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Letting go of the negative -

Posted on Tue Oct 13th, 2020 @ 4:25am by

It was the closing of her first week as the new counselor for the USS Pennsylvania. And boy what a week. So much sadness and yet still so much hope and strength as well. Wonderful qualities in a ship of pioneers. Jane took the time to change into yoga pants and t-shirt. Then settled down in the middle of her office floor to meditate and reflect on everything that had come to pass these last few days. She worried that she might not be strong enough to be of any sort of help to many of them.

They needed someone with more experience. Maybe she should bring her fears to the Captain? Perhaps... But the little voice inside of her rebeled vehemently against such an act. How would she ever truly gain experience ourselves if we never go out to aquire it? The voice reasoned. And she concured they would all grow together, learn together the crew and herself. She felt her lips lift at the idea and fought to regain her neutral vibe. After anther minute wasted in the effort Jane abandoned meditation altogether for today. She knew what she needed. She was on her feet in seconds plodding to her office door and locked it. No. Nobody needed to walk in on what she was about to do.

She made her way to the cabinet hidden behind it's blue curtains. She glanced around her tidy office as if to make sure she was really truly alone. Then with a great sigh she unlocked it and let the doors swing open wide. "Well hello there." She said gazing inside a smile on her sweet face.



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