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Posted on Sat Dec 11th, 2021 @ 5:05pm by Captain Dirk Taggart

Captain Dirk Taggart sat at his desk staring at the completed paperwork, it is finished he thought to himself. The Pennsylvania now had a new Executive Officer, though Trallos had been promoted from within the ship, both Kamar and Griffiths, the original CO and XO that brought this ship to the Delta Quadrant had been replaced.

His time aboard had not been without it's troubles, first the takeover of command, then there was the nebula incident, and most recently kidnapped crew members. Things were definitely eventful around the ship and they kept him on his toes. It was in these quiet moments that he contemplated the career moves that had led him here. Taking a drink of his sweet tea he wondered what the new year would hold in store for him.


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