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Brig time

Posted on Thu Oct 29th, 2020 @ 11:49am by Ensign Wulfgar Duergar
Edited on Thu Oct 29th, 2020 @ 11:56am

Wulfgar's personal log.

I had spent the night with Jane last night and had a great evening watching movies until we fell asleep, but was woken up by noises that had wanted to go undetected. I got up and went into Jane's office area to find it had been torn apart and vandalized. The person or persons responsible even killed Jane's new pet tribble but when I found the thing and was about to try and help it, though I feel that the ship is better without that furry stomach with teeth, a man who Jane called Kyle appeared. He accused me of destroying the area and killing the tribble. I was trying to find out who he was when Jane had come out and when she went to her tribble the guy grabbed her, breaking her wrist, bruising her and then hit her. I should have called for security then but something in me snapped and I attacked the guy. We fought until security arrived where we both were sent to the brig.

So here I sit in the brig and can hear the other guy a few cells down chuckling, what about? I can not say. I pray that Jane is alright even if it costs me my career as attacking someone like I did is very unbecoming of a star fleet officer. I will accept what punishment my superiors give me with no complaints or arguments. There are procedures in place but I feared for Jane's life.

Jane...... I hope she is alright and not too badly injured. I want to go see her but of course I can't due to my current predicament. As soon as I'm released from here I plan to take and visit her in medical or her quarters, depending on where she is. Over the last month of being on this ship and hanging out with her, I have found that I have feelings that are more than just friendship towards her and if I'm not discharged from service, I plan on telling her. I just hope she doesn't turn me away like she did after she had kissed me a few days ago on that hike in the holodeck.

I hear someone coming but can't see the entrance to see who it is. Is it the Captain coming to tell me how I'm a disgrace to Star fleet and bust me down or kick me out? Is it lieutenant commander Arianna, my chief, coming to tell me that I let her down and that I'm not assistant Chief material after all? I'll find out soon enough. I will add more when I can.

End recording.


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