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Petty Officer 1st Class Peter Tomlinson

Name Peter Julian Tomlinson

Position Operations Officer

Rank Petty Officer 1st Class

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 25

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11
Weight 160
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Tall a bit lanky, handsome in a boyish way. Got a face you can trust.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Nicholas 44 Civilian Contractor (ship designer consultant)
Mother Crystal 50 Speech Therapist
Brother(s) Mike 22
Phillip 20
Tony 19
Sister(s) Charity 16
Faith 14
Other Family A bevy of aunts and uncles mostly on Mars but a few scattered throughout the Federation.
His uncle Argyle died of an anuerism) got him interested in Vikings at a young age.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Young, eager to please, a capable technician. Likes to take apart and rebuild machinery. He is learning about leadership as a junior NCO. Finds he has a lot to learn but but is able to do so. otherwise pretty average guy put in situations he never dreamed of. He does possess common sense. He is full of piss and vinegar when angry though and has learned not to back down form a fight.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strong technician, Callow youth. Has lots of ideas about things that just aren't so. Kind of like a student who hasn't had a lot of experience except in building or repairing things. He is a gregarious person full of life, near the beginning of his career. He is friendly and helpful yet very naive. lacks life experience.
Ambitions Some day make chief or maybe even get a battle field commission and become chief of operations aboard a star ship instead of just another wrench turner..
Hobbies & Interests Plays the bagpipes..He is a bit of an historian especially about English, Scottish and Viking history. Got interested in Vikings as a kid and went to several reenactments and historic sites on Earth while visiting. He has skill with the blade and bow/longbow and arrow/crossbow and more than a bit of low tech survival skills. He knows knots and how to find/build shelters, start fires, set traps/snares, he knows lashing and how to hunt and find food. He took the Starfleet survival training and actually came back 2 kilo's heavier.

Character Bio

Personal History Born 2366 at Utopia the Planitia shipyards. His father was an industrial engineer and his mother a speech therapist at the time. During the dominion war ships were needed and his father helped build them. His father was on the design team that designed both the Defiant class and Intrepid class starship. He spent most of his years growing up on Martian colony 3. He attended school there. He was strong in math and was ever curious about how things worked. This pleased his father to no end. So at a young age his father started to teach him about transtator technology, electronics, duotronics and positronics. at the age of nine he went on a trip to visit his uncle Argyle who lived on Earth. He was regailed with tales of viking glory and conquest and developed more than a strong interest in the subject devouring every historical text, vid and holomovie on the subject. At 14 his uncle gave him an authentic set of bagpipes. It took some time for Pete to build up enough wind to actually play them though, but after a few years of growing and trying he learned to carry a tune and actually played at his uncles funeral. He was a fairly good student by no means the best though. He applied for Starfleet academy three times but was denied. So he enlisted eager to get out into space and prove himself.

Service Record

Service History 2387 Applies for Starfleet academy rejected three times.
2389 Enlists in Starfleet eager to get out into space and make his mark on the universe.
2391 Completes basic training and tech school and comes out as ops specialist 3rd class
2392 Takes the Starfleet survival course out of 20 cadets is the only one to actually come out of it 2 kilos heavier most had lost an average of 5 kilo's. Completes Professional Starfleet NCO leadership education.
2393 Promoted to Ops Specialist 2nd class and assigned to the USS Pennsylvania as a wrench turner.


Awards Awarded the plank owner for starting out below decks and an achievement medal for not only completing survival training but doing so well.