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counting all the good things

Posted on Thu Nov 12th, 2020 @ 10:19pm by

Its been an interesting week. So much has happened both good and bad. Still I rather reflect on all the good. I made a new friend in Vespa the Dalaci twins. We had such a wonderful time exploring caves and eve saw a most beautiful display of bio luminacins I have ever seen. I cant wait to talk to Vereelix about it. Maybe with some luck we can go there all together to that place and see it together. I was able to catch up with the good Doctor I feel a bit as though I have failed him as he is still struggling with sleep issues. We are however going to move into possibly exploring different combinations of therapy to help him. He even agreed to take acupuncture classes with me. It will be nice to have a friend to take the class with. I find his company to be much like a healing balm for the soul.

Speaking of classes, I have made progress in my studies of the Kazan tribes and the various different dialects to their language. Though not nearly enough to be of any real use.

I am still in the process of setting up a book club and a music appreciation club. I am pleased to say that several of my good friends have expressed interest in at least one or the other.

My biggest and most ambitious project is a Barbeque that I would like to host on the holodeck to help all my new friends get to know each other better. I know everyone is going to love Alex Dinter. He has so much expressive energy it makes me envious at times. He is almost as charming and charismatic as Wulgar in his own way. It will be great to see everyone I care about in one place enjoying good food and good company in a fun relaxed atmosphere.

Ensign Jane Doe


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