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Chief Counselor Draestrad’s personal log. Stardate 239403.01

Posted on Sun Mar 1st, 2020 @ 4:59pm by Lieutenant JG Draestrad

I have arrived safely to my new posting aboard the USS Pennsylvania, a refit Nebula class vessel assigned to mapping and exploration duties in the Delta Quadrant. The Penn carries a crew of nearly nine hundred, with another hundred non-Starfleet personnel aboard.

I’m struck by how remote we are from the Federation’s primary locations in the alpha and beta quadrants. While the Pennsylvania has plenty of amenities and space, I’ll need to facilitate group events and encourage senior staff to foster a sense of community.

Currently, we are en route to rendezvous with the Dalacari, an allied race of humanoids which I am interested in meeting and observing firsthand. Apparently they are born in pairs which share some form of telepathic bond.

I have been sequestered in my office, familiarizing myself with the crew’s psychological profiles and histories. However, I intend to make myself known to the senior staff at the next scheduled meeting. I imagine I’ll be quite busy, and need to make use of as many of the resources as I have at my disposal to ensure the wellbeing of this crew.


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