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Security report log

Posted on Tue Sep 29th, 2020 @ 4:20pm by Lieutenant Shri'Rao Sh'veqan

Security officers log Stardate 239409.29

We have made it to our delta sector starbase. Repairs continue on the USS Pennsylvania. The entire ODN network is being replaced. After talking with PO1 Tomlinson the ops specialist who brought this analysis to my attention, it appears that the Kazon have somehow adapted their phaser/disruptor technology with a phased compression photon stream in their nadion matrix. It has the effect of striking the shield and implanting a residual string of photons that use the shield emitter and deflector grid sensor system to feed into the optical data network. Compressed string of photonic nadions causes a compression feedback loop that that overheats ad burns out not only the ODN network, but the isolinear chips in the computer cores of the Pennsylvania. Specifically by over loading the automatic computer core cooling system specifically the Regenerative Liquid Nitrogen Loop or RLNL system. I will talk to Commander Adrianna Kamar when she returns from convalescent leave on possible techniques to counter this effect. Even after combat was over the damage continued until we finally lost all control and had t limp back to a starbase mostly on manual. I am wondering if there are particles we can inject into the deflector grid to counteract this type of assault. I'm not an engineer by any means but I do see the tactical advantages of causing lasting damage to an enemy. If the Pennsylvania hadn't been less than a few light days from base we would have been stranded. possibly forever. Warp drive is still down. The computer is up and automatic systems are up and running. the deflector grid is only operating at 30 percent. Long ans short range sensors and transporters are still under repair.

I have been acting as a one woman security escort for most of the repair crews and have learned a great deal about optical networks from the repair crews. Most of the crew is on leave. Just a skeleton crew remains. The Estimated Time of Repair or ETR is three weeks. It seems I have the watch. Log out.

Lt Shri'Rao Sh'veqan
Chief of Security
USS Pennsylvania


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