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Captain's Log - Better Late than Never

Posted on Wed Oct 28th, 2020 @ 10:31pm by

Frank sat at his desk drinking some Vulcan Tea, he stared out the window as the stars slid by slowly at Warp One. The ship was capable of more, but he wanted to take it easy while the engineers worked out the kinks in the engines. He realized that due to the events of the last three weeks he had neglected to file a log.

*Computer Begin Recording*

This is Captain Kamar of the USS Pennsylvania. The Pennsylvania recently discovered survivors of a shipwreck on an island of the planet Tabula Rasa. Tabula Rasa is Latin for new Beginnings, while investigating the disproportionate number of adults to children, the USS Pennsylvania was ambushed by three Kazon ships. With the assistance of some new friends in the Delta Quadrant the Ts'sugi and Dalacari, we were able to evict them from the area. Two of the Kazon cruisers were destroyed and the third ship left the area.

The Pennsylvania survived but not without taking some serious casualties. The final death toll was 36 souls, 10 Officers, 24 Enlisted, and 2 civilians. The ship sustained heavy damage to her exterior hull plates, the computer core was damaged, and components that regulate the warp core were also damaged.

In place repairs were conducted an the Penn arrived at Iota Station a few days later. In a effort to bolster morale I promoted several Officers who proved themselves in a time of crisis, and gave awards to those who went above and beyond the call of duty.

Upon our arrival at Iota Station we were notified by Commodore Hanson that the Graviton Catapult was shut down per Starfleet's orders. The Commodore provided engineers and some parts to assist with the repairs. All of the external damage has been fixed and the computer core has also been repaired. Unfortunately the Warp Core is unable to be fully repaired at this time. Without the Catapult we are completely cut off from Alpha Quadrant and the supply of repair parts.

The Commodore at Iota Station also assigned several Junior Officers and some enlisted personnel to our ranks before we departed. The new crew seem to be integrating themselves nicely, and morale is on an uptick. One of the big reasons for the positive uptick is the new Counselor, she has proven herself adept at understanding the needs, and moods of the crew.

The Pennsylvania also took on two officers native to the Delta Quadrant, Ensign Vereelix and Lieutenant Junior Grade Vespa Kale, a Talaxian and Dalacari. Both will be assisting the crew in the Science department. Our hope is to use their knowledge to augment the data we have from Voyager, and to improve the relations between these races and others we have not met yet.

At this time the Pennsylvania has completed a test cruise and verified all ship systems are in working order except for the full warp capabilities. It is our hope to meet with some friendly traders or find a boneyard to scavenge or obtain the parts needed to fix the warp core.

*Computer End Recording


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