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Lieutenant JG Elliot Light

Name Elliot Marriot Light

Position Chief Engineering Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 33

Physical Appearance

Height 6'0"
Weight 160
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Gray
Physical Description Elliot is not a particularly athletic or attractive person. He is decently tall, but carries little muscle. He has straight, shoulder length blonde hair. Sometimes he has facial hair. Sometimes he does not. It all depends on whether or not he remembered to shave recently. Elliot usually has a jovial smile and an upbeat tone.


Father Marriot Falk (deceased)
Mother Rue Light (deceased)
Brother(s) Abel Light, Kennedy Light, Mark Light, Ferris Light
Sister(s) Sarah Light, May Wren, Josephine Light
Other Family

Personality & Traits

General Overview Elliot is a cheerful, clumsy and carefree man. There are few others that see the world with such hope and optimism as he. He is quick to make friends, and slow to make enemies. He doesn’t hold grudges. He is almost painfully honest and he loves the child-like excitements the world has to offer. He loves children’s games, and will often spend a whole afternoon doing coloring books or other such amusements. That being said, others (rightfully so) often think of him as scatter-brained. He is easily distracted, and he doesn’t focus on one task very well. As an engineer, he is your go-to for a quick, off the cuff solution. A master of duct tape and improvisation. If you want somebody to sit down and develop a long term plan or fix, he’s probably not your guy. What he is good at, though, is delegating the latter to others. He has a wide view of different engineering fields and an instinctual knack for what needs to be done, even if he doesn’t have the patience to do it well himself. That, along with his supportive nature, has lent itself well to a management and coordination position in engineering, even if it was only his heroic duct-taping that got him promoted into that position in the first place.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Smart

-Easily Distracted
Ambitions Elliot really wants money and stability. That is far, far from the first thing somebody would expect Elliot to want, but it makes sense once you get to know him. He grew up in a chaotic household, with seven siblings and a single mother who struggled to take care of him all. Elliot really wants children one day, but he is scared that he will be as bad at being a father as his mother was at being a mother. To remedy that, he decided that the difference would be stability. Elliot would build himself a successful, stable life before he even thinks of having kids, though throughout his time in Starfleet he keeps moving back what his definition of “successful” is, always wanting more. Maybe that’s just his way of saying he’s not ready.
Hobbies & Interests Elliot is somebody with more hobbies than he has free time. His main hobby, though, is developing children’s games. He likes to design computer programs and little robots to try and entertain children (and himself). He has many little side projects of the sort. Funny enough, these side projects are the one thing that can truly hold his attention, and he devotes to them all the attention and enthusiasm that one wished he showed to his actual work.

Character Bio

Personal History Elliot was born in a human colony on Corvan II. Life was rough there. This was not the utopia that Earth was; instead it was a planet that had been over-mined and polluted, with little of the dilithium mining left to drive the economy or make it worthwhile for the Federation to protect and improve. His mother struggled with drinking and drug use, and kept getting into unfortunate relationships. She was never happy and she never really showed Elliot the loved that he needed as a kid, too busy keeping him and his seven little siblings alive. Elliot was a few years older than the rest, and being the oldest a lot of the responsibility for their care fell upon him. They moved all the time between different areas on Corvan II, but Elliot dreamed of moving off planet. He wanted to join Starfleet, if only because it was the most sure way he could think of for getting out of there. So he worked himself ragged between studying and caring for his siblings.

When Elliot was eighteen, he was faced with a sudden decision in his life. His mother passed away. Considering he was an adult, it would fall upon him to take care of his siblings, ranging in age from two years to fifteen years old. Elliot couldn’t bring himself to do it. What he saw was that if he stuck around to help out his siblings he would get stuck in the same situation as his mother had been in. He would never leave the planet. So he cut ties with his family, and signed them away into foster care, where they were mostly split up, before moving off planet and joining the Academy.

Now that he was in the Academy he had a second chance at life and he would make the best of it. There was a distinct difference in Elliot’s scores. He did awful on book reports, or on exams. But on projects, he excelled. He was a very hands on sort of man. Those two averaged out to be a bit below the middle of his class, but whatever. He graduated and started his role as an engineer. That had been the plan all along. He did a bit better on his actual assignments than he did in the Academy. Although people didn’t quite want to trust important projects to him, he was very honest about what he could or couldn’t handle, and some of his creative solutions earned him the respect of his superiors.

His first assignment was on the USS Nighthawk. The Chief Engineer on that ship, an older lady named Veronica Wren, saw a lot of potential in Elliot and pushed him perhaps further than he should have been pushed. Elliot was good friends with her, but he disagreed about what he was capable of. He would try and avoid assignments as much as possible just so that he wouldn’t let her down. This went on for about six years while he was stuck as an Ensign before Veronica could finally convince him to try harder. They found out he did better in emergency, fast-paced situations than on everyday maintenance. Either way, he was doing better now and Veronica helped find him a transfer and promotion onto another ship that was looking for an Assistant Chief Engineer.

Thus his transfer to the USS Rio. Shortly after his transfer, Elliot learned that his sister May had gotten married and had a kid. Elliot loved children and he wanted to be good uncle, so he took a short leave of absence to go to Corvan II and meet the kid. Unfortunately (though fairly), neither May nor any of his siblings would meet him after he had abandoned them. He ended up going back to the ship without ever meeting the kid. He has tried to reconcile with them since them but they are still not on speaking terms. This only renewed his drive to be a good engineer, as that was apparently the only thing he was good at. Elliot performed well during his time on the USS Rio, but it was an old, small ship that was retired in 2394. Just about the time that the USS Pennsylvania happened to be looking for an engineer.

Service Record

Service History 2379-2383: Cadet, Starfleet Academy
2383-2390: Ensign, Engineering Officer/Propulsion Specialist, USS Nighthawk
2390-2394: Lieutenant JG, Assistant Chief Engineering Officer/Propulsion Specialist, USS Rio
2394-????: (rank), Chief Engineering Officer, USS Pennsylvania