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Lieutenant JG Sinn Rintan

Name Sinn Rintan

Position Chief Intelligence Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Cardassian
Age 39

Physical Appearance

Height 6'2
Weight 230
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Gold
Physical Description Sinn is a large humanoid but fairly average for a military aged Cardassian. His head ridges are more subtle then many while his neck ridges are well defined but not quite as pronounced either. Over time and with his intergration in Federation society he has chosen to grown out his facial hair. His most distinct feature is the missing of his right eye. I was removed during the war during an interrogation conducted by the Obsidian Order.


Father Gul Krat
Mother Til Rintan
Other Family

Personality & Traits

General Overview Sinn is a very thoughtful and cunning person. It has a general distrust for everyone he comes across. This is due to his training and upbringing. For those that earn his trust he is fiercely loyal.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
1. Will power makes him very resistant to interrogation
2. Has a great knack for gather information from live assests
3. Photographic memory

1. His general Mistrust in everyone leaves him somewhat paranoid and takes time to work close to
2. Due to the loss of his one eye he lacks depth perception and has a blind spot on his right side.
Ambitions His true purpose right now is to leave the past and his demons there and try to make th ebest life he can with the time her has left.
Hobbies & Interests

Character Bio

Personal History Sinn was born in 2354 on Kora IV to the Gul over that sector of Cardassian space. His childhood was very typical for a Cardassian in the core worlds of the Empire. Since his father had great influence over the area he had more education and opportunities then some. At the young age of 16 Sinn was targeted by the Obsidian Order to bolster their ranks. He would go through the formalized training put forth and by the age of 18 he was already being deployed to Bajor system to run operations for the Union.

2373 brought the start of the war. Sinn who was 19 at the time was on the front lines and saw first hand the atrocities that his people where doing in the name of the Union but really where being used like puppets for the Dominion masters. When Sinn would speak out against these actions he was told to get in line or join the Bajoran scum.

By the time 2375 rolled around Sinn had heard and seen enough and joined the Cardassian Liberation Front to fight back and help to take back control of their home worlds. During on Operation on Cardassia Prime he was captured by the Order and was interrogated for information about the CLF. Thanks to his training he had received from the Order he was able to resist it. In the end it cost him his right eye. A joint mission by CLF and SFi forces raided the compound where he was being held and freed him from his captures.

Once the war was over Starfleet Intelligence valued the asset that Sinn had become and due to tensions in what was left of the Union they accept him in with a field commission. Sinn then went to a basic SFI training academy on Mars for 4 years.

Sinn's first assignment was to monitor things around the Cestus system. Due to its proximity to the Klingon border it was a key spot for agent like him. Sinn excelled in his duties and over time was given more and more responsibilities.

Finally in 2393 Sinn had grown into one of SFIs best agents and a true leader. With increased assets headed for the Delta Quadrant Sinn was needed out there to explore and report back. He was given the role of Chief Intelligence Officer on the USS Pennsylvania.

Service Record

Service History 2370- Was targeted by Obsidian Order and entered Formal Intelligence Training
2372- Was assigned to the Bajoran sector to conduct operations
2373- Was on the front lines of the Dominion War
2375- Left the Order and joined the CLF, was captured and tortured, liberated by SFI forces
2376- Received a field commission to rank of Ensign and enter SFI Academy on Mars
2380- Stationed on SB332 and assigned to the Cestus system to monitor Klingon operations in the southern border
2393- Promoted to Lieutenant and assigned as Chief Intelligence Officer- USS Pennsylvania