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Lieutenant Commander Henry Castle

Name Henry James Castle

Position Executive Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 31

Physical Appearance

Height 5 ft 9 in (175cm)
Weight 145lbs (65.7kg)
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Henry keeps his hair short, and a stubble beard. His expression is often one of being lost in some internal puzzle.


Father Jameson Castle
Mother Dr. Nikki Castle
Sister(s) Evelyn Castle
Other Family

Personality & Traits

General Overview An amiable person, Henry is more than happy to work with just about anyone. He can often be determined to solve a mechanical problem set before him, sometimes to the point of working well into the early morning. Despite this, he is fond of the occasional practical joke, and happy to enjoy the moment when it presents itself.
Strengths & Weaknesses A mind set for puzzles, problems, and seeking their solutions, Henry is a natural when it comes to mechanical issues.

His understanding of what he calls the “paper sciences” is limited to it’s practical application in engineering.

Likewise, his skills at combat and tactical situations leave much to be desired, and while he can hold his own in a fist-fight, he is fairly useless at weapons fire.
Ambitions In the immediate, Henry’s primary ambition is to see the outpost on Tabula Rasa in it’s finished state.

More broadly, Henry’s wishes are to one day return to Earth, taking a place at the Starfleet Corps of Engineers.
Hobbies & Interests Henry enjoys chess, horse riding, and jogsaw puzzles.

Character Bio

Personal History From an early age, it was clear that Henry had an aptitude for solving puzzles. He was forever in the habit is taking apart children’s toys that were supposed to be “indestructible”. His parents, fed up of finding the remains of their son’s tinkerings tried to nudge him into less destructive directions such as jigsaw puzzles.

Later in his schooling, Henry knew that he wanted to get more involved in mechanics, engineering, and anything that would let him take apart and put back together machinery. A purely research based career did not interest him in the least, as that was what he called “paper sciences” – interesting ideas to write down and publish, but it didn’t give him the opportunity to do things, to fix broken things.

That primarily left him with the option of entering Starfleet, to become an engineer. It would be a choice that would change his life far more than he could have predicted. Entering the academy shortly after his 18th birthday in 2382. Henry proved his skills at almost anything mechanical.

The next four years helped him to hone his skills, learn new ones, make friends, and see the potential for the life that lay ahead of him. The gold uniform, and seal of the Starfleet Corps of Engineers beckoned to him. Before he would even dare to dream of that high a goal, he first set his sights on something closer: graduation.

Striving to be his best possible self, Henry managed to finish well within the top 10% of his class, a position that pleased him greatly. At the age of 22, Henry Castle was an Ensign in Starfleet, and received his first assignment as an Engineering Officer.

His posting on the Nova-class USS Archimedes was certainly to be an adenture like he had never suspected. The first couple of years of his assignment went by without much in the way of incident. Henry achieved his promotion to Lieutenant JG, assisting his team leader, and gaining some much needed management guidance and experience.

A few months after his promotion, the USS Archimedes was among the vessels selected to be sent via the Catapult into the Delta Quadrant. The Nova’s small size and crew compliment made it a suitable candidate for the early tests, and it’s nature as a technical and science support vessel meant that it could assist in trouble-shooting on the other end.

Facing the prospect of being hurled tens of thousands of lightyears away, Henry did not approach the notion easily. Yet, the technological aspect opf the feat fascinated him, and so he remained with the ship, and crew, being sent into the far reaches of the Galaxy.

The following three years were a whirlwind of exploration, investigation, and wonder. The stark differences in technology between the two quadrants made Henry feel a rush of ecvitement, as though he had been dropped into a toy store.

He did not remain on the Archimedes, though. The limited number of starships sent to the Quadrant meant that personnel were shuffled around on a regular basis.

It was on the USS Jackal that Henry had begun to really settle into himself. Now an engineering team leader, and a full Lieutenant, he was enjoying his life, as well as his work. He had friends, a nice ship, and had seen and done far more interesting things in the Delta Quadrant than he could have imagined.

Starfleet, though, had need of him. A new outpost was being constructed within the Tabula Rasa System, and it was on the basis of his technical skills, his management abilities, and his problem solving that Henry Castle would be picked to lead the team for the iitial phase of construction.

This proved to be a much more daunting task than the young man would have ever imagined. Still only 29, the Lieutenant took to the challenge with gusto, throwing himself into the problems, and helping to guide the initial steps of the outpost.

He loved the following two years, and by 2395, the outpost was at an operational state, albeit not a comfortable one. With that success came yet another transfer. This one would bring with it a certain level of prestige. A certain amount of pride. Henry Castle was now to become a Starship Chief Engineer aboard the USS Pennsylvania, one of the grandest titles he could ever hope to have.

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