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Things we call home about

Posted on Sat Oct 31st, 2020 @ 4:10am by

So much had happened over the last few weeks. Jane was not sure just what to think or feel. There were so many wonderful mean and women on this ship. It was a place of comradery, life, and discovery.

Oh yes discovery. Jane had discovered so much not just about the crew but also about herself. As she sat at her monitor she wondered if her mother did pick up this time if she might get the chance to speak to her father. If not she'd just tell her mother and let the cards fall where they may. She was tired of being afraid. She entered the code and waited. It rang and rang but nothing. they would not take her call. Jane wrestled down the urge to to scream in frustration. She had been attacked in her our office, been injuried and now they would not even take her calls.

maybe they are on the run? gone undergrounds so to speak.

No because if that was the case they would have told her or sent someone to tell her. She tried again/ and then a thrid time before she simply got up and walked away.


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