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Becoming a team

Posted on Tue Oct 15th, 2019 @ 6:32am by Lieutenant JG James Trallos MD

James rubbed his eyes gently as he set a PADD down and turned his terminal display off. It had been a long ride from the ambush point back to Iota. The time itself was not the issue, but the amount of work and kind of work made it longer. Major trauma was never an easy thing and having four casualties in such a short time underway in the mission was not easy for anyone. He was determined not to make their deaths meaningless. He pressed a button on his terminal.

"Chief Medical Officer's log. After the recent deaths of our crew mates, I began my staff training earlier than I planned. During our trip back to the Iota system, I reserved a holodeck for training. We spent most of the transit in the holodeck reviewing the entire incident from the second the casualties beamed over to the final time of death call."

"The team did admirably. I had just met with most of them prior to the alert. We had no time to train, for the nurses to learn how I practice medicine and the technician to figure out the layout of this ship since he came from a much smaller ship. Initial review of the footage did help the team cope with the losses. In this case, there was nothing we could have done, there was not enough time."

"Each time we reviewed the holodeck playback we focused on one person and paused each time anyone saw something that could help smooth things out, myself included. While it could not help us save our crewmen, the next major event will be more streamline."

"In a later log I will update on our progress. For now, they have performed better then I hoped and I believe in a short time we will be running as if we had worked years together, which will benefit the crew greatly. The Captain authorized some shore leave for a couple of days. Since Iota has a full Starbase with medical, I've encouraged the whole staff to take the time off and get a final breath of fresh air and process the last couple of days. I will follow them the next day after I finish my final entries for our fallen crewmen. Godspeed to all of them."


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