?

I am It Rouni CFO on Pennsylvania. Captain Kamar and our XO are evaluating damage below deck now. I have the Bridge at the present time.

We have no ship to ship communications or internal communications at this time. We are suppressing fires in a couple of areas now. And our engineers are working hard to get things up. Environmental is down with some minor hull breaches.

We do need help and thanks.

LT Donaldson hit his communications badge. Yeager this is Donaldson have some engineers beam to engineering to assist with repairs and also. Send some extra communications badges over here too. And to the engineering section too.

As he spoke they returned with the communications unit from a shuttle. Rouni smiled. I want that working 2 hours ago people

Captain Jiminson replied. Personnel and other items on the way now. As personnel and equipment started beaming over on various parts of the ship.

Also, LT Donaldson, I need a team on deck. 2. It is critical we get Environmental Controls working again. Then we need all sensors inline so we can figure out where teams are needed most right now.

We have some fires and on deck 7 but I don't know if there are more or where they might be located as internal sensors are down.

M'Relar was on rounds making sure all was safe, she wasn't sure if The Turbo lift was working she thought she'd climb the Jefferies tubes for each part of the ship, case there was anyone needed help. Her Nose smelled smoke she headed towards the smoke area to see there's any wounded or other people needing help.

LT Rouni felt lie support come back up as the atmosphere began to stabilize. She smiled, suddenly communications officer spoke up. LT we have the shuttle communications hooked up and are powering it up.

LT Rouni replied when it is working set up a link to the Yeager so we can talk directly. Even if it is voice only."

She removed her breathing device but kept it close by if it was needed again.

Someone from communications came on the Bridge carrying a portable communications unit. She smiled, "Get that one setup and also one in engineering, sickbay and the Battle Bridge asap." The tech replied AYE Mam.

"The shuttle communications unit is up and working with audio and visual LT."

"Good get the Yeager up for me" as she moved to the command chair and sat down. She comes on screen.

"I am LT Rouni, Chief Flight Officer on the Pennsylvania. I am acting in command on the Bridge while the Captain and XO
are checking damages out themselves. Thank you for you assistance Captain.

I am Captain Jiminson of the Yeager, You are Welcome LT Rouni, I am glad your ship is recovering. And can tell looking around you that you took a lot of damage. And you are welcome for our help, it was our pleasure. How are you doing ship to ship communications.

We are using a communications unit from one of our shuttles. It does not have a lot of range to send and receive messages but it is better than nothing. Can you relay a message to Lota about supplies we need to effect repairs for us Captain.

"Yes I can send it over and we will send it out immediately." Jimison replied.

LT Rouni nodded to the communication officer on the Bridge and she sent the information to the Yeager. "Thanks for all your help and also from your crew too. Everyone worked well together."

"Our pleasure" Captain Jimison replied.

"Pennsylvania out." Deannen acknowledged.

M'Relar had been tired out for all the help she did for her ship, she walked for a little in help with any people, and clean up. M'Relar was ready to collapse herself but she needed to stay on duty.


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