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Down time for M'Relar K'relar

Posted on Wed Jun 3rd, 2020 @ 3:29pm by

=/\= Crew Quarters=/\=

The young Caitian had just finished her duty, she thought maybe use of the Holodeck she took off for her quarters to the holodeck to have some fun. M'Relar took off to the nearest Turbo lift, to go to the deck where the holodeck was. As she rode the lift she thought what kind of program to have. She then got off the lift and headed for the Holodeck to have fun probably like an exercise of her phaser would be fun. So M'Relar programmed The holodeck and walked in for some fun with security detail with her phaser. It was set with holo characters that were enemies as they try and
fire at her M'Relar would fire back, she also had like objects for her to protect herself from being fired on herself.
The whole time on the holodeck was practicing using her phaser and other security detail to practice on.
She needed to get this in so she would be ready for away missions or on the ship.

Ens M'Relar K'relar
Assist Security


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